Destiny 2

Beyond Light – Prep Checklist

destiny2 2 - Beyond Light - Prep Checklist

Hey !

The last time I came around was before Shadowkeep, where I shared my checklist website to help you grind the relevant items before Shadowkeep launches.

This time around I doubled down on the features and you can now experience the ultimate checklist for your Beyond Light prep :

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  • Provide a clear and easy-to-read checklist to help you prep for the day-one rush of the raid, or any content that may require a fast and effortless grind.
  • Provide a goal for people to help them know when to stop


  • Track your resources and materials stocks live across all three characters and your vault. Default trackers include the most relevant materials that you will need for your day one prep.
    • Add custom trackers for any item you think you will need to stack
    • You can adjust the amount to your liking
  • A Bounty tracker that tells you how much XP you can stack in your inventory before BL.
    • Shows you how much XP and levels of the season pass the bounties you have completed will grant you
    • Shows you the amount of XP each bounty grants, per character
  • The Mod Tracker will display the "race" mods (Hive, Fallen and Taken specific mods) that you miss
    • These mods can carry, trust me
    • The tracker also displays the compatible gear you have with each set of mods on each of your characters
  • The Glimmer Tracker will show you how much glimmer you have in stock
    • You can stock glimmer in your vault by buying sparrows or ships that give you 5000 glimmer when you dismantle them.
    • Not all ships and sparrows are counted. Only the ones with the most value (giving back 5000 glimmer and 5 legendary shards)

Prep Score

The Prep Score is the new addition to my checklist. The more you progress towards 100% on the whole checklist, the more points you gain, up to 500. Once you have completed all "100%" goals on the checklist you will start gaining bonus points at a lower pace.


A global leaderboard and a one for your clan are available to see how you place against others.

Note: This feature is brand new and will evolve over time


The destinyrecipes website is a collection of tools that will grow over time. Right now there's 2 other "recipes" available :

– Sunset/Power-cap : A tool to check which weapons and which gears will be sunset, and when, with filters and all. Helps you clean your vault., which you probably already know


There will be bugs. It's normal, don't panic. Just contact me on u/wobow or '@ChaliceRecipes' on twitter with screenshots if possible 🙂

Future Updates:

– Localization: I cannot translate for every language. The game entities are translated thanks to bungie, but the rest of the website is in english for now. I will tackle this issue in a future update

– Available bounties: You will be able to see which bounties you have not done yet. Available in the next update in a week or so.

Thanks for you time, and enjoy the checklist. I hope you like it !

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Please don't break it

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