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Bungie: About Izanagi’s Burden and its final perk.


Hold up, this is not a thread to ask for a reversal on the reload changes, they were good changes, the gun was busted.

Now with that out of the way, the reload changes did see a change to one of Izanagi's perks, which was a replacement for the now obsolete Outlaw perk, for No Distractions.

While I get the idea behind that (make the shot count), No Distractions, as it currently stands, is a worthless perk, for further explanations in regards to that, see

(TL;DR: still flinches pretty badly, bad start-up time, overall unwieldy for most situations).

So I'm here to suggest a couple of alternative perks that could replace No Distractions to add more functionality/flavour to the gun, with a semi-brief explanation as to why I'd think they would make a good addition to the gun:

  • Opening Shot: While the idea is the same as with No Distractions (Make. The shot. Count.), Opening Shot has no start-up time and does more for the player to achieve the same thing, while also working more in favour of Izanagi's single-shot mechanic, since it only applies to a single bullet (until the perk resets).

  • Quickdraw: Since Izanagi's Burden is designed to reminiscently look like a sword, while having the name of a Japanese deity and with some crude connections made based on those 2 points and the existence of the Iaijutsu style in Japanese martial arts, makes this a thematically nice fit, while also providing the player with a quick option to switch to it quickly to dispose of a newly emerged threat, since Honed Edge doesn't disappear when the gun is holstered.

  • Sympathetic Arsenal: The usual end result of Izanagi's Burden being fired is that the target dies and the player loads in a new Honed Edge bullet right away, this means that this goes hand in hand with the usual playstyle of the gun while also providing the benefit of reloading the player's other weapons.

Those are all perks that would not affect the damage of the gun, but work well with how it is already used.

The following suggestions would affect the damage of the gun, but work well with how it is already used, without adding reload speed to the gun, which would go against it's intended use of being a heavy burst damage dealer.

  • Ambitious Assassin: This would allow Izanagi's Burden to overflow it's magazine, effectively allowing it to get an even greater boost in it's Honed Edge damage (which is probably not coded into the game to work that way, but hey), but only as a reward for having killed other enemies beforehand.

This would go very well as a nod to one of its related Lore entries too, which reads:

"As the man took aim at my head, I heard the shot and assumed I was dead. But it was him who was dead, not me. You were so far that none of us knew where to look. The second man winged me with one of our own weapons. He began to gloat about that, but another round from you shut him up. Two more thunderous shots, and their drones were as dead as they were. "

Final Entry, The Black Armory Papers

The Implication being that Ada used Izanagi's Burden (the only 4 shot Black Armory sniper, Tartara Gaze (by default) only has 3, and the gun sharing motives with her design overall) from a faraway position, without being seen, to quickly dispose of 4 of her enemies, effectively making her the Ambitious Assassin.

  • Dragonfly: While not directly affecting the damage the player would deal per shot, this would allow a Honed Edge shot to clear enemies around the VIP you're trying to take down, allowing the player to potentially kill the VIP first, while also clearing some adds, instead of doing what most people currently do, which is to kill everything around the VIP first, to then kill them with No Distractions (pun intended). This is especially effective since Dragonfly's damage scales with the damage of the shot fired, which is increased by Honed Edge.

Due to being too straight forward and being too close to a straight-up buff, but still fitting the playstyle of the gun, here are some honourable mentions:

  • High-Impact Reserves: Effectively, this would just be a straight damage buff, not my favourite, but it would undeniably work hand in hand with Izanagi's Burden since Honed Edge reduces it to 1 shot left in the mag, meaning that HIR would be at it's strongest.

  • Overflow/Clown Cartridge: Same with Ambitious Assassin, but without the lore tie-ins or the reward structure that balances it, this would allow one to simply get more shots into Honed Edge with next to no Compromises.

Those are my suggestions, let me know what you think, if you'd like them or not, which one you liked the most and if you would have any suggestions yourself.

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