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Astrocyte Verse buff because space magic science

destiny2 2 - Astrocyte Verse buff because space magic science

I'm learning about the nervous system in bio class, and just about all of the stuff about the Astrocyte Verse helmet makes sense to me in a sci-fi lore kind of way – very cool how Bungie ties it together. Astrocytes are cells that make up 90% of tissue in some parts of the brain, and they cover the entire brain surface, for example. So calling the helmet the Astrocyte Verse like it is its own universe of sorts, and saying it turns your head into the pure, raw stuff of thought is mind-blowing (no pun intended lol).

I do think the exotic perk name could be changed from Move to Survive to Astrocytosis since that is an actual thing that happens with astrocytes in the brain which I will explain in a moment, and the perks all center around this brain theme as opposed to movement themes. Blink is a movement ability, but it's a space-time thing that with this helmet is being enhanced by a space magic interaction with the brain, so Move To Survive is a weird name – unless we apply my one of my next points about astrocytosis which would kind of level it off. I also think AV could reasonably stand to have some damage resistance added when the user is in critical health status (lore-wise, at least) which I'll explain below.

  • One practical reason for damage resistance is that Blink does a weird thing with the hitbox in that it does not, afaik, truly move the hitbox, so you can die to being shot where you were when the Blink started – but apparently Bungie will not or cannot change that (I'm not a dev, no judgment). I think a good compromise could be to add an exotic means to incorporate damage resistance since Blink has what I perceive as a peculiar weakness. Use your exotic armor slot to go all-in on Blink, probably not going to be game-breaking in my estimation as my understanding is that Blink is just alright with AV as-is anyway. However, in the interest of intellectual honesty, I am a warlock main (when I have time to play, 16 credit hours :') ), so I could be unconsciously biased in my assessment.
    • This damage resistance would only apply while in critical health status, so it cannot be used during normal Blink – a shotgun in PVP is still going to shutdown a bad Blink. It would enable some risky plays with a careful management of Blink cooldown and spatial awareness for escapes, perhaps forgive some mistakes – the question of how much damage resistance might be appropriate, I am not sure. Maybe 15% like Wings of Sacred Dawn? Maybe more since the activation requirement is only during Blink and only while already at critical health (70hp or less, iirc)? Perhaps this percentage would be different between PVE and PVP.
      • This critical health status requirement is also where the Move To Survive name starts to make sense if Blink adds damage resistance. Otherwise, what does Move To Survive in the current state of AV do to benefit survival per se? Nothing active, it's all passive perks, so it's a minor nuance that is like a rock in my shoe – it just bugs me lol.
  • The second reason for DR is biology based, and very fascinating to me from a potential sci-fi lore standpoint. IRL, when neurons are damaged, astrocytes form hardened scar tissue to fill the space formerly occupied by the damaged neurons. This process is called astrocytosis. This is what makes me think of damage resistance during Blink while a user is critically wounded. A little space magic powered by the Light mixing with things, and badda bing, badda boom (astro-light-osis?).
    • I imagine it like our space magic powers combined with the AV helmet to cause the empowered astrocytes to not only form hardened scar tissue for our neurons, but during Blink they interact with our damaged shield to grant us the damage resistance. Perhaps it could last until our weapons are ready, or until health regen begins, or until our shield is no longer broken. Probably a cooldown on the frequency of activating the damage resistance would be necessary depending on how it all worked.

I am thoroughly impressed by the lore writings in this game, and the way some of the abilities flesh out in the game. Just wanted to give my two cents about one of my favorites because I happen to be studying about relevant material in college classes currently. I do not know how complicated it would be to implement or what might be challenging balance-wise, etc. – I just thought it was a cool idea. Thanks for reading.

TL;DR – Astrocyte Verse could grant minor damage resistance to the user, while in critical health, during Blink, because space magic science.

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