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Blade barrage inconsistency testing

destiny2 1 - Blade barrage inconsistency testing

Hi there, I recently got shards of galanor from a random drop, and have been absolutely astounded by how inconsistent these things are. Don't get me wrong, they're great, just a bit inconsistent. I feel like there has to be some sort of method to the madness. After all, there's no way that big bungo would make an exotic purely based off RNG, is there? cough lucky raspberry cough. I have been doing some testing and have a theory about knives hit/ missed ratios that almost perfectly explain this. Now, hear me out before you dismiss me as just a mad hunter driven by knife lust who wants their shards to be as OP as possible.

Here's my theory: I feel like the amount of super energy generated by shards is actually specified by a very simple equation that describes both the consistencies with it and the inconsistencies. Here's the equation: 4(h/m)=E. Where h = hits, E = seconds of super regen and m = misses. When I mean hits and misses I mean that each knife, when it explodes will display a value, 1 or 0, depending on if it damaged a target with its explosion or direct impact. So if you hit 50/50 with your knives, say… Hit a group of adds that is absolutely massive and all of them are killed by 3 knives, you only get 1 or 2 seconds of super Regen. However, if you hit an ultra like a standard bearer with all 14 knives, you get 4 seconds. After testing, both of these are true. I will be posting videos soon, but from testing I have found that 100% of the time when all the knives hit the bearer, I get 4 seconds, where I get 0 to 1 per add field cleared. Here's the real nail in the coffin that drives this home. If you split your blade barrage between 2 groups, you often times get 3 to 4 seconds of Regen. Even better chances of 4 if there are majors and Ultras in the midst to sponge more of the knives. One of the big reasons why the inconsistencies are shown are due to the fact that depending on your angle or throw, some knives may impact faster than others and your group of adds may be more stretched, making more or less knives impact. Listening to my maniacal rambling for so long. You deserve an exotic if you're still with me.


TL;DR: if lots of knife kill lots of squishy flammable enemies, lots of knife returned. If little bit of knife kill lots of squishy flammable enemy, tiny knife return.

I will be posting testing videos soon. Bon voyage, and happy hunting!

Edit: Videos are here! i've currently only got 2, both of which perfectly describe this phenomena.

Video 1: Perfectly describes the "More sponge = more hits = more super" –

Video 2: You dont need sponges, only taken goblins making other taken goblins immune.

But wait, theres more mindlessness! i've pulled some screenshots from the first one to prove my point even more. if you look closely and count the 300 or so damagers on this screenshot,, you count exactly 7 knife hits. how many in 1 hand? 7. How about another screenshot? On this we only see 5. so… 6/7*4 should equal 3.42. we should only see 3 seconds on the timer, right? think again. If we count all of the knives doing 1000+ damage, we count exactly 7 knives. 4(14/14)= 4. 4 seconds on the timer. the equation works. if you want to test the other one, be my guest. it's 1:00 AM and i have things to do tomorrow, though i will be periodically adding more evidence to make this look like a conspiracy theory chart. Thanks for reading!

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