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Bungie you have the formula for great seasonal content already and you dont know it

destiny2 3 - Bungie you have the formula for great seasonal content already and you dont know it

No… it wasnt from any of the D2 seasons… it was a free update on april in D1…

Remeber the D1 april update?

That update is literally what season should be:

  1. Take an activity already in the game, and update the crap out of it. In D2 it could be anything from Blind Well, EP, Menagerie and strikes, and make them have new mechanics (specialy on strikes), and new loot for all of them

  2. Add new strikes, even if a single strile only… make a new strike every season instead of those goddam heroic Lost sectors and Bunkers

  3. Make new stuff for more than one section of the game… The april update made old stuff new… take the same principle and apply it to stuff like patrol geometry at the very least


If you think of these updates as Way too Much for Bungie compared to what they already offer… look at this

• Seasonal activty ==>

An actual hoard mode for infinite forest (season of dawn). Imagine if the sundial was an virus like inicitive of Osiris to use the infinite forest to actually travel back in time? And the sundial was fighting in actual multiple timelimes imside the forest?


a matchmade escalation protocol but with cabal and new bosses/mechanics (season of the worthy), Raputin repurposes the mars towers to work like communication beacons allowing him to reconect and rebuild satalites to fight the almighty


New Menagerie chalenges with new runes for new loot (Season of the opulent space rhinos)… This one doesnt have any story exolanations… but if calus ever comes back to the current story as a season, there you have it



Update to strikes with new mechanics and new context to them (Season of the doritos, imagine that! The doritos ressurect a Bunch of strike bosses with new mechanics and exclusive loot)

• Bunkers/obelisks ====> updates to Destinations with some new vex invasion like events but turned up to eleven contextualizing the world and make it alive (Imagine if the cabal were constatly invading mars? Trying to domimate rasputin… some akin to the taken invasions could also work when the doritos arive

• Heroic lost sectors =====> New strike… with exclusive loot.. even if it is a singular new weapon, make it have some special perk lile the wardens law one, just dont abandon the weapon lol

• Seasonal story content ====> keep this one… this is actually quite nice

• Eververse refreshes =====> updates to vendors (less likely to happen), at the very least do alternate between one season for crucible and another for vanguard (fuck gambit, if anything leave that refresh for the fall expansions)

Most of this stuff comes down to: turn Passive stuff like bounties and shitty one dimensinal PE Ball simulator, to New LOOT and NEW MECHANICS, for stuff that the world already has… Save the Big revolucionary activities for the fall expansions (maybe add 2 for each expansion) instead of trying to make rushed attempts during seasons like sundial and Vex offensive

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