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Bring Back “Prison of Elders” or Something Like It.

destiny2 7 - Bring Back "Prison of Elders" or Something Like It.

I know what I'm asking for is basically a pipedream, but I honestly think this could really help with a lot of the grinding aspects of Destiny 2 that people either can't keep up with or just don't want to do.

I could completely be working off of nostalgia with this as I haven't played D1 seriously since 2017 and I was pretty young so if this just blatantly wrong I'd love to hear some feedback from those who remember it better/even play it currently.

WHY PoE needs to come back

If you aren't a Destiny veteran, you may only know the Prison of Elders from the Forsaken campaign, so I'll explain what it was. Prison of Elders was an arena mode for Destiny, you would face multiple bosses in different arenas themed around their respective faction. It was something play quite a lot in D1 and had lots of replayability, especially later in D1's lifespan. I'm sure you can learn the rest on your own.

So, why does it need to come back? Even though I'm a Destiny veteran and I am an absolute lore nerd that spends my free time thinking about the philosophical implications of the dark and light or wanting to become an exo, I really don't play the game that much past the first month or so of content when new content drops. I just got bored and lots of the gameplay felt kind of….tedious. I know this is a sentiment shared amongst even the most loyal of Destiny players. Prison of Elders, as I remember it, was something I would play nonstop to the point I'd get in fights with my parents because I needed to finish that ONE boss before doing my homework. It was something constantly grindable and in Destiny 2's very different landscape I feel that it could be a saving grace that could always be turned to in times of drought for MANY people. could it come back?


I don't think it matters much from a story standpoint but I honestly don't see the prison of elders returning as, well, the prison of elders. It could of course just happen and probably wouldn't be hard to write at all but…eh, why not make things interesting? So, how about we call it Trials of the Nine….wait….but that's already in the game…? YES, exactly. ToTN can be the NEW PoE, the pinnacle of grindy fun PVE content outside of strikes. Each arena could be based on currently vaulted locations, I.E. Mars, Mercury, IO, Titan. This gives the opportunity to gain certain loot and shaders from these locations that were vaulted AS WELL AS give old ToTN loot as the final reward. The Nine mean to test you as they did with Prophecy, and their new trial pits you against common foes and not yourselves.

This would be a fantastic reuse of assets, gives people a fun thematic reason for PoE returning (in gameplay), and could have new "arenas" come in based on what planets are vaulted at the moment. To make things easier they could even use "Echos" or other reskins of strike bosses from the vaulted planets with similar mechanics, again reusing assets in a creative and fun way.

Now, this is all fun, but this is just one idea and it would probably be far easier to just clean up the original Prison of Elders and bring it back.

I feel that this could be something that's a constantly grindable and playable activity FREE to all players that can be grinded for XP and fun loot, like a taste of seasonal activities.

These are all just some ideas that I think would greatly improve the state of the game and at least give casual players something fun to do, hell even add a constant contest mode so people can have a challenge if they want. I know a lot of people would really enjoy a gamemode like this, especially considering the popularity of Menagerie (which did some things better and some things worse).

I know this is kinda messy but I just wanted to get my thoughts out on this.

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