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Bungie Listens, Please Stop Saying They Don’t

destiny2 1 - Bungie Listens, Please Stop Saying They Don’t

A reminder that you can love this game, even be obsessed with this game, and be super frustrated and impatient about changes that need to be made or decisions that Bungie made that were less than ideal… and that still doesn’t mean they "don’t listen." Some folks in this community need to stop conflating “listens” with “gets what I want.”

Today’s State of the Game post and recent implementations in the game really showed us that Bungie does listen.

There are countless examples of Bungie doing a thing, getting community feedback, and changing it. Does it take time? YES. Does it take “too long” sometimes? Heck yes. Does it come with some bad changes and monkey’s paws? Sure, sometimes too often.

Things the community has asked for over the years:

  • “Hey Bungie, they way you implemented Sunsetting sucks and…” Ok, we’re walking that back 2 seasons in and taking some time to figure out a better way.

  • We're not loving the power grind every season. Ok we'll chill out on that.

  • Better armor & weapons mods systems, please. Result: Armor 2.0, Ghost 2.0, Armor 2.0 redux with exotic armor mod slots, Weapons mods streamlined.

  • Crossplay, when?? …coming in 2 more seasons.

  • Transmog, please… next season.

  • Can we address 3-peeking and how that’s actually spelled and its abuse in PvP, please? Yes, in a couple seasons.

  • Hey we’ve wanted a lever-action scout rifle for a while, wouldn't that be neat? … we finally got it with a kick-ass mission that delves into story stuff.

  • Can we remove the banners from taking up the whole screen, PLEASE? Implemented this season, finally. Did this take too long? IMO, huge yes. Did they listen when we asked for it the first million times? YES, they just didn’t prioritize resources towards it … until they did.

  • Can shaders no longer be consumable? Finally, yes, next season! REJOICE!

  • We want more D1 content back in the game. Cool, here’s a DLC bringing back the Moon, here’s another bringing back some of the Cosmodrome. Oh next season, here’s the first ever D1 Raid. Oh and here’s a bunch of reminagined D1 weapons too we’ve sprinkled back in.

  • Oh bummer, so much is getting removed with the DCV, can we at least get Ada-1 back? Sure, next season she’ll be the Transmog vendor (just like someone suggested!)

  • Can we have a farmable Raid? Hello Deep Stone Crypt final vendor chest.

  • Auto-dismantle Blues! SRL! Factions! We can’t have everything right away, folks. And sometimes…No.

SO…. please DestinyTheGame Community, please stop saying Bungie doesn’t listen. They do. They aren’t always good at communicating they listen beyond “we’re listening.” They aren’t always good at implementing what we’ve asked for. They aren’t always going to implement what we ask for, because sometimes they listen and the answer is “no, we’re going to do this instead.” Again, stop conflating “listens” with “gets what I want.”

They’ve proven time and again that they WILL make changes based on community feedback (or outcry).

EDIT: It's been brought to my attention that some fo the things I've seen asked for and used as examples (transmog, farmable raids) were asked for for way longer than I'd thought…so I can understand a bit better why some folks hold fast to the belief that Bungie doesn't listen. I still think them prioritizing differently and finally getting around to implementing those things (and other things) shows they listened but didn't do it on hoped/expected timelines. It boils down to "bungie doesn't listen" vs "bungie doesn't do things fast enough."

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