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Bungie, I appreciate the Prismatic Recaster being back! But why am I limited to three Tier 3 Focused Engrams per week?

destiny2 2 - Bungie, I appreciate the Prismatic Recaster being back! But why am I limited to three Tier 3 Focused Engrams per week?

Firstly, like most, I'm thoroughly enjoying Year 4 of Destiny. In fact, barring some hiccoughs with Season of the Worthy, everything including Dawn and onwards has been an absolute blast for me.

And I was on board with sunsetting. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it's gone, but I understood the intention. Now that it is gone, I have a much greater inclination to hunt for true god rolls on my weapons. Prior to this, over the past year, it's largely been "Meh, this is good enough until it expires." Now it's "This is 4/5 a perfect roll… I'll hold on to it until I get my 5/5 perfect roll." My play time this season is higher than it's been in a year, largely because of this. You brought back reprised weapons from the Moon and the Dreaming City, and those factor into my time. I'm still hunting for my Auto-Loading Holster + Chain Reaction Sleepless! And I don't mind doing it, because I have multiple chances across my three Guardians.

To top it off, you introduced great new weapons this season, both from the seasonal content and the ritual play lists, with some amazing perks and interactions. They look and feel great. You added to this by giving players like me one of my favourite things: multiple perk choices on the same weapon. I love this idea. It's like a mini ritual weapon, just slightly less tailored.


…And then you gated it. In a dumb way. By limiting me to three Tier 3 Focused engrams per week. Per account. Not even character.

Cabal gold and Hammer charges require me to engage with the game in a few different ways (with a variety of options), and I like that! I like that I can earn by any ritual playlist or even raids. I like that I have slot choices for my hammer to customize my loot chances and efficiency. I also enjoy battlegrounds, they're hectic and busy and entertaining.

But you're hamstringing my desire to play them past Tuesday, when I've burned my three focused engrams and recharge my hammers to wait for next week.

So I implore you: lift the cap. Make it per character, or a cumulative ten, or better yet no cap at all! Give me more opportunities to hunt for those god rolls you've breathed new life into. I'm loving the game, but some artificial caps like this are a bit of a bummer. This isn't raid content, it's not pinnacle gear that lets me power grind, it just lets me farm and fish for beautiful weapons that I want to use to smite the enemies of humanity for years to come.

P.S. If completing all the hammer upgrades lifts this cap, I'ma feel really goofy and I apologize in advance for the rant. But if it doesn't… Well, it should.

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