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Best 1:16:26 of my Destiny 2 hours

destiny2 3 - Best 1:16:26 of my Destiny 2 hours

Started my day with a migraine in the morning. Took a pill. Then someone decided to ruin it because apparently her eyes are on the knees. Took another pill. Slept until 20:00.

Woke up. Grinded for some umbrals and the bounties of course. Went to bed trying to sleep again. Hell, it's 0124. I cant sleep, and then I remember the Raid. Yeah let's do it. But, can I? I've always been doing things solo, and idk I guess I'm a bit shy when it comes to meeting new people? I also had a few unsuccessful raid attempts before because some dudes couldnt contain themselves when there are newbies, made us left. Plus I have a bad modem router and cable and joining players from NA and UK might be bad because I might disconnect sometimes. I'd wait for my friends but since it's hard to gather everyone I figured I just go for it.

Went to Destiny 2 LFG discord, saw someone LFG for a fresh GoS run. Entered the voice chat. Said Hi and seconds later we're in the Black Garden.

Thank God everything went well during the 1st encounter despite me didn't collect any Voltaic Overflow and the team doing the Leftover Challenge. Ngl, almost shat myself looking at those Cyclops all over the place lol.

2nd encounter was smooth. Many thanks to the runners who kept buffing us.

I was on the eye team for the 3rd encounter. All good except I screwed up during the DPS phase because I threw my Nova Bomb too late :(. They explained why it wouldn't work and asked me to switch to Well, weren't mad at me and just wipe, go for a second try. Popped my Well halfway in the lane and we managed to kill the Consecrated Mind in one phase yeay!


Arrived at the Sanctified Mind fight. Was on Team Mote 2. Wiped on first try, probably some Goblins managed to sneak thru. During the second try, I missed the portal at one point and almost missed another after that. But all is well as we managed to beat the boss in 3 phases.

We collected our loot, thanked each other and parted ways. Miracles did happen! My connection was ok throughout the raid! Gotta say I was more than happy. The raid ended at 0303.

In this post, I wanna say thank you to zerp, fs, fluz, tom, G, and shade. You guys are cool. To be honest I was nervous the entire raid trying not to screw things up too much. That was my 2nd clear for GoS. Completing the raid gave me a boost for the day. Y'all be good ok, stay classy. I hope I can meet more good people from this community.

EDIT: I would like to add something. most people did not believe me when I say there are at least one Overload Champion during the last encounter when you go into the area to collect motes. I forgot to save a recording. But I was sure I saw em during both of my completions. I tried to google but nothing seems to come out and searching thru reddit is quite hard. so If anyone agree with me pls say something. thanks!

EDIT 2: following Edit 1, I missed the portal and then I had to go into the portal alone to collect (5) after my partner came back with 10. that's when I saw the champ.

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