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Catalyst Ideas for any weapon that’s currently missing a catalyst.

destiny2 10 - Catalyst Ideas for any weapon that’s currently missing a catalyst.

Theres a bunch of cool exotics in the game that haven’t gotten a catalyst and that really hinders their use for general builds (Travelers Chosen not generating orbs was very annoying). Below i have made a list of all the weapons missing a catalyst, and what the catalyst could do.

  1. Monte Carlo: this gun is already fantastic so adding a catalyst could be tricky to balance, but maybe it could increase the damage of your melee per stack of Markov Chain.

  2. Tarrabah: the main issue with Tarrabah is that it punishes swapping weapons, so its catalyst could make Ravenous Beast work like Master of Arms, where it activates regardless of if the weapon is stowed or not.

  3. Travelers Chosen: i personally think Full-Auto trigger would make it fantastic, but I’ve heard people ask for it to work with the CWL system intrinsically so its up to you.

  4. Divinity: very simple and straightforward, give Divinity “4th Times the Charm” to essentially extend its magazine indefinitely for damage phases.

  5. Arbalest: just give it anti-barrier properties. Thats it lol.

  6. Jotunn: is a very annoying weapon in pvp, so no charge time decreasing catalyst please. Instead, give it Full-Court to make it more viable in pve and for the rare cross map with it in pvp on a super.

  7. Lament: uhhh dear god how do i not break this one. Lament is already way better than pretty much anything so i really dont know what a catalyst could do. Whirlwind blade maybe?

  8. Thunderlord: this gun deserves a catalyst, its just so fun to use. Chain Reaction could work nicely on this one.

  9. Queenbreaker: Honestly, i have never once equipped this weapon, so please tell me what ya’ll think it deserves.

  10. Truth: Truth is already kinda cracked in pvp and Gambit, but maybe a simple cluster bomb addition would make it whole?

  11. Wavesplitter: Increased pick-up range for orbs of power when the weapon is out. This one sounds more technical than the rest but you kinda get the idea.

  12. Bastion: since Bastion is already getting a change next season with the addition of intrinsic Unstoppable shots, maybe adding an extra volley to it or increased mag size?

  13. Wishender: kinda basic and uninspired, but anti-barrier rounds would be appreciated. If not, extend the duration of the wall-hacks it provides.

  14. Thorn: picking up Soul Devourer buffs could heal you as well as providing the damage boost.

  15. Le Monarque: Dragonfly maybe? This is another weapon i’ve never really used so someone tell me.

  16. The Last Word: Maybe a slightly increased magazine size, from 8 to like 10 or 11. Not entirely sure with this one.

  17. Two Tailed Fox: TTF is already an S tier exotic rocket, but maybe make the suppression rocket actually suppress for a short duration like Tractor Cannon or tether. If not, adding a third rocket that does Arc damage could work.

  18. Malfeasance: yeaahhhh…. this gun kinda blows. Maybe making the explosion trigger in one less shot could make it good?

  19. Cloudstrike: increased area of effect for the lightning or give it Triple Tap / 4TTC.

  20. Xenophage: I know Xeno is already a fantastic gun, but Field Prep would make it so much more fun to use. Increased reload and reserves, yes please.

  21. Deathbringer: increased tracking speed of projectiles. Currently, the little void orbs that it spawns fall very slowly to the ground and on targets. Increasing their speed could help.

  22. Salvations Grip: nothing to really say here as Salvations Grip isnt really meant to kill things, but maybe intrinsic Overload rounds when you freeze a champ with a charged Glacier.

  23. Devils Ruin: decreased charge time or if you want to be extra fun: make it explode like 1k Voices.

  24. Eyes of Tomorrow: this gun doesnt really NEED a catalyst, but maybe make Adaptive Ordinance take one less kill to proc.

  25. Anarchy: auto-loading holster would make it even easier to deal with champions in high end pve. Yes I understand this weapon is insane already but just go along with it.

  26. One Thousand Voices: either extend the duration of the beam when you’re shooting it, or give it significantly increased ammo reserves. Seriously it only holds like 7 shots?

  27. Chaperone: Outlaw. I know, real original, but would make getting those headshots even crispier, and would make more it viable for pve.

And there we have it. All the weapons in the game with no catalysts. I want to clarify i dont think all these are 100% what would be best for the gun, and i know that certain guns simply dont need a catalyst (Anarchy and Lament for example). I just think having the gold border and a kill tracker is neat. Not to mention orb generation. Feel free to share thoughts on any of these.

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