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Assorted musing given the new Clovis Bray diary pages unearthed (X-post from r/RaidSecrets)

destiny2 5 - Assorted musing given the new Clovis Bray diary pages unearthed (X-post from r/RaidSecrets)

I was told to post this here by the
RaidSecrets - Assorted musing given the new Clovis Bray diary pages unearthed (X-post from r/RaidSecrets)

r/RaidSecrets gang, so I humbly submit this to you all.

BIG SPOILERS but I blew threw the new Clovid Bray pages and was blown away by the amount of lore bombs this book locks into place. The implications reach far, and the following thoughts are what came to mind as someone who's been obsessed with this story from day one:

1: The Tower is deeply compromised

Between Shaxx's stupid Ahamkara skull trophy, the Drifter's literal dark mote machine and all the exo vendors and guardians (loaded with "Clarity" as per Clovis' diary) freely going in and out, the Tower is pretty much the Bluth Model Home of bugs for the Darkness. Deeply unsettling.

2: Ada-1 may be the key to solving Clovis Bray's "Cotard Dilusion" issue

I'm not deeply entrenched in Ada-1's backstory like I'd like to be, but the fact that she's never had a reset is significant in retrospect. My guess is it has something to do with her family history and the trauma that caused her post-exo, and it gives off
Big Westworld Energy.

3: The races Bungie made us choose from at character creation were a long play

Humans, Exos, Awoken. The Garden, the Deep Stone Crypt, The Light and Dark clash. The main narrative structure of Destiny is finally revealing itself to be the story of how these three races of beings came from complicated origins and are making peace with their identity within this paracausal proxy war. Love the long term booking here and am excited to see how this all plays out.


4: We may now know the reason the Vex weren't represented in the final Interference mission

In the most gnarly part of his diary, Clovis retells a moment during one of his routine "pig body part harvest" surgeries where, while he is being rebuilt, he is awoken with only his head awake while the rest of his entire body is splayed out into pieces and he is being threatened by a Vex simulation of Dr. Sundaresh for the location of Clarity control, that gave off heavy "

" vibes, and was saved by Elsie. Elsie then goes on to later tell Clovis that she has created a Light based weapon capable of destroying the Vex. I have a feeling we will succeed this year in using said weapon on the Vex Forge star, destabilizing it and putting an end to them. My theory is that this is why the Vex were not in that room at the end of the final Interference mission. Because the Darkness knows we're going to take them off the chess board. It was originally thought it was because the vex had no real desires, and thus did not want the Darkness powers. But Sundaresh holding a splayed out Clovis hostage for information on Clarity's whereabouts kind of flies in the face of that. I could be wrong but that's what I took away from this exchange.

5: I want to take the entire Destiny Narrative team out for drinks

That's it. That's the observation. The density of this diary is incredible. As u/cptenn94 said in another of my posts about the Narrative Team, "Bungie does the equivalent of cheesecake. Then do not always create a ton of lore, but what they do make, is very rich and delicious."

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