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Bungie, Lightweight shotguns still have far too low ammo in reserves

destiny2 8 - Bungie, Lightweight shotguns still have far too low ammo in reserves

It's been like this forever and it truly shafts Lightweight shotguns for PvE content, where they're actually not bad at all in any other metric.

Here's the order in which they go in terms of Rate of Fire, starting from highest RoF to lowest.

  • Rapid Fire
  • Lightweight
  • Precision
  • Aggressive

So you'd think this would be, more or less, how their ammo counts would work, right? Obviously the ones that do less damage per shot need more in reserve, right? Right?

lol no

Here's how it actually goes–I went into the Tribute Hall and had no Shotgun Reserves armor mod equipped.

  • Rapid Fire (Trench Level): 25
  • Aggressive (Python): 17
  • Precision (Dust Rock Blues): 16
  • Lightweight (Emperor's Courtesy): 14

Aggressive shotguns have the second highest ammo reserves, despite the highest damage per trigger pull! Lightweight is the lowest and lemme tell you, you feel it. You really feel it.

A Lightweight shotgun can empty its entire reserves before an Aggressive shotgun gets even halfway through theirs. Every time I run a Strike with a Lightweight shotgun I run dry, but I never encounter that with my Threat Level or Python–simply because Threat Level can kill plenty of things with one shot anyway, and Python hits like a truck, and both have tons of ammo.


My poor Emperor's Courtesy or Seventh Seraph CQC-12 with a total of 14 shots (literally only two magazines of ammo) are half-empty if you kill one mob.

Why does Python get more than three magazine's worth of ammo when the Lightweights have to scrape by with only two? The small mobility boost you get from carrying them is NOT worth hamstringing your longevity in a fight.

I don't even need Shotgun Scavenger mods or anything with Threat Level or Python, and I do fine. If I do try to use a Lightweight I need Special Ammo Finder, Shotgun Scavenger, and I still have to carefully pick my shots and hope RNGesus drops green bricks every so often.

This isn't even counting perks like Trench Barrel or One-Two Punch (which help increase the mileage you get from ammo) because you can get both of those perks on either the CQC-12 or Emperor's Courtesy, respectively. They're still way too shallow to use in PvE when you can very easily run out of shots, fast.

Shotgun reserves don't need a nerf, just buff Lightweight shotguns up to a level that matches their rate of fire.

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