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As Someone Who Initially Supported Sunsetting… I’m Not Feeling it Anymore

destiny2 7 - As Someone Who Initially Supported Sunsetting... I'm Not Feeling it Anymore

When Sunsetting was first introduced to us in a TWAB what feels like ages ago, it had first worried me, then intrigued me. "You know, the weapon meta has been getting kinda stale" I thought. "This is a good opportunity for Bungie to design some really unique guns and rolls" was an exciting thought. Then Beyond Light came and it was time to go out and get all the new weapons. Some of our weapons haven't been sunset yet but a lot of them have, a lot of our favorites. "It's ok, I'm sure there are suitable replacements once the grind starts". The grind started and… nothing feels like Austringer to me. Nothing feels like Breakneck to me. Nothing feels like Blast Furnace to me. Nothing feels like Antiope-D to me. Imperial Decree was great for one of my builds. Trustee is a good replacement for Randy's but can't use it with telesto so… This is just starting to feel wrong. And I do still have weapons I love using that aren't sunset but they are getting there. A breachlight I've just pulled out of the vault feels GREAT, patron of lost causes is a banger but it's gone next season. Seventh Seraph Shotty is gone in two seasons, and the list just goes on.

I think Bungie had the wrong idea on why we use certain weapons. We don't just use weapons because they are super powerful or broken. We use certain weapons because they just feel right in our hands. We use them because with this shader it matches my armor just right and brings it all together. We use certain weapons because we've been looking for that diamond in the rough, even though I don't like how other hand cannons feel Austringer just changed the game for me. I didn't get 12k kills on breakneck because it was broken, I got them because it came at a time where "PVE auto rifles omegalul" was how it was. Recluse was my first ever pinnacle weapon, yeah it was broken but after nerfs it felt just right and it was a great trophy to use. Then came Lunas, another hand cannon that took ages to get but was so worth the time. Now they are just collecting dust.


It's not like people weren't using new weapons. Season of Dawn had some BANGERS, Season of the Worthy didn't but warmind cells were cool, Arrivals had some ABSOLUTE BANGERS. This new expansion has some bangers, look at the raid weapons, they are all AMAZING! The new traits on these guns makes them desirable, wellspring is old Army of One and that was my favorite perk of all time. Used it on everything. Coriolis Force is a one of a kind and the best pve fusion outside of exotics. Season of the Hunt weapons could be better but it was the same with Season of Undying stuff where I assume they didn't wanna overshadow expansion weapons with season weapons.

This whole thing could have been handled much better it seems. All patrol areas and strikes are 1050 base so our sunset weapons, while still usable in these areas, don't feel as good as they used to. In regular pvp they all still work which is nice. I could be an arm chair developer and say limit anti-champion mods to newer weapons however they wanna do that. They could introduce super long quests with rewards to un sunset certain weapons, bring some of your favorites up but can't choose all of them. They could do a lot of stuff, but it honestly just feels like they sought out to solve a problem that wasn't actually a problem but proof that people love the guns that they made. Thanks for reading my Ted Talk. P.S Sunsetting armor was just a bone head idea and I really hope they deliver on making armor more interesting or that would have just been super stupid

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