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Bungie Store Support Non Existent, Sent My Emissary Hoodie To Wrong Address

destiny2 7 - Bungie Store Support Non Existent, Sent My Emissary Hoodie To Wrong Address

I ordered my emissary hoodie on September 18th. At the end of October I moved. I have since sent four emails to support over the last few months trying to get them to change the shipping address. Never got a response to any of them. It was now shipped to the old address. UPS said they would not hold for pickup or change the address to a shipment unless it had already failed to be delivered. Their driver just left it at the old house, and I tried to go over and get it from them but they aren't answering the door. I even asked the old landlord to let them know that it was coming there and to leave it out for me.

Anyway how do I get a hold of bungie support to have them ship me another one? Because apparently the email that goes to bungie store support, no one checks.

Edit: to clarify some details. I use the contact us Link at the bottom of the order page. And I sent emails at the end of October after I moved, November and December with no replies.

I then signed up for UPS home account service or whatever they call it on their website. It states that you can make delivery changes etc… Then when it shipped last week it told me that it couldn't make changes without a failed delivery attempt. And when calling their 1-800 number as soon as I give the tracking number it just would cycle around and not connect me to anyone even if I just kept saying representative over and over.


Edit 2: I got a text from the person that lives there apologizing that they opened it without checking the name and didn't know what it was. So hopefully I can just go over and get it when they get home from work. (They left it outside for me, so I was lucky and got it, whew)

With Bungie expanding, hopefully they can expand their store with more help for better support. So things like this doesn't happen to anyone else.

Edit 3: So this is the reply from Bungie after this gained traction. Pretty worthless considering they overlooked multiple requests before shipment to change the address, and UPS wouldn't do anything, and only way they would get it back is if the person who did receive it was nice enough to take it to UPS and say it was the wrong address.

Hello xxx,

I am so sorry. Unfortunately as your order is shipped, we cannot change the address. Your best bet is to contact UPS/USPS depending on where in the delivery process your order is to see if they can reroute the item or hold it for you at a local postal branch. Worst case, when it is returned to us, we will contact you for information for reshipment. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Lauren Bungie Store Customer Service – PMC Fulfillment

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