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Break down of elemental wells

destiny2 10 - Break down of elemental wells

Edit : forgot to mention this is LONG, i dont go into to much detail but there is still a bit to cover

all testing was done within the haunted lost sector Terminus East, on the EDZ, this was so i had a constant stream of enermies as well as various ranks, since the tribute hall disappeared

first, they do not work in any measure for pvp, as the mods say combatants. And after testing within PvP there is no ifs or buts / work arounds that i found

now on to the fun stuff

Basic mod function

every mods comes with this

Picking up an elemental well grants energy to your ability with the lowest current energy. Picking up an elemental well that matches your subclass damage type grants energy to ALL of your abilities

Translation :

you'll see an discoloured orb of power on the floor pick it up and receive ability energy back.

Specfics :

from my testing you get a flat 10% of ability energy PER well with no cool down on this effect

this is the same with the matching vs unmatched with subclass just you get 10% to 1 ability vs 3,

this wells last 20sec from time of summoning, descent but i have wasted many a well because they can be lost in a sea of bodies

Notes :

  • unlike the warmind cell mods there is NO way to generate wells without a specific mod that says it can generate them
    • warmind cell mods ALL say that ikelos and seventh serif weapons will summon a cell
    • where as well mods say the above
  • multiple mods have no effect

Elemental Armaments

Weapons Take downs with a damage type that matches your subclass element have an escalating chance to spawn an elemental well

Translation : kills with a gun that matches your sub class will spawn a well,….. eventually


this is a flat x amount of kills to spawn a well. just like with warmind cells, the perk description is VERY vague and misleading in this regard

with testing there is no difference between heavy, special, or primary weapons. they all take 7 kills to proc

further testing showed no difference in ranks, 1 kill is 1 kill

EDIT : forgot mod stacking doesn't work, 1 mod or 5 it still takes 7 kills

EDIT : forgot that Osmosis Weapons works exactly like a normal elemental weapon, when activated.

Notes :

  • multi kills count fully, even risky and trinity's arc chains count
  • Weapon Types dont matter Rocket launchers through side arms all the same 7 kills
  • didn't test cursed thrall of explody shanks
    • now that i have no they don't work, even if you trigger the detonation


Picking up an elemental well that matches your subclass grants a temporary bonus to weapon damage of that same elemental type

Translation : if the elemental well is the same as your subclass any weapons that also match gain a temporary damage bonus

Specfics :

this is a FLAT 10% damage buff regardless of the weapon or enemy

this buff last for 5 sec and is capped at 5 sec, regardless

this Buff is kind of kneecapped by only working on weapons whos element match's your subclass, (stasis getting the short hand of the stick for mods of these mods)

Notes ;

  • stacking mods doesn't work 1 or 5 mods it's still 10%
  • stacks with Debuffs
  • as im a solo player with somewhat limited time i didn't have time to test this with buffs
  • EDIT : turns out that this buff stacks with all buffs so you could have weapons of light and this buff at once (Ehor's video)

Elemental Light

Defeating a combatant with your Super spawns an elemental well that matchs your subclass energy type

Translation : super kills generate elemental wells

Specifics :

i dont know HOW this works but i believe there is a cooldown on the well spawning,

  • fist of havoc seemed to spawn a well every light attack but slamming seemed be capped at 1 well
  • thunder crash spawned one well initially but as i lead red bars into the after shock more spawned

but any way this is simple kills in super generate a well that matchs your sub class

Notes :

  • again mod stacking is useless


Picking up an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type grants you an temporary significant increase in your intellect, improving the recharge rate of your super.

Translation : Subclass matching wells grants increased intellect.

Specifics :

this lasts 30seconds,

this is HARD capped at that 30seconds, regardless of how many you pick up you just reset the timer

EDIT : forgot to mention this is ONLY an intellect buff, and thus only increases the passive regen of super, orbs/kills/etc are percentage based as far as i can remember

EDIT : ehor was able to get some what solid numbers, and says it appears that the buff increases intellect to 100 for the full duration of the buff, as such higher intellect isn't preferred as it lowers the total buff and takes away from other stats.


  • i was unable to test the increase granted as the only way i could think to test this would be have a teammate generate wells for you
    • this is because kills will decrease your super regen time
    • if anyone has this data i would love to see it.
    • if anyone knows a way i could test this solo i would really want to know
  • due to being unable to get solid numbers i dont know if mod stacking applies
  • i apologise for all the missing info

Elemental Ordnance

Defeating a Combatant with a grenade spawns an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type

Translation : grenade kills spawn a well.

Specific's :

nothing note worthy

apart from there seems to be a cooldown between summons,

grenade kills = elemental well

Notes :

  • no mod stacking
  • grenades all share the same cooldown
    • so no top tree striker or Sunbracers spam
  • // above is wrong grenades have independent cooldowns.
    • the cooldown seems to be about 2seconds
  • i wonder if grenades and super share that cooldown
  • // again wrong all independent

Last But not least

Elemental Charge

Become Charged with light by picking up an elemental well. if the elemental well's element type matches your subclass you gain 2 stacks of charged with light

no translation needed this is exactly as it says.

Specifics :

this is very clear cut, just remember you NEED something equiped that can burn a charge with light to pick up a charge

i made that mistake, and yeah thought it was busted turns out im an idiot

Notes ;

  • should have put this at the start no mods stack as far as my testing has shown


TLDR : these mods arnt the best there a GREAT introduction into the combat style mod system and are FAR easier to obtain then the other combat style mods however they have glaring issues such as a lack of PvP function as well as being rather weak

these are nice especially for players wanting to ability spam, in PvE

my biggest issue is the push for aggressive play as the wells spawn where the enemy dies limiting use in high end content.

BUT they feel limp there a great beginners guide to combat style mods but anything they do a charged with light or warmind cell can do and generally better

as for PVP

i have NO idea why they arnt allowed, why didnt bungie make them spawn/work for PvP


a non issue, its VERY difficult to spawn these with stasis so especially with no competitive stasis weapons, and all grenade kills hard as hell

  • shatter doesn't count and using supers and sometimes be buggy due to how shatter damage and super damage aren't tied together,
  • titans have the greatest ease of summon, but it knee caps the HELL out of the super

Damage Buff

its 10%, and elemental dependant, making it VERY selective in usage

Charged with light

maybe, but apart from you know disabling that one mod, if it was broken

it also requires you to spec into summoning these wells, that means at least 2 well mods, and then 1 charged with light, thats at MINIMUM.

i would recommend armaments and ordinance with charged, then sprinkle in high energy fire. (if they worked)

the issue is thats 4 mods and the energy required for them lost, let alone the missing powerful friends or Radiant light

Thoughts on tweaks

the 2 main points i would bring up are, PvP and Reward VS forgiveness

PvP well i have made my case above

as for the other one, with the wells, picking up an non matching well still grants an benefit. but with the damage and super dont grant anything

what i would suggest with the damage as an example;

remove the element lock and make it so matching element wells to weapons do more damage.

  • so picking up a arc well will grant non arc weapons the current 10% damage buff
  • picking up a arc well will grant arc weapons a 20% damage buff

then combine that with a duration buff with subclass matching wells.

  • so non matching wells grant the 5sec buff
  • matching wells grant a 10sec buff

this would make running non matching loadouts more friendly BUT still make players lean towards the elemental uniformity

it's just my 2cents on the buff topic, in all honestly i believe that bungie will be expanding on these mods, and i am extremely thankful that these mods are easy to get since it gives me a base to help my friends make mod builds

EDIT : just watched Ehors video and will include any info i missed. if you want to watch it simply search is name and elemental wells

EDIT : i reuploaded this because the initial post had some issues caused by me stuffing stuff up. YES i have cross posted this to r/ Destiny2

I hope bungie keeps expanding these mods.

if you have any info you want to add please DM me or comment it.

if not thanks for reading my error filled data compilation

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