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destiny2 5 - Behemoth Titan Quick Tips

So I keep seeing posts and comments talking about how bad this new stasis subclass is for titan, the melee never hits, it's just reskinned arc titan, etc. Ironically, I think this sublcass has the most depth of any we have for titan. Plus, we still don't have everything unlocked for the subclass. The biggest problem it faces, in my opinion, is that it is presented in the most unclear way possible, especially when you first try it out without having access to any of the tooltips or any idea how any of it is supposed to work.

So below are a few things that I've picked up, personally, as well as in seeing other folks explain how this subclass works and I hope it helps titans out there realize how awesome this subclass really is because, let's be honest, the game doesn't do you any favors:


Shiver Strike (Melee)

  • The best explanation I've seen for this melee is that it works like a breech-loaded grenade launcher. You activate the ability and hold down the button, releasing when you want to punch. An important note is that it works like a ranged melee like mid-tree Sunbreaker throwing hammer (you are the projectile) so you need to have a little distance between you and a target in order to activate it.
  • While you are holding the melee button, your titan will quickly fly through the air, providing some great mobility. Once you let go, the actual aim assist on this melee is incredibly strong, however, what I have noticed is that there is a short animation before the punch/aim assist while you still have forward momentum. So you want to release just barely before you would punch your target, otherwise you'll overshoot. This last bit is what I think is tripping people up the most, understandably, because there is nothing to tell you it works this way except practice.
  • Any stasis shards in between you and your target will be destroyed, dealing significant AoE damage so it is good to look for targets on the other side of shards (you'll see frozen targets with a red "target" on them like a tether would), especially if you can hit multiple enemies with the intervening stasis bursts.
  • While the punch is generally only going to hit one target, there is a small slow AoE around the point of impact. The slow doesn't last terribly long but is a nice benefit to further encourage looking for groups to hit with this melee.
  • The movement you get from this melee is so huge, you may even want to just use it for extra mobility, especially in PvP and/or when using something like Monte Carlo.
  • The melee is going to one hit weaker red bar enemies but not stronger ones or guardians. That's okay because it will slow what it doesn't kill and will also knock them back and into the air very far. If you're prepared for this, you can use it to launch enemies to environmental kills or just ready follow up shots from a primary for when they are sailing through the air.

Glacial Quake (Super)

  • The damage on the melee in this super is good and seems to allow you to fly about twice as far as the normal melee, though it mechanically functions the same as shiver strike otherwise. Because of this, it is good to master shiver strike as you'll be relying on this mechanic a lot in this subclass.
  • The melee seems to one hit guardians in PvP so you can rely on that there and really lean on that extra mobility.
  • However, you seem to get the most damage out of bursting enemies and shards, which is what this super excels at. This is what your heavy attack is for – not just AoE control but spreading shards over an area.
  • While you can use the melee ability to charge through shards which are further away, one of the perks of being in this super is that you can sprint through frozen enemies and shards to deal big damage. This is amazing at add clear and also allows you to deal additional burst damage without burning through more super energy.
  • Speaking of, this super lasts forever. Definitely take advantage of the extra mobility it provides and lean on the ability to easily burst enemies and shards while running around.


  • If you don't yet have cryoclasm, it allows you to slide about twice as far as normal in the same time window with a very short internal cooldown (it seems to be about 2 seconds per "charge" but you can use it twice in a row). Additionally, you will burst any stasis shards you slide through. Once you get this aspect for behemoth, the subclass really comes alive. I cannot understate how amazing this ability is.
  • You can still use cryoclasm in your super for a burst of speed and/or use it to burst shards. Of course, you can also combine it with the other options to really get some crazy mobility while in your super.
  • I've also found this ability an excellent method to engage/disengage since you move so far, so quickly. It's really saved me quite a few times in both PvE and PvP already and, of course, being the absolute no-skill casual I am, was really great for sliding in for shotgun kills in PvP.


  • The classes all share a grenade so I won't talk about all of them but I really recommend the glacier grenade for this subclass due to the focus on bursting shards. Having it available while you're in super is a nice way to quickly drop some shards for extra damage without using super energy.
  • This works for all classes as well but with glacier grenade you can drop it at your feet while jumping to get a huge boost into the air, which you can then follow-up with a shiver strike or your super melee to fly ridiculous distances.
  • You will also get access to a fragment which increases your grenade ability recovery when you burst enemies or shards. This combined with cryoclast and your super will get you tons of grenade energy back so you can keep freezing and shattering. Of course, this is even better combined with other ways to recover grenade energy (e.g., heart of innermost light, demolitionist).

And that's all I have for now! Hopefully this is helpful to any guardians which might be frustrated with the subclass. I'll be honest – I absolutely hated it at first, myself, but it has really grown on me and might be my favorite titan subclass. Definitely correct me on anything that doesn't seem right or leave any other tips for other titans.

TL;DR: Just read the first couple bullets for shiver strike. Once you get that figured out, the rest of the class starts to click.

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