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Bungie, if your PvP team actually exists, please give us a sign

destiny2 10 - Bungie, if your PvP team actually exists, please give us a sign

Let me preface this by saying that I understand that "Destiny isn't a PvP game". It's primarily PvE, and the PvE side has been relatively strong since Beyond Light (with the exception of Wrathborn hunts). But the fact remains that there are still thousands of players who play PvP casually or exclusively, at any given time 10% of players are in Crucible and this number goes up when Iron Banner or Trials of Osiris are active. And those players deserve some love, as much as the other players of this game, because although Crucible's an F2P activity many of those players have purchased the expansions and seasons, and for the simple reason that players who play a self-described "core activity" shouldn't be neglected entirely. Same goes for that last one with Gambit.

We went an entire expansion launch without a new map for either PvP or gambit. There were even three new/D1 reprised PvP maps that launched in Shadowkeep, a smaller expansion. And this is the third season running of no new PvP maps too, the last three were introduced in Season of the Worthy. And of course, we got 10 vaulted with the DCV. Everything said about this can also be said about modes, we lost at least 4 modes as well as Crimson Doubles. (I am aware Scorched and Momentum Control are coming back at some point this year, but it still sucks.)

I don't understand what you all are trying to do with Trials of Osiris. No changes within the past two seasons except for 3 new (admittedly awesome) weapons and a cool new armor set, but rewards won't change how fundamentally unfun the mode is for 80% of players. Players would rather repeatedly kill themselves than play the game for the three-win reward, and something tells me it shouldn't be this way. And the issues players have with Trials boils down to two basic things: Matchmaking is bad, and rewards that aren't the 3-win bounty are stupidly hard to come by. I've never been flawless, I shouldn't be getting matched with 50x flawless people with the gilded Flawless title my second match of the season. Reward team really knocked it out of the park this season, the only problem is the rewards were made unnecessarily hard to actually acquire. You gave us new rewards for the game mode that you know is horribly inaccessible and not fun to the majority of players and couldn't get us even a new Iron Banner armor set?


This goes for my next point as well. We can tell you nerfed weapon drop rates at the end of matches to be absolutely awful. In Crucible last season, every other match there was a Stars in Shadow. Now I had to play 20 games to get 1 Frozen Orbit with garbage perks. If this is an attempt to drive up player engagement numbers, then that's just a shitty way to do it, with no respect for player time. Same goes for Gambit, but the only difference is, in Gambit the drop rates are even worse.

The only meaningful Stasis change within the last three months was the nerfing of the Shadebinder melee so it's not op as hell (within 9 days, might I add). Then, because you couldn't allow us to have a semblance of balance for more than two months at a time, you made the already powerful hunter melee become a virtual one-hit kill. Shadebinder is balanced in PvP now, but now it's not fun to use in PvE, and you still have Revenants shatterdiving and casting ice tornadoes that track and stick around even after they die, and Behemoths with their super that lasts entirely too long.

I'm not gonna complain about the meta. Players will never be happy with the meta, and that's been proven time and time again.

We've had so much taken away from Crucible and stuff about Crucible made worse since Beyond Light. Please, Bungie PvP team, if you exist and you're reading this, give the mode some love.


A casual player who used to love PvP.

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