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Bungie is setting up a better, long term, less confusing, solution to mods and mod sockets.

destiny2 7 - Bungie is setting up a better, long term, less confusing, solution to mods and mod sockets.

Back in May, Bungie announced the following :

Starting in Season 12, armor will no longer have a Seasonally rotating fourth mod slot. Instead, there will be a mod slot that accepts mods introduced into the game throughout a full year. We recognize that the current need to replace your armor every two to three Seasons, and hoard armor from past Seasons, is undesirable.

Their answer to this? The Combat Style Mod Socket. Bungie posted the following yesterday:

Combat Mods

All armor released in Beyond Light and Season 12, all Last Wish and Garden of Salvation armor acquired starting in Season 12, and all Armor 2.0 Exotic armor pieces (including those already possessed by players) will have a Combat style mod socket. In Season 12, this socket will accept all Charged with Light and Warmind Cell mods.

All Armor 2.0 armor acquired during Seasons 8-11 have had their Seasonal mod sockets replaced with a single, unified Legacy mod socket that can socket all Charged with Light mods, all Warmind Cell mods, all Nightmare Hunt mods, all Garden of Salvation mods, and all Last Wish mods.

Emphasized the top paragraph for importance. AKA – the slot that is coming starting in S12 is expected to rotate as new "Combat Mechanics" release. Right now, that's Charged with Light and Warmind Cells.


Right now, I literally have to save bits and pieces from each season to remember the +1/-1 rule of which mods I can socket into each pieces, which is a brain sore to remember everything. I have spend many hours going through my gear and selectively choosing which ones to keep and take away. Thank the community for DIM.

Regardless, the longer term solution to this "problem" is that Bungie only has to changed the "Combat Mod Socket" Seasonally or Annually going forward. Because of Max Power Level (Sunsetting), they won't need to create a "Legacy" mod slot updated each year. They can just adjust the Combat Mod Socket to whatever the latest mechanics are and we can use builds around that. Think of it like a long term Artifact Mods.

So, will it be in your interest to get new gear with this new updated system? Yes. Right now it doesn't look much different because our current gear (From S9,S10,S11) can slot mostly the same mods and will for the next season or two (which makes sense, since we're transitioning into a new year) — but that Legacy Mod Slot is static. It won't change, it's locked in. The new system will allow for that. So when Bungie releases new "Combat Mods" along side Charged with Light and Warmind Cells, I would expect those to go into this new slot, which is why you'll want to transition over to the S12 and new Raid Gear Sets.

I think this solution will have more players experimenting with mods and build crafting in the game.

PS – and adding this slot into all Exotics in the game? That's icing on the cake. And those mods on your Exotics will also get adjusted in this slot as time goes forward.

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