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Bungie, people are unhappy right now. You can’t just sweep these issues under the rug.

destiny2 8 - Bungie, people are unhappy right now. You can't just sweep these issues under the rug.

Beyond light is a good expansion bogged down by some awful design choices that ruin the experience for many. There's already a lot of unhappy people in the sub right now. Just wait until the honeymoon period is over and more people start to realize what's wrong.

Bungie, you need to address these things. all of them.

We're all worried about the future of the game and want to see it thrive. But there are so many glaring design flaws that we have to wonder if you know what's best for the game.

  • Sunsetting removed 70% of weapons. We got virtually nothing to replace them. HMGs are all sunset except for 3. 1 is unobtainable, 1 is from europa, one is from the raid. The other archetypes aren't fairing much better. Presumably this will be fixed over time as we get new seasons, but the state it's currently in is unacceptable. I would have personally been okay with sunsetting if there was a surplus of new and reprised weapons to earn. But there isn't./

  • No refresh to vendors outside of armor. And the armor itself are all reskins of eachother.

  • World drop legendaries are virtually the same as last season.

  • The looter shooter currently has so little loot to obtain.

  • stasis is super fun in PvE, but is absolutely breaking the game in PvP.

  • Forsaken and Shadowkeep still cost money, but all the gear earned from those expansions outside of the raids is sunset. You can actually do activities in game right now that drop gear you can't even use in modern PvE activities or trials.

  • Two of the PAID EXPANSIONS are irrelevant now as well so if someone thought they should play each expansion in order and gets forsaken first, they basically wasted $40.

  • New light has virtually no content now that all the destinations and raids are vaulted.

  • Your steam discription reads as follows: "Destiny 2 is an action MMO with a single evolving world that you and your friends can join anytime, anywhere, absolutely free." This is very, VERY misleading and you know it. There's almost no meaningful free content. Destiny 2 isn't a free-to-play game, it's a paid game with some free content.

  • No reprised loot from D1 for the return of the cosmodrome?? You bring back the omnigul strike and NOT the grasp of malok??

  • On pc, many people are experiencing some SERIOUS performance decreases. Myself personally I used to get 100+ fps on the EDZ and Tangled Shore at 1440p highest settings. It goes below 40 now, even if I lower my settings.

  • You're now describing Destiny as an MMO, when previously you always avoided that description. If we are to compare this to other MMOs on the market, Destiny 2 is seriously lacking in content.

  • we know you're all working from home. But that still doesn't excuse all of this. You even DELAYED the expansion and I can't for the life of me figure out where the extra time went to.

There's probably a ton more that I haven't listed here. There is a lot of good to this expansion. But there's just as many, if not, more bad things about it.

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