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Bungie, I want to see you play your own game – because I doubt you honestly can anymore.

destiny2 8 - Bungie, I want to see you play your own game - because I doubt you honestly can anymore.

Shadowkeep onwards has eroded my faith that you understand what Destiny is or what it feels like to actually play it.

Granted, I’ve been a little skeptical of Luke’s vision ever since he told us consumable shaders would make people raid…

  1. You think sunsetting weapons is a good idea because you look at data about what we use – not because you’ve tried the alternatives. You don’t understand that’s because you’re not introducing weapons that compete with them. You think you should take them away instead? Walk a mile in our shoes.
  2. You think the bounty economy and season pass bloat (glimmer? Really? We used to get bright dust every level up) is acceptable progression. Let’s see you live that. No spending silver, get the stuff you want through bright dust because you paid $40 for this year of D2.
  3. You think this is enough content for this season. I want to see Bungie staff play it for 3 unpaid hours every night. Start them at 960 and just let ‘em loose. How’s power progression? How do you like Rasputin bunkers?
  4. You think Trials was fully baked because you don’t play PvP. Play it this weekend, I honestly dare you. Go for flawless. Keep trying until you do. That’s what we should all want, right?
  5. Play the single Y3 raid the way you think we should. Let us know how much you enjoy the sniper nerfs. Bonus points for using shotguns the whole raid.
  6. Once you earn the seasonal title on your first day, keep playing 3 hours every night. No, you don’t get to stop. You want us to sink time into this slop so you can pat each other on the back about player time investment metrics. Live it, you cowards.

You guys wouldn’t play this crap even if you were paid to. If you’re not making the game you want to play, step down and let someone else give us what we deserve. I never thought I’d say it but I’d give this game back to Activision in a heartbeat because at least they know how to make enjoyable games. All you guys know is how to tell us we’re wrong and how to PR spin “noted” 100 different ways.

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