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Calling all solo or time sensitive Guardians who have never run a Raid but want to before they’re sunset, do it!

destiny2 9 - Calling all solo or time sensitive Guardians who have never run a Raid but want to before they're sunset, do it!

Hi Friendly Guardians,

With the sunset of all three Leviathan and two of the Y2 Raids, I've seen several requests for Guardians that are time sensitive – people who do not have a whole lot of time to play Destiny but still love the game – asking for them to be run through the Raid for the first time. I would love to see more of it, and I invite anyone that hasn't been through at least one of the Raids to pick up the mantle and go for it. I also am calling other Sherpas to especially look out for these kinds of players, who might need some extra setup like scheduling a time to do the Raid.

That being said, I will be the first to offer a Sherpa to anyone that would like it. It's very near and dear to me when someone that has never set foot in a Raid experiences that rush of completion for the first time. You can either DM me or post here and we can get in contact to set something up. Weekends and nights during weekdays work for me, and since Last Wish is sticking around for another year, I will not be taking requests to do that one right now.

If you want to know what to expect from the time: Simple mechanics that are put together in complex ways to give Raids difficulty that it's known for. Most first time Raids take between 1 and 2 hours. I always stop at the maximum at 3 hours, because then even the most patient people will begin to break down from frustration. You can always ask for breaks between and most groups will give you several 5 minute breaks.


And things that are expected of you (of us all really): Patience. The raid experience is not a lot of fun when someone is berating you for messing up an encounter, or leaving after an hour because it's taking too long. Listen to explanations and try to understand why you are doing something rather than just you are doing it. Knowing why you are doing something is way better than just being told to do it.

If you're a Sherpa willing to help out, or even someone that wants to learn how to Sherpa, great! Welcome. You're going to do great too.

We have 90 days, I'd like to see how many people we can get through the first time that may not have had the chance to before.

Edit – I genuinely appreciate all the support here. I don't want to turn this into a LFG post, but I will say that sherpas over at r/DestinySherpa and's LFG are a great place to turn. I play PC, but don't fret if you're PS4 or Xbox! The two links above should help you on your way.

I cannot reply individually to everyone anymore, although I love the responses. I've been directing PC players to, D2 Sanctuary is another and in the comments below. If you're on PS or Xbox, try using the r/DestinySherpa instead. We have a lot of influx though, so it might take a while to get through everyone. If you are time sensitive and need something scheduled, do let us know!

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