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destiny2 7 - Assorted Tips, Advice, Small Details

Oiled Gunmetal Shader constantly changes the color of the Trials symbols on the Y1 Trials weapons

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The symbols on the trials weapon change hue from red, orange, yellow, green with the shader. This effect can be seen in game by others

Y1 Trials weapons that were adjusted by the perk updates last sandbox

WeaponType and ElementPerk that got updated
PurposeKinetic ScoutHipfire
ProsecutorArc AutoHipfire
AdjudicatorKinetic SMGHipfire / Dynamic Sway
Cold SweatVoid HCOutlaw
The Long WalkVoid SniperOutlaw
The EndArc ScoutPulse Monitor
Darkest BeforeArc PulseNone
A Swift VerdictVoid SidearmNone
A Sudden DeathSolar ShotgunNone
RelentlessKinetic ScoutNone
JudgementKinetic HCNone

Hive repurposing is kinda bugged in a good way


Finishing any Hive, shielded or not, with Hive repurposing awards FULL grenade energy every finisher kill

Summoner, Trials of Osiris Auto, MIGHT have Dynamic Sway reduction built in inherently

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Brief video analysis

Bad Juju + Phoenix Protocol = Almost Always Full Super Return

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The super return from kills via the exotic perk String of Curses, and Phoenix Protocol, stack. Very helpful for the bridge in Reckoning

Pit of Heresy Sword Heavy Attack is affected by Titan Banner Shield Super

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The projectile heavy attack from the POH sword gets buffed when shot through a Titan Banner Shield super

More Efficient Glimmer Storing with Exotic Sparrows

hFKoHR6ispQ - Assorted Tips, Advice, Small Details

Youtube s

Buying (Regular exotic Sparrow)Dismantle (Regular exotic Sparrow)Buying (Otherside or Anseris 335)Dismantle (Otherside or Anseris 335)
6000 Glimmer3000 Glimmer (-3,000)7,500 Glimmer5,000 Glimmer (-2,500)
8 Shards5 Shards (-3)5 Shards5 Shards (-0)

2018 Solstice of Heroes Armor = Tier 0 Armor Stats


Tier 0 ofDodge0:28s

Easiest Heroic PE on Mercury, and the region chest during the Heroic Public Event

Yu5czHgb7CE - Assorted Tips, Advice, Small Details


A single shot, special ammo grenade launcher, will one shot the "crystals" you need to destroy to platform up and make the event Heroic. Destroying the "crystals" gives super energy just like the "crystals" encounter from Menagerie.

Anarchy Sticks to Teammates in Crucible…


1: Grab Heavy

2: Stick Anarchy shots to team mate

3: Have then run into an enemy

4: ???

5: Profit

The HUD on the Trials Auto Rifle has a working compass. The HUD also changes color based on emblem


You can see which direction you're facing (northeast,south,west) on the display of the Auto Rifle

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