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Bright Dust changes coming in Beyond Light

destiny2 7 - Bright Dust changes coming in Beyond Light

According to the new TWAB:

Weekly Bright Dust bounties will now give 100 BD instead of the old 200.

10,500 Bright Dust will be given via the season pass as opposed to the old 2700.

-Some important maths:

If every season is estimated at around 13 weeks (91 days)

In Shadowkeep

  • 13 weeks x (2 bounties x 3 vendors x 200 bright dust x 3 characters ) = 13 x 3600 = 46,800 BD from the bounties
  • +2700 BD from the season pass
  • = 49,500 Bright Dust earned by someone doing all bounties every week in a season.

From Beyond Light

  • 13 weeks x (2 bounties x 3 vendors x 100 bright dust x 3 characters) = 13 x 1800 = 23,400 BD from the bounties
  • + 10,500 BD from the season pass
  • = 33,900 Bright Dust earned by someone doing all bounties every week in a season.

That's a cool 15,600 Bright dust per season that's essentially unobtainable, as opposed to earlier…..Great for people with less time to play, but for the people who play regularly with 3 characters, that's over a 31% loss per season.

This isn't even counting the seasonal festivals we get (Crimson Days/Revelry/FOTL/Dawning that last 3-ish weeks. They'll also have their gains cut, naturally from approx 3600 per event to 1800 per event, making the difference from 53,100 to 35,700. That's 17,400 total loss per season.


(You have a net change of ZERO – you break even – if you do all bounties on just 1 character from now v/s BL, a 7,800 loss if you play 2, and 15,600 if you play 3 characters.) This is NOT beneficial to solo players, only detrimental to 2 and 3 character grinders.
The ONLY people benefiting overall from this change are people who do less than six weekly bounties per week, but get to season pass level 100. And even then, they will have less overall bright dust.

Don't get me wrong. The increase in Dust from Season pass is GREAT. It's a very welcome change. But the change to weekly bounties is unnecessarily punishing to the three-character-every-week-grinders, and is definitely going to push away the hardcore players.

Just thought this might be worth talking about since it kinda feels like we got monkey-pawed again, like back at the beginning of Shadowkeep when they removed BD gains from dismantling items or the removal of the Prismatic Matrix. Holding out on the 'potential updates in season 13', but I don't know if I'd be too optimistic.

(semi-unrelated side note, but the changes to Enhancement core purchase are in the same vein. Earlier, everyone would purchase one for 10, or 2 for 30 per day. Now, you get 1 per 30. While it's being painted as 'better for the players', it's actually just a 200-300% price hike. Nobody buys 3+ cores in a day from Spider

Also, the 400 Legendary shards PER enhancement prism. Getting an inventory of 50 will run you 20,000 legendary shards, which is about as many or ore than the average player has.)

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