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Bungie devs and Deej on Fireteam Chat – massive season of the drifter info dump!

destiny2 7 - Bungie devs and Deej on Fireteam Chat - massive season of the drifter info dump!

Fireteam Chat is an IGN Destiny podcast, great discussions on their show I highly recommend subscribing.

They have just released a special episode which has TONS of new info on Gambit Prime, the Reckoning, how the armour works and a lot more.

This is a must watch for anyone thirsty for more new info on next season!


At the time of writing this I'm only 20 mins in, but I'll add an edit with a break down of some points soon.

Edit 3 – still working on this, please ignore poor formatting! It will be fixed asap! Points now corrected and clarified, now populating other sections.

I believe at the beginning of this content drop we will receive a "portable bank" from the Drifter – please remember this as it's important.

Gambit Prime:-

  • Gambit Prime matches are 1 round and will last between 7 and 10 mins.

  • Armour will unlock tiered perks, but the perks themselves are not tied to the armour

  • There are pinnacle perks, 2 of which we got told about. 1 will allow you to "become a blocker" and drain the other teams motes. Another one will allow you to collect up to 20 motes and drop a "massive" blocker on the other team.

  • if you have 2 blockers on your bank, your motes will get drained.

  • Armour will glow more brightly as you make progress towards pinnacle perks

  • You can mix and match sets to get the benefits of say, the invader perks and the sentry perks but you have to fully commit to one role to get the pinnacle perk

  • They mentioned a consumable "synth" that can increase your tier if you fall a little short from the next perk, but this "synth" is dual purpose and is tied in with the Reckoning and therefore your loot drops, more about this in Synth section

  • Prime evils will be mechanic based and like "mini raid bosses"

  • 3 new maps, 1 available at launch. The other 2 will be added over the coming weeks. These maps will be added to regular gambit eventually!

The core gameplay loop of Gambit prime will be to earn special motes through playing GP, which you then take to The Reckoning, where you then earn your armour and unlock perks, then back to GP and repeat.

The Reckoning:-

  • A 4 person matchmade horde activity

  • You can stay in this game mode for as long as you like

  • If I heard correctly, this activity takes place inside the Drifter's ball thing

  • Special motes are required for the special loot drops, more on this in the synth section.

  • You can participate without special motes but you won't get the cool gear. There are apparently still loot drops, however. Similar to how you need a frame in BA to get the better BA drops.

  • This activity has 3 tiers, after completing tier 3 you then get a chance at getting the armour type that corresponds with the type of special mote you put in, which you will have earned by banking synths into your portable mote bank.


  • A consumable that you can use to buff your "tier" but us also directly tied with loot drops.

  • Synths are specific to a role, so you have various types, such as reaper synths, invader synths, collector synths and so on

  • Synths are banked in your portable mote bank I mentioned earlier, which then causes special motes to drop, which are then used in The Reckoning for a loot drop chance.

  • To get these synths to drop my guess is you have to do things specific to a role. So collector synths will drop when banking 15 motes, invader synths drop when you get invasion kills and so on.

How to get a GP loot drop summary:-

  • earn synths which are specific to your role (probably by doing role-specific things)

  • bank synths in portable bank, which creates special motes, which will be specific to the type of synths you banked.

  • bank the special motes into the Reckoning

  • Complete tier 3 for a chance to drop lopt specific to the type of motes you deposited in the activity

Iron Banner Changes:-

  • Players will now be able to grant themselves a power boost or decrease

  • Better players can drop their PL by up 100 to increase the difficulty, this is called "Iron Burden".

  • An emblem tracks how many kills you get while "Iron Burden" is active.

  • Unique cadence and vanity rewards for those who use "Iron Burden"

  • Players who are struggling can boost their PL to stay competitive.

  • Loot drops might not be as good if using the buff to your PL

Gambit Private Matches:-

  • GP maps will be added to private matches eventually, but they want to showcase them in Season of the Drifter first.

  • Private matches can be launched as a solo player and function normally, despite the lack of enemy team

  • Rules can be changed (such as switching off invader wall hacking)


  • Tier 3 perks will not be available until some weeks have passed, so expect the game mode to change a lot as time goes on

  • Players with only 1 character might want to create a new character. Something called "Allegiance" quest will require all classes to experience all the content. I will find out more on this and elaborate soon!

  • Xur bounties are only available on weekends, these are called "Invitations of the 9" and will be available week 2 or 3. This will go on for 9 weeks and are apparently going to be something we want to see!

  • A new title will be available in season of the Drifter

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