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Baron’s Lair (Raid Idea)

destiny2 9 - Baron's Lair (Raid Idea)


The Fanatic finds out Uldren is alive but is a guardian so he grows furious and resurrects the Baron's of the Scorn once more and leads them to their lair in the Tangled Shore.

Raid: Baron's Lair

It will consist of 8 encounters which will all be different from one another, I want it to be a huge raid but not terribly complex. Lot's of secrets and chests could be scattered around the Lair, and many bonus puzzles for different rewards also.


As you spawn in you and your raid group will hit a cutscene in which you walk up to the 8 Baron's in a gladiatorial arena looking area in which The Fanatic will make a hateful speech and teleport inside, leaving Reksis Vahn, The Hangman to protect the entrance and fight you in the arena.

1st Encounter: The Entrance / The Hangman

The raid team will be in a gladiatorial arena and The Hangman will jump in, you and the raid team will have to be dodging him while the encounter takes place, worry not as after his attacks, his chalice stays stuck to the ground. He will set the area on fire so you do have to be careful. The arena will be full of Ravagers and Screebs so you have to keep on your toes. Eventually a message will prompt that says, "Reksis feeds his Hatred" and 4 of Spider's Servitors will spawn, you have to free them from cages. In order to do so you have to kill 4 Ravagers that are named, "The Hangmen." They will proceed to drop a chalice and 4 of your team members have to pick them up. Each chalice represents a different element and you have to match it with one of the Servitors. Once you have the chalice break the servitors elemental shield in order to break their cages. After that a lot of Screebs will start spawning and your team members have to shoot them so you can collect Dark Ether to charge your chalice, once your chalice is charged you take it to your servitor and wait for the whole team to have it, you must then deposit the energy on the servitor so it attacks the Hangman and breaks his shield. At this point you attack and damage The Hangman as much as you can to end the encounter and continue to the next portion of Baron's Lair. Note: If the Hangmen Ravagers are able to destroy the servitors you will wipe.

2nd Encounter: Hardcore SRL / The Rider

After you make it through and explore deep into the lair full of Scorn you'll eventually find a suspended track near you and an endless fall in The Reef. You see 6 pods and you must each get into one to begin the encounter. Once all the members of the fireteam get in a pod you will all be teleported unto the track on your sparrow and you have to chase Yaviks, the Rider as she will be ahead of you. In this track there are holes, traps, explosives and Scorn Tanks on the walls and roof of the area in which the track is suspended. Once you explore the track you will notice many rings made of junk that are burning in the center, despite looking like a trap you will have to go through them to gain a buff called "Overdrive". What the buff does is that it makes your sparrow faster but it damages it, you can only pick up five stacks or you will die, once you hit 5 stacks you will catch up to the rider and you must evade towards her sparrow to ram into her therefore causing damage. All members of the fireteam must do this in order to defeat her and beat the encounter. When your sparrow is going at immense speeds you have to be careful not to hit anything or you will die. The Rider has one attack that is a wipe and you'll know shes preparing it when the following message pops up on screen, "Yaviks prepares to end the race" in which then someone must ram into her to cancel this attack or you will wipe. Once you beat this encounter collect your loot.

3rd Encounter: Jumping Puzzle / The Rifleman

Easily the boss with the least health, Pirrha, The Rifleman is still no pushover. After the race, the track is blown up and is sent to fall apart, you have to jump onto a platform under the base and make it to a hatch under the suspended lair. Once you make it to the platform you will see a series of junk on pylons that look like platforms, they are, and they lead to larger platforms that are almost like checkpoints. As you jump The Rifleman will keep shooting at you, he hits really hard and could probably two tap most guardians, so be very careful when you jump. One thing to watch out for is when you die he will charge up a shot, once it is fully charged he will shoot at your ghost and if he is successful in hitting your ghost you cannot be revived for the rest of the encounter. He shoots in quick succession so make sure to have fireteam members distract him. He can be damaged from a distance which will force him to take cover, he also takes reduced damage when you are not on the final platform, which is also the one he is setting camp at. About halfway through the jumping puzzle he will summon 5 decoys on each of the checkpoint plates, they can damage you and is where this encounter can become tedious, you must destroy all 5 of the decoys because as long as they are up there is a ray shield making the final platform impossible to get in. Once you take out the decoys the platform can be accessed and you can finally take down this pest, collect your loot and then finally go back into the Lair and make your way to the armory.

4th Encounter: The Armory / The Mad Bomber

You will walk into the armory and encounter Kaniks, the Mad Bomber, in this encounter you have a five minute timer, he'll stand on a platform in the middle of the arena and will throw grenades at you while being protected by a shield on the platform. When the encounter starts the room will go dark and Kaniks will maniacally laugh, when the lights turn back on there will be many scorn and the five minute timer will spawn. There are six bombs in the room that have been scattered and each member of the fireteam has to gather one bomb and deactivate it. Once you gather all six Kaniks will break in immense laughter as the room darkens and he plants twelve more bombs and gives you a 2:30 minute timer, these are easier to find and defuse but you can only dismantle two or they will explode and therefore you will wipe. Once you dismantle all the bombs, Kaniks will once more start laughing and the room will dim, once the lights are back he is gone, a five minute timer will come back once more and the platform will lower, the team must step on the platform and once the team is there the platform will rise and the next phase will begin. You are in a larger armory and instead of dismantling bombs you will be arming them and destroying his explosives. The explosives are surrounded by a shield so you must go in, arm, and run into the lower level. There will be six caches and two players must blow them up at the same time more or less. You will all retreat to the platform and go down in which you'll be able to damage Kaniks. He will have a shield when he goes down with you, you must throw the bombs at him to knock it out and then begin your assault. Once he goes back up, he will summon waves of scorn to assist him and he will be jumping around the map throwing bombs and summoning chieftains that will drop their wells. The next detonation phase is different than the first, you must destroy two of the caches that Kaniks hasn't rigged as they will detonate immediately and kill that member of the fireteam. You notice they are rigged if the detonator is flashing blue. Once you blow up both of the next caches you go back down and damage him again. Now after this one, the caches that were rigged by Kaniks cannot be blown up, instead you have to go and pick up an artifact from the last caches. There are three per cache and they are used to finish off The Mad Bomber. He will laugh once you all have the artifacts and four pedestals will rise, he will jump between all of them and throw bombs and your job is to catch them and throw them back at him to break his shield and finish him off. You can only catch the and throwback the grenades that are the same element as his shield that is given to him by the platform. If you catch a different elemental grenade, it will explode and damage you and your teammates. Once his shield is gone, he will throw six color changing grenades, you and your team must get them and throw them back, they will stick to him, and finish him off. Afterwards a final timer will begin at five seconds, there will be message of Kaniks playing where he taunts you and laughs one final time and the armory will begin to explode and you and your fireteam must escape. Once your fireteam escapes you can collect your loot.

5th Encounter: Gambit 4.0 / The Trickster

After escaping the armory you will find yourself in a room full of stolen scorn treasure. In it you will find a bunch of exotic engrams, you already know who is roaming. Everyone must pick up an engram to begin the encounter. Afterwards 3 doors will open and you must split up in groups of two, there will be stolen tanks from drifter and you must deposit the engrams. When you do it will spawn 3 abominations that the other group must kill to collect "Dark Ether". Araskes will be hopping from arena to arena attacking your team. She doesn't do much damage but compensates by replacing your weapon setup and will steal your buff and replace it with "Light Ether", which when you deposit you will summon 3 chieftains on the other side and if they manage to kill a teammate Araskes will gain a buff that makes her harder to see, do more damage, add a tether effect, can block you from depositing engrams, and can send you as an invader to the other side. As an invader you must do the objective she gives you or she will wipe the team by having both the tanks explode. These range from stealing buffs, to killing a teammate, to even shooting the scorn to heal them or giving them damage and health boosts. So avoid Araskes although is it difficult to do so. The chieftains have a lot of health and they appear to be much more aggressive. Exotic engrams will spawn all over the arena and they have bombs attached to them which have variable times so make sure your team is quick on deposit because you can't let go once you have it. Another thing to look out for is ammo packages, when you kill scorn and find ammo packs they could either give you more ammo, take away your ammo, do nothing, or switch your loadout, apply poison which must be cured by killing a screeb and letting it explode near you, or give you "Ether". It is a very RNG fight so make sure to stockpile on ammo. Once the tanks are finally full with "Dark Ether" (15 Each Side) they will burst with energy and the whole team will get the ability to attack Araskes, she will be visible and you must do as much damage as you can as the damage phase is short. Afterwards she will run to the next arena and you must repeat, the arenas are diverse and the encounter isn't too difficult. Once she is at the lowest point of her health she will run through a portal and you must chase her, at this final room the fireteam will get together again and you will all finish her off, the chest will pop up and then open the ground once you approach, you will all plunge until you reach a hive infested basement, your real loot will be there once you land.

6th Encounter: World Hopping / The Mindbender

The Basement is full of hive artifacts and hive growth and all the gross things they normally have. There is a portal frame and four pillars with plates. You will approach the portal frame and Hiraks will emerge from it with an army of knights with swords. Within those ranks will be four knights that instead come out with boomers. Those are your targets, you must defeat them, each of them will drop a boomer for someone to pick up, once they do you must pick them up, the four members that pick them up must then climb to the plates and once they are there they must shoot Hiraks with them to remove his shield. Once it is off everyone must start attacking him, you will notice he has little to no health, after enough damage he will die. The hive will despawn and a hive chest will appear in the ground, once it is opened your fireteam will be casted with Ascendance. This will allow you to enter the portal and once you are in the real battle begins. The room is almost identical except it is in the ascendant realm, the plates will have Deathsingers that cannot be hurt. Also you can go between the different realms. On the Lair there will be shadows of the deathsingers that also have shields. The Deathsingers will all have elemental shields that can only be damaged by hive artifacts. Solar, Void, and Arc and a white shield. You have to trick the mindbender into using the hive against himself. He will be his giant self and will be very aggressive with his attacks. You have to divide the team into two groups of three as communication is key. Eventually a message will say, "The Mindbender requests a song" at that point one of the Deathsingers will begin and only the shadow in the Lair will show the signs so team Lair has to tell team Ascendance which shield it is and then the whole team has to prepare to strike the shield. At that point four mindbenders will be visible in each arena, each with a different elemental attack, depending on the attack you must both strike down the mindbenders using the right element to taunt him to emerge his real and shadow half back in the Lair. Once you do a random member of each team will gain "Mindbenders Gaze" in which he will focus his attacks on you. Now that you have his gaze you have to use his attacks to destroy the opposite which. Why? You ask. Because he will stop attacking once you make it near the Deathsinger and will randomly select someone else, so once you have his gaze you and the opposite gaze carrier must go through the portal and direct the mindbender to destroy the opposite Deathsingers shield, which afterwards you and the rest of the team will kill the Deathsinger and her shadow double and take the plate to damage Hiraks on both groups, don't worry about having the team split as Hiraks doesn't have much health. Once the damage step is done the pillar will shatter and you will have less time before the next Deathsingers kill you so you must be quick. Once the three first witches die or Hiraks is at the last point of his health he will start the next cycle quick and put his gaze on the whole team an all eight of the mindbenders will be attacking, so the team will have to stick together, trade locations, melt the last witch, and finish off Hiraks. You will the exit through the portal north of the ascendant plane and make it to the entrance of the Fanatic's cove at The Spire of the Barons Lair,

7th Encounter: Spire Entrance / The Machinist


You are close to the end, now you are missing The Fanatic and Elykris, The Machinist. This encounter is full of rooftop cover as Elykris will not stop the barrage of rockets from her launcher, not willingly atleast. There is both an underside and topside in this encounter and you must use both to defeat the Machinist. As soon as the fight starts she will rain rockets endlessly, not only from her back, but from Scorn tanks in the arena. There are six tanks and two areas that Elykris will jump between to make sure you stay away from here, you can shoot her but the damage is minimal as the plates give her a defense boost. Under the arena is the caverns which are crawling with Scorn. Also there are scorch cannons which will be very important in continuing this fight. The tanks and her will be raining fire from the skies for which there is little cover and if you get near enough she'll start attacking you with a Modified Shrapnel launcher that will not stop firing. The Plate she is on has an electrical discharge that will essentially immobilize your guardian so it is not recommended to go in with a sword, and the Tanks has a modified shock which will blind you just like a flashbang when you are close. The first step in this encounter is to get rid of the tanks to isolate Elykris, to do so you must destroy the scorn tanks but they have their bubble constantly on. And their armor can only be damaged by a Shock Cannon. There are six cannons on the underside of the arena, one per tank. They have only one round so be very careful. They are however locked via passcode, and the code is on each platform. To get the code you must run through the arena until you get to one platform, be swift as the platforms are near Elykris and she will rain fire quick to make sure you stay away. Once you make it to the platform tell your ally the code of the area, your ally will input it in the correct sequence and the cannon will go up into the platform and someone picks it up, this cannon pierces the shield and will destroy the tank. Once you fire it will drop Flashbangs that you can pick up. The cannon once empty will not disappear, it will instead be placed in a gun rack near the entrance, you will deposit the cannon, and put the flashbang charge into the ion deposit. You will repeat this until you have six cannons, once you have six, all members pick a cannon up and fire at Elykris, the shots will blind her and you can freely move around the arena as she panics. Once you get her to panic you will have a few moments to flip a lever at the end of the arena that opens the pylons that keep the platform Elykris is on electrified, after they are exposed, destroy them. They will discharge her boosted defense and you can freely move while she is stunned. At that point you must damage her as much as you can, it is a very generous damage phase but it is only to prepare you for the next wave. During the second phase you will notice that there are now two types of elemental shields. Arc and Void, well now there are three of both Null and Shock Cannons for each shield. The code platforms will now have an elemental symbol on the ground so you know which one to get, they are picked at random so more travel may be required. The process is the same just make sure to use the right code on the right area and you will get the tanks quick. Another difference now is that the void tanks will drop oppression orbs which will be used to weaken the Machinist as she will grow resistant to the blindness. The deposit for the Null Cannon and Orbs will be on the plate you destroyed so make sure to deposit the cannon in the right place. Once everything is ready you will repeat as you did last time and damage her for a generous amount of time. For the third phase, Elyksis will anger and guard The Fanatics door, the scorch cannon will be added. It is the same as the last, there are platforms and codes for Solar now. There will be two of each cannon and now with solar you must use it to fire at her gun as to overheat it and then continue. The Solar charging dock is at the second fried plate and once all six are available, rain fire on her and finish her off. Near the end she will create a shockwave, and give herself a shield as she prepares every single Scorn tank to fire upon and eradicate the arena, you must kill her before this. All six of the pairs of cannons will charge and the team must pick them quick, soon after, parts of her backpack will glow a different color, coordinate the attack and eradicate her pack, once all six are fired on correctly, her pack will overcharge, shocking her one last time, and you finish her off. Walk to the door, collect your loot, and prepare for the end.

8th Encounter: Fikrul, The Fanatic

Finally you have made it, melted all the Barons and you are left with the very one that resurrected them once more, this time you put him down. For Good.

Once The Machinist is defeated the door is open and you will climb a large flight of stairs. Once you arrive to the top you will see the cryo-pods where the Barons were, all are closed except The Fanatic's, he has placed them in to heal, he's enraged. Planning to release the eight Barons onto you at once. The fight starts as Fikrul summons tons of adds for you to fight off. A message will soon pop up that says, "The Fanatic Siphons the Dark Ether". At this point every add you killed will come back from the dead with yellow health bars. so be very careful on what kind of enemies you kill. One of the enemies will be named "Fikrul's Chosen" and must be defeated, when he is the arena will fill with Dark Ether. You then have 20 seconds to find a bunker into which to hide before The Fanatic wipes you, there are six in the arena so make sure to find them before you start. Once that is over Fikrul will begin firing at the team and you begin the next step. There will be three abominations that spawn called "Crystal Carriers" and they must be destroyed. Once they are there will be three crystals that spawn, these are very important as they are required to take on Fikrul. Once the crystals are there, lots of Scorn will spawn and they will try to attack and destroy the crystals, you must protect all three, eventually another "Crystal Carrier" will spawn an once you kill him he will drop a crystal that a fireteam member can pick up, once it is picked up he will see pillars of ether and must go to one to charge the crystal, the crystal will be used to damage the Fanatic's staff which will cause the damage phase to happen, when you try to attack directly though, he will block it so you must angle the crystal to create a laser that catches him off guard, you and your team must angle the four crystals, and beam the Fanatic's staff, once you do it will create a shockwave and the staff will leave the Fanatic, at this point you can damage him but for very little, in order to weaken him you must beam him with his own staff, to do so you must angle the crystals and aim the beam at him, which will stun him and weaken him. That is when the assault begins, you must try and damage him as much as you can as the window is short for the maximum amount of damage. Once it is over he will teleport to his staff and take over the middle of the arena, at this point he will attack you much more oftenly. At this point he will command the crystals and shatter them, meaning you are going to have to find another way of damaging him. Where he first stood there is a plate that when activated creates platforms which can be traversed to find a switch to activate a hidden cache of scorch cannons, as soon as the plate is stood on, Fikrul begins his wipe mechanic so make sure you have someone that can traverse up there in under 25 seconds. Once you reach the top there will be a switch that will unlock the cache behind the plate, make sure there are teammates ready to pickup the cannons once they are unlocked, because you will need a full scorch shot to cancel his wipe, if you cannot, dive into the bunkers. Once you are past that, Fikrul will spawn Solar crystals similar to his, if they are not destroyed, you will wipe. So get the cannons ready and destroy them all, each broken crystal will give you a stack of "Ether Fusion" which when it is maxed, allows you to damage the Fanatic's staff once more. Once you stack all 10, split off in three groups of two, and shoot the fanatics crystal from the side to make it pry off his hands. Once it falls off light him up with Scorch to push him back, once he doesn't have his staff the crystals can be used so charge one, and use it on the crystal to shatter his shield, use the opportunity to damage him a lot. Once the second damage phase is over, the Fanatic has had enough. He will overcharge the ether and summon multitudes of yellow bar scorn all over the arena, he will go back to his original place, and fire endless streams of Dark Ether to destroy you. Avoid these at all cost, as they will apply a debuff that makes you take more damage. At this point Fikrul is destroying everything in the arena, so no crystals or scorch cannons. Six scorn enemies will spawn each with a name like "'Player Name's' Bounty". Only the named player can destroy this scorn and pick up a "Scorn Burn Rifle". Two of each burn will spawn so let the team know which one you have, once everyone has theirs jump on marked plates of each element and you will be able to see hidden crystals, shoot all the crystals and it will create a web of the elements that connect to your rifle, once it is charged you must shoot the part of the Fanatic that glows your elements color, it is random and you only have one shot so make sure you let the other person sharing your element who is shooting first. Once all six are shot the weapons will gain the ability to fire on the Fanatic's staff, use all the ammo of this weapon and shatter the crystal, the shockwave will launch the staff back to the middle, use the crystal beam to shatter the Fanatic's defense and damage his last health portion. At the end the Fanatic will get to the middle and a message will pop up saying, "The Fanatic Prepares to Resurrect the Baron's" you must damage him to cancel this attack, if he succeeds all 7 of the Baron's will enter the arena with much smaller health bars and are basically strike bosses, it is a fun concept but due to the amount if Baron's in the arena the team has a high probability of wiping. If you out damage the resurrection, he will fall to the ground, and will begin his final wipe mechanic, he will use all of his Dark Ether to absorb the life in the room, resurrecting himself, and wiping the team. Shoot the crystal with everything you got, destroy it, it will explode in a huge ether explosion, and at last the Fanatic is dead, and the Baron's will never be able to resurrect again. The Scorn are finished. Go to the Fanatic's throne and take the teleporter, the Spider will be outside waiting for you, with treasure from the Tangled Shore, and your final chest.

The Loot:

Titans: Tangled Justice Armor / Scorn Slayer Armor

Hunter: Tangled Stalker Armor / Scorn Assassin Armor

Warlock: Tangled Scholar Armor / Scorn Ender Armor

Weapons: One of each weapon type, all having the junk inspired scorn look, to look put together in a quite broken almost not supposed to work kinda design.

Exotics: The concept came from One exclusive exotic per Baron

How to get the: Either a challenge mode for each or an exotic drop from the end that lets you pick which of the 8 quests you wanna do.

The Hangman: Voice of Reksis

– Weapon Type) Melee Chalice

– Design) It looks like The Hangman's Chalice

– Burn) Solar

– Ammo Type) Power

– Exotic Perk) This weapons heavy attack slams it into the ground and causes a colossal explosion, and leaving behind a trail of fire, the more enemies you kill with this weapon, the more damage your next heavy attack does.

The Rider: Yaviks Foot

– Weapon Type) Sidearm

– Design) Literally Dreg's Promise

– Burn) Arc

– Ammo Type) Primary

– Exotic Perk) When this gun is fired from the hip, it fire slow moving tracking bolts of arc energy, when aimed down sights it fires faster moving bolts that ricochet of surfaces.

The Rifleman: Eye of Pirrha

– Weapon Type) Auto Rifle / Linear Fusion Rifle Hybrid

– Design) It looks like the Raiders weapons

– Burn) Void

– Ammo Type) Energy

– Exotic Perk) This weapon has two firing modes, hold X or Square to change firing type. Type 1, It shoots out rapid spinning sawblades. Type 2, charge up a long range shot that consumes 10 ammo per shot.

The Mad Bomber: Lost Arm of Kaniks

– Weapon Type) Grenade Launcher

– Design) The stock is made of a material that looks like his arm, it looks quite wild and all over the place, with grenades hanging off the side on belts

– Burn) All three elements

– Ammo Type) Power

– Exotic Perk) This grenade launcher shoots in bursts of 5, element selection is random, arc grenades: disorient enemies, void grenades: weaken enemies defenses, solar grenades: put a damage over time effect on target.

The Trickster: Wit of Araskes

– Weapon Type) Sword

– Design) It is a fallen sword that the marauders always use.

– Burn) Arc

– Ammo Type) Power

– Exotic Perk) Heavy attack does a stab, it disorients your target and you turn invisible.

The Mindbender: Mind of Hiraks

– Weapon Type) Fusion Rifle

– Design) A hive Boomer

– Burn) Arc

– Ammo Type) Power

– Exotic Perk) This weapon has no charge time, it shoots an explosive slug that does more damage the farther it goes.

The Machinist: Rage of Elykris

– Weapon Type) Rocket Launcher

– Design) A rocket launcher that has a large barrel full of holes, looks like it's made of junk also

– Burn) Solar

– Ammo Type) Power

– Exotic Perk) This weapon fire a shell to the sky which splits and starts a rain of rockets slamming the ground in a giant radius.

The Fanatic: Vengeance of Fikrul

– Weapon Type) Trace Rifle / Pike Hybrid

– Design) It will have Fikruls staff's crystal being the energy emitter and it looks like the cleanest of the scorn junky build of their weapons. It also looks like down the horizontal center it is foldable.

– Burn) Arc

– Ammo Type) Energy

– Exotic Perk) This weapon disorients targets. When you get a kill with this you replenish ammo from reserves, gain a damage buff that stacks up to five times and enemies explode in a Dark Ether Arc explosion. If you hold the reload button this weapon turns into a staff looking similar to Fikruls, it's heavy attack is a slam that creates a Dark Ether explosion around you.

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