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Bungie Feedback: How Destiny Feels Right Now

destiny2 4 - Bungie Feedback: How Destiny Feels Right Now

I've seen the CMs in the past say that the preferred way to give feedback is to state how certain aspects of the game make us (the player) feel. So that's what I intend to do with this post. It's crazy long. Here we go.

I feel good when…

  • I get to explore new things. I liked running around Europa, finding collectibles, and just generally exploring the location. I wasn't expecting to enjoy a frozen wasteland this much.
  • I stop and listen. The sound design of the weapons from this season is pretty interesting to me. I can hear the scout rifle in my mind as I type this. And the sounds within the raid are incredible. This has always been true of Destiny for me, so it's not new, but just want to mention that the sound design team is incredible.
  • I have weapons to be excited about shooting. When I first saw Trustee on paper, I didn't think it'd be that interesting, but I've really enjoyed using it and there are some really potent perk combos. I was also pretty worried about my kinetic sniper situation, but Succession is solid with the right roll and a welcome addition to the arsenal. I feel the same way about Heritage. These weapons feel good to use, have some good perks (recombination!), and fill some gaps sunsetting left. I felt incredibly disappointed in the sword, admittedly. No whirlwind blade meant it was DOA for me.
  • I have new lore to learn about. The penguins were a fun weekly activity and the lore behind them felt pretty captivating to me.
  • I have new triumphs to complete. This is gonna sound silly (because it is), but I'm one of those box-checking triumph-chasing psychos. So when I had new things to check off my list, I was happy to see that progress as I did more objectives.
  • I fly into DSC and crush that raid with some clanmates. I like the raid – the environment, mechanics, pacing, loot. I can't say it's all perfect, but I have fun in this raid. It's pretty easy and quick, but I don't think that's a bad thing (I know some other folks do). Raids like this also seem like they're more accessible to the broader community and I think that's a good thing.

I feel bad when…

  • I get frozen. Introducing crowd control to a game with fast, fluid movement and ~.7 second average TTK for primary weapons feels like a massive misstep. And I honestly don't feel good when I do it to others. I don't feel like I earned a kill when I froze someone and took away their ability to do anything. You've seen plenty of this feedback since BL launched, so I won't belabor the point.
  • I play Trials. Just playing it feels bad. And I know I don't have to, so this is my fault I suppose, but I really want to like it. My PvP skill has steadily improved for several seasons because of how much time and effort I've poured into PvP. Still, I'm miserably mediocre – just barely good enough that some friends of mine (tremendously skilled and kind souls) don't mind slumming it with me to get flawless every now and again. But each season, this feels worse and worse. It feels even worse because I'm really only chasing a seal. The reward system is atrocious and my chances of getting worthwhile loot are so small that it's not even a consideration when I walk into the playlist.
  • I have to earn something I've already earned. As much as I'm a triumph-chaser, I also really enjoy the satisfaction of completing something. I like putting in the time and effort, finishing the objective, then getting to move on. Giving us the exact same Flawless and Conqueror seals to chase each season has honestly taken a toll. The completionist in me forces me to keep grinding them out and I know I'll do the same next season when they switch up the objectives with some different triumphs, but… I'm not earning something new. It's the same seal. It's just now going to be a different color for a couple months, then it'll go right back to the same thing it's been for multiple seasons… until I have to go do it again. I'm getting exhausted just thinking about it.
  • I complete 33 looted clears of the new raid, but still can't "earn" the title for it because of one item drop (Eyes of Tomorrow, of course). This feels really, really bad, especially given my point above around feeling good about new weapons/triumphs to chase. It feels even worse because it felt like you fixed this with GoS/Divinity. Seeing the regression to pure RNG for the raid exotic feels… infuriating, honestly.
  • I am beholden to a reward system that's painfully inconsistent. You've made great strides in allowing us ways to make loot more deterministic, but those systems need to replace the antiquated ones at a faster rate and remain season-over-season. We honestly don't need a re-introduced recaster. We need all loot sources to have a way to pick the loot we actually care about. It would feel so great to bring a prime engram to the Cryptarch and just tell him to give me a weapon. It'd be even better to tell him what class of weapon, or something like that. I feel good when my choices matter – so I would like to see you let me make more choices.
  • I go 16 back-to-back 1280 lost sector clears without an exotic drop, only to finally break the losing streak with an exotic I don't want, don't need, or the one that I was looking for, but with an abysmal stat roll. This makes me feel hopeless. The pursuit of loot I want shouldn't feel hopeless.
  • My immersion goes out the window in every play session. This isn't limited to any one specific thing, but there's just a lot of things that can take you out of the experience right now. Lag spikes (teleporting enemies), error codes, but mostly texture oddities (my Titan's butt towel likes to occasionally turn into an extra long cape and stretch across my whole screen). These are small things, but they're frequent enough that at least one of them will happen whenever I play for more than an hour.
  • I have to play around the game's flaws. Plinking away at the High Celebrant with a primary weapon so I don't inadvertently bug out the mission feels bad. I mentioned above that I like lore and triumphs, so I feel really frustrated that I need to avoid doing the Harbinger mission until the Lightseeker triumph is fixed. I feel bad when I have to make excuses for things in the game that don't make sense to friends and clanmates. Like when a friend of mine got excited about getting the scanner mod in DSC because he likes running scanner, but I had to explain to him that he needed not to run that mod on Taniks because it overwrites Divinity and causes the team to lose damage. This makes me feel embarassed.
  • I look at everything in my vault – admittedly filled at least 50% by stuff I hardly used – and see everything that's no longer relevant. I understand the goals of sunsetting, but I don't feel like we have seen any of the benefits that it was supposed to have. So far, it just feels bad. It feels bad to not be able to use loot I've earned in content that matters to me. Folks might feel like this doesn't make sense with the point I made about liking the raid loot. Maybe you're right. I guess for me, I just feel like having a handful of new things to be excited about just doesn't feel good enough to overshadow everything else.

Hope this resonates with some other folks, or maybe it doesn't but sparks some discussion. For what it's worth, I still play Destiny a ton. Probably too much. That's mostly because of the friends I've made along the way – especially these days when it's become harder to stay in touch with people. It's nice to login each night, party up with a buddy, and clown around while we save the galaxy.

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