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Bungie can you please tune old Exotic Armor for more PvE build diversity? Hunter Suggestions

destiny2 10 - Bungie can you please tune old Exotic Armor for more PvE build diversity? Hunter Suggestions

This is the final post in a series of exotic armor tuning posts. Enjoy!

Hey Bungie, I think the D2 sandbox has a lot of potential for new builds and build diversity, but sooo many exotics suffer from lack of attention/tuning. Here are a collection of ideas I've heard, come across, or developed myself for Hunter exotics. They follow 3 goals.

  1. Give each exotic clear identity, purpose, and viability in PvE & PvE.
  2. Keep as close as possible to the original concept
  3. Create more build diversity for all.

I've made posts for the Warlock and Titan.

Some exotics are well-designed on their own, but depend on undertuned or clunky subclass abilities. So, let's start there.

Core subclass tweaks:

The following tweaks are directly related to my proposed exotic buffs. The subclasses need more than what you see here, but I am focusing on exotic synergy for now. I've made other post with proposed light based subclass tweaks.

NOTE: Stasis is overpowered, so pretend that it doesn't exist or has been balanced appropriately when you go through these changes.


  • Shadowshot has faster firing animation and tether speed (D1 buff). Instantly tethers on direct hits.
    • This is a HUGE usability buff to Tether and thereby Orpheus.
  • Smoke bombs no longer breaks invis when thrown and deal increased base damage in PvE.
    • This buffs Kepri's Sting
  • Basic melees only break stealth if damage dealt is non-lethal.
    • This buffs most melee exotics that synergize with Nightstalker
  • Spectral Blades deals significantly more damage to combatants (PvE only).


  • (Way of the Outlaw):
    • Deadshot and Six-shooter are combined into one perk
    • (NEW) Crafty Scavenger: Slide over ammo to reduce grenade and throwing knife cooldown (5% for primary, 10% for special, 25% for heavy). Tripmine and Swarm grenades last longer (+50%).
      • Cooldown is improved over brief period (similar to Inertia Override), so dying while Crafty Scavenger is active removes the buff.
      • This buffs Young Ahamkara's Spine
  • In general, increase Golden Gun's base damage by ~10% for better utility in higher level content.
  • Blade barrage could use some help in PvE too.


  • Whirlwind Guard should significantly multiply reflected damage to viable levels in PvE
  • Top-tree Arcstrider super has a baseline reduced version of Synapse Junction. (see Raiden Flux)

Super-based exotics

  • Celestial Nighthawk will now mark majors and bosses that are near the OHK death threshold, but only when super is charged. Now stacks with Knock 'Em Down
    • KED bonus can be difficult to get going and Celestial only benefits GG's super, so there's no harm in rewarding the player for being good at stacking crits kills.
  • Gwisin Vest: Roving Assassin now also grants combo damage to Spectral Blade attacks.
  • Raiden Flux: I'd like it to grant a small non-super based bonus as well.

Neutral & Subclass Exotics:

  • Bombardiers now deal increased damage to PvE targets. Refunds some class ability energy on kills (30%).
  • Foetracer: Relentless Tracker now also highlights invisible enemies and low health targets (red outline). Deals bonus damage to invisible enemies.
    • PvE damage bonus caps at 25% (up from 20%) for 10% hp and below. Damage ramps up by 1.25% (up from 1%) per 1% health below 30%.
  • Gemini Jesters now grants increased damage to blinded targets (does not apply to Guardians). Or.. causes combatants to temporarily attack one another.
  • Graviton Forfeit: increased bonus invis duration. Grants a base version of Vanishing Step (4s) for free while a Nightstalker subclass is equipped. Grants bonus melee damage (2.5x) when meleeing from behind or invis.
    • New invis bonus durations
      • Vanishing Step: +6s (up from +2s)
      • Flawless Execution: unchanged at +4s
      • Vanish in Smoke: +4s (up from +2s)
      • Rat King is unchanged.
  • Kucklehead Radar stealthed enemies are revealed on radar. Marks enemy crit spots when ADSing. When surrounded, gain improved mobility (sprint speed), resilience, weapon haste, and dodge cooldown.
  • Lucky Pants now also allows you to Overflow your hand cannon mag.
  • Lucky Raspberry now acts like contraverse hold. Damage with Arcbolt grenade damage restores a randomized amount of arcbolt grenade energy (between 5-25% per proc).
    • There is still a 25% chance to fully recharge your grenade per tick, and a 100% chance when grenade fully chains.
  • Mechaneer's Tricksleeve's damage buff now lasts until the Hunter's health and shields are fully recovered. Used to be active only when at critical HP.
  • Oathkeeper now also grants increased draw, reload, and ADS speed for a brief period after landing a precision hit with a bow. (like 50% Archer's Tempo)
  • Sealed Ahamkara Grasps: Nightmare Fuel now also briefly increases melee damage (2x) after a close quarter (8m) weapon kill. Internal cooldown reduced to 4.5s (from 7).
    • New Description: Dealing melee damage reloads your equipped weapon. Weapon kills in close-quarters grant bonus melee damage for a brief duration (5s).
  • Wormhusk Crown.. yes it used to be annoying in PvP, but not great in PvE. Health and shield bump bonus are increased when surrounded.
  • Young Ahamkara's Spine: Wish-Dragon Teeth also grants a second tripmine at the cost of increased cooldown. Has reduced bonus duration with Way of the Outlaw due to buffs.
    • New Description: Gain a second Tripmine. Increases Tripmine Grenade blast radius and cooldown (longer cd). Ability damage grants solar grenade energy.

I left out Aeon, Assassin's Cowl, Athrys's Embrace, Dragon's Shadow, Fr0st-EE5, Gemini Jester, Liar's Handshake, Mask of Bakris, Omnioculus, Ophidia Spathe, Orpheus Rig, Raijuu's, Shards of Galanor, and St0mp-EE5. They are already well designed imo and are viable in most gameplay scenarios.

Just to note, Omnioculus is a wonderfully designed exotic armor piece. It allows for Hunters to play a strong supportive role in higher level content. I really hope bungie doesn't nerf the synergy with invis granting weapons and abilities.

Thank you for sticking around and getting this far. I'd like to hear your ideas and constructive feedback so we can make better suggestions together.

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