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Bungie, strikes deserve fuller loot tables and better mechanics.

destiny2 9 - Bungie, strikes deserve fuller loot tables and better mechanics.

I know there’s a new set (singular) shared between all playlist activities coming next season, but honestly that’s nowhere near enough. Strikes should have their own set (not a shared set for all playlist activities), and each strike itself should have at least one weapon and one VERY unique enemy themed armor piece to pursue. Strikes are the heart and soul of the PVE experience. Raids are the pinnacle but a lot of players don’t ever get there. They play strikes, and strikes compared to D1 have nowhere near the amount of TLC they need to make them as engaging and rewarding an activity as pvp is. Pvp by nature is a new experience nearly every game- bc the most intelligent AI (a real human) is always unpredictable. This is hard to achieve in strikes but man, we could really use a mixup- something like the remix missions we got for solstice one year- or more raid-like mechanics. But even then, pvp has a chance to drop a significant amount of cores on rank up— I could be wrong but I haven’t encountered that in strikes. You keep falling back on the “strike specific loot” thing but there hasn’t been ANY new strike specific loot in a long time and a lot of what is there really hasn’t been compelling for even longer than that. It’s so not compelling that I can’t even bring myself to play the evacuation quests… seriously these strikes are so played out I can’t even bring myself to play them without saying “ugh I just feel like playing crucible”, Even though I know travelers chosen is on the other end of it… it’s literally an amazing gun, but I’m not a fan of sidearms and I certainly don’t feel like sloughing through those strikes for it. I used to love strikes. Now I’m avoiding them. Please bungie, bring back the compelling rewards and interesting gameplay mechanics to what should be one of the highlight activities of the game- strikes.


EDIT: when it comes to mechanics, I don’t mean things that are harder for matchmade teams to do- I just meant I’m tired of stomps and immune-to-damage gates on bosses. The walls on the vex boss in the menagerie is a great example of something different and obvious for any team to pick up. But I’d also like to see a damage buff mechanic where completing an objective lets you fire a vex head at the boss which doesn’t damage him but increases weapon damage for teammates or something (you could still burn him down regular, but even 1 player who knows the other mechanic is a boon to his whole team). How about a boss stun mechanic— where completing the objective stubs him increases the time window for DPS? How about acquiring a relic in the strike makes you invisible to the boss so you to access a hidden spot on his back to do a big chunk of damage.

None of those are mechanics are mandatory, but they’re fun for even 1 experienced player.

What about “Heroicing” a strike like a secret objective heroics a public event. Extra chance at strike specific loot or even adept loot.

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