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Bungie, can we have increased drops from Forges and the Menagerie before they are vaulted?

destiny2 3 - Bungie, can we have increased drops from Forges and the Menagerie before they are vaulted?

The increased Menagerie drops toward the end of Y2 were a big hit, and it was said that perhaps it could be done again in the future. Well, this would be a great time! Let us chase rolls on some old favorites before they go away. Even though they will be sunset, we’ll at least be able to use them in normal PvP and lower level content. Some of them are no longer available from other sources, now that the world pool has been updated, so the Menagerie is our only shot at getting them. For example, the Anonymous Autumn from the Crucible is a great sidearm, but is no longer available from Lord Shaxx. The Trust handcannon was one of only two weapons(Is it still?? Not sure) to roll Rampage and Dragonfly together. Increased Menagerie drops would help in securing a great roll or two before the activity is vaulted.

The same goes for weapons from the forges. I’m not sure if the drops from frames can be affected. However, what about increasing the drop rates of the experimental weapons upon completing a forge ignition? These have always been rather hard to get. I’ve never taken a break from D2, and have managed to get just one example of some of these weapons such as the Bad News, Tango-45 and Acantha-D. Could the drop rates be adjusted so that an experimental weapon drops at each completed forge ignition? That will at least make it easier to get a weapon of some type. The farming won’t be ‘too easy,’ but it will be a nice way to get some stuff that’s going away.


Totally optional and potentially not possible within reason: Can armor be made to drop directly from forges as well? We still aren’t sure how transmog will work when it comes. It would be great if items could at least be selected from our Collections history(even better if previously owning the armor wasn’t required, but that’s another subject). If not, and we need to have the armor in our inventory/vault, then it would be nice to at least acquire this armor so that we can hang onto it. The Escalation Protocol armor is very nice as well, and we’ve been able to repeat bosses for drops. That’s great. Getting forge armor with something like that type of frequency/ease would be helpful too. If it isn’t an easy thing to do however, especially for such a temporary arrangement, that’s definitely understandable.

The priority of this post is really to get the increased weapon drops, if possible. Can’t help it, I’m a gun nut in this game, and I know I’m not alone. We’re looking forward to Beyond Light, and we’ll miss the vaulted content. One more shot at getting some of those items before they leave us would be much-appreciated!

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