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Bungie, why did you decide to re-introduce 2 rocket launchers, when some weapon sub-archetypes are outright missing in the sandbox currently?

destiny2 9 - Bungie, why did you decide to re-introduce 2 rocket launchers, when some weapon sub-archetypes are outright missing in the sandbox currently?

Quick note: This isn't a jab at Bungie or anything, this thread is intended as a question for them, alongside what I believe they've done well while also giving criticism to what I feel would make things better. Obviously I do not know if any of this will even matter later on, since we don't know what next season's weapons will be as of right now at least.

As a quick example, there is not a single rapid-fire pulse rifle that isn't sunset. Bungie could have added Horror's Least to the Shattered Throne/Dreaming City loot pools, which would have been a very nice addition provided the perk pool got updated for it.

Instead however, you gave us Sleepless and Heretic, while we already have 6 rocket launchers going into next season that will be fully usable. Technically 7, if you count the adept version of Tomorrow's Answer. Re-adding these two puts that number up to 8-9 depending on if you count the adept TA. We really didn't need more rocket launchers to choose from when our other weapon archetypes are heavily lacking in comparison.

Apostate is another weird case as well, since we will by next season have six 140 rpm snipers in the sandbox, while only having two 72 rpms and two 90 rpms in comparisons. We need other archetypes fleshed out more, not more of the same archetype that we've been getting. Hell, 4 of those 6 140 rpms are solar damage as well (Widow's Bite, Distant Tumulus Ikelos SR, and Omniscent Eye), while only one is kinetic (Supremacy), and only one is arc (Apostate, being reissued next season).


On the other hand though, Blasphemer, Waking Vigil, and Premonition are all very welcome re-issues in my opinion. Blasphemer will be great for players who haven't gotten around to doing the raid to get a good rolled Heritage yet, or if they don't have a desire to do the raid in general for whatever their reasons may be. Waking Vigil is great because it would be one of the very few hand cannons to be in the energy slot, and the only one not raid-specific to my knowledge (Ancient Gospel from GoS, Nation of Beasts from Last Wish, and Posterity from DSC). Premonition will be the only High-Impact pulse in the energy slot aside from Stars in Shadow (it's PvP-specific, however), which already makes it a welcome re-introduction due to that.

Here is my question though, why re-add Sleepless, Heretic, and Apostate when the archetypes/sub-archetypes in question are already very padded in comparison to others? Heretic and Sleepless are even the same elemental affinity on top of both being rocket launchers, so it makes even less sense in my eyes to re-add both. Horror's Least would have made a much better addition over Sleepless, in my opinion anyway. Every Waking Moment or Arc Logic would have made better re-introductions over Herectic as well, in my opinion, since there is no Arc autos currently nor is there any Void SMGs (that I know of at least, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

TL;DR: Re-introducing weapons from archetypes that are already very abundant within the game doesn't solve much in my opinion, they should have tried to focus on weapon archetypes from these destinations that are a rarity as of now (rapid-fire pulses, as the example I've used throughout). It's a step in the right direction to allow players more options in higher level content, but I don't believe it's enough currently to make up for the absolutely insane amount lost due to the initial wave of sunsetting.

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