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Bungie Has Telegraphed the Events of Season 15 Leading Into Witch Queen

destiny2 5 - Bungie Has Telegraphed the Events of Season 15 Leading Into Witch Queen

I'm willing to put money that Season 15, the last season before Witch Queen, is going to involve three major plot points, the Curse on the Dreaming City being broken, Mara Sov making a grand return (again), and Uldren finding out all of his past and taking on the mantle of Hunter Vanguard.

The Curse

Bungie likes numbers. There's no way they've forgot about Wish 15, especially with how excited the community is to see it be added to the game. Let me stress this now, IT IS NOT IN THE GAME CURRENTLY. The triumph for it was removed ages ago, you're not going to find some grand in game plot to unlock the final wish wall combination. That being said, it's way, WAY, too alluring on the end of Bungie to not make Wish 15 come into play with Season 15 and a Dreaming City focus right before Savathun makes her grand entrance in the next expansion. Especially with all the events unfolding right now with Uldren.

Mara Sov

Mara, if you took the time to listen to all of Osiris' reports in Zavala's office last season, left a message saying she's returning soon to end things. We know she left to prepare for the battle coming with Savathun after the events of Forsaken. The last season of the year, if Arrivals is anything to go off of (I think it is), will heavily build exposition for the next expansion. The Dreaming City is the one major loose end we have with Savathun. Savathun is cunning, she's smart enough to not show herself directly, and she doesn't need to due to her nature and how she gains strength. The only way she's going to come out of hiding is if we force her hand. Mara knows this, and the Dreaming City is the perfect staging ground to make it happen because of Savathun's presence there.

Uldren Becoming Hunter Vanguard

This is plain as day. While you can argue that Savathun technically killed Cayde, I doubt Bungie is going to dig down that many layers of plot for this (even though they jokingly made mention of making Savathun the Hunter Vanguard in a lore card). Uldren is unique in that he is a Hunter who admires the Vanguard and wants to serve humanity. He wants to be apart of saving the last city. He has all the traits that a Hunter Vangaurd should have that Hunters don't typically have. Most importantly, he pulled the trigger on Cayde. This year has been slowly making us love Uldren, now Crow, and him gaining the respect of the big players out on the field. Us, Osiris, Zavala, and even Ikora. This will concluded his character arc for this year that Bungie has been telling with one grand culmination.


How It's Gonna Go Down

Nothing is simple with Savathun. There will be plot twist, but the over arching story being told is already set in place. If I had to break it down into story beats, it would go like this:

  • Mara returns to the system, Eris and Elsie flock to her side. The three of them armed with more knowledge than most in the system formulate a plan to draw out Savathun. The Dreaming City will be the staging ground. They have to beat her in cunning if they stand any chance. Mara is strong beyond our belief, Bungie hasn't played all their cards with her yet, and she's the definition of a Mary Sue. Eris is unmatched in Hive knowledge and has already pledged to Mara as her Queen. Elsie has invaluable knowledge of future events, and Mara has already made mention of a dream in which she would come to befriend The Stranger in the future during her court visits back during Forsaken.
  • Through a series of events, plot twist, and a repetitive seasonal activity – we reach a turning point in which the Curse is about to be broken.
  • I'd wager that Uldren will play a pivotal role in breaking the curse along side us, due to him being the one who set the series of events in motion albeit he was a pawn of Savathun. During the course of the season, he will be made aware of his past life and try to atone by breaking the curse on his people. The final wish, Wish 15, will be breaking the curse on the dreaming city. Remember that Riven is still around and bound to us.
  • The Curse will break and Savathun will be alluded to coming soon (Witch Queen). Uldren, now atoned for his past, respected by the Vanguard, and shunned by Mara for no longer being his brother but a lowly Guardian, will take on the mantle of Hunter Vanguard. He's now aware of his part in Cayde's death and vows to take up the mantle and do his part in protecting the Last City. They've been making this obvious ever since Season of the Hunt, and the recent cutscene with Zavala has progressed this further.

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