Destiny 2

Celestial Nighthawk Not Returning Super Energy on Kill – Bug

destiny2 4 - Celestial Nighthawk Not Returning Super Energy on Kill - Bug

Pretty much title and I'll explain in more detail shortly. I am posting this because I could not find much out there regarding this issue and the bug is so noticeable.

TLDR at bottom

I've been noticing this bug recently – although I do not have an exact date where it first started nor can I say how long this bug has actually been in the game but the bug is very noticeable and I am shocked that I couldn't find more info on this topic.

Upon a kill celestial nighthawk will return 1/3 super energy – if working correctly. But as of my latest experience it was only working 50% of the time or less. I was noticing this a little when doing strikes and other things but I blew it off as me not getting the kill or something else. Tonight I was soloing the Shattered Throne and that's when this bug became so prevalent. I am running a Bad Juju/Nighthawk build to spam my super so I was able to collect a lot of data on this.

I have killed a redbar, yellowbar, shielded enemy, pretty much any type of enemy I can think of and witnessed this bug. I googled and found someone said the bug may only occur on shielded enemies (elemental shields), but after testing I found that's not true.

All of these concrete examples are from Shattered Throne as of today, but its trend I've noticed for a while now.

Example 1- Killed elemental shield enemy w/ shield up: No super energy returned

Example 2 – Killed elemental shield enemy after popping shield: No super energy returned

Example 3 – Killed Yellow bar non-shielded knight: No super energy rewarded

Example 4 – Killed redbar taken vandal from long distance: No super energy rewarded

Example 5 – Killed the very 1st yellow bar knight in the Shattered Throne where the first encounter starts: Super energy was awarded.

Example 6 – Killed Red bar thrall that was medium distance away – Super energy was awarded


I could go through many more examples of it working but I wanted to highlight mostly the ones where it didn't work. The "elemental shield enemies" are the ones found during the first encounter which when killed show the next symbol to go to.

I did not take footage of this, I had the capacity to but didn't want to fuss with it at the time and also decided if this gains enough traction I am confident I could reproduce these results with ease. You could just go to Shattered Throne yourself if you want to replicate these results, sorry for not taking a a video.

What's most frustrating is the inconsistency. As you can see in the examples I killed two different yellow bar knights and one yielded energy, the other did not. The Knight that did not give energy back was in the long corridor with lots of knights and hobgoblins before the ogres/beams encounter. I was most shocked about this one because it was a just a yellow bar, I had also taken him to half-health to guarantee my shot would kill him without the explosion. Equally as frustrating is after popping an elemental shielded enemy then timing your shot well, getting a kill, and not getting the energy back.

TLDR In many scenarios – some predictable (shielded enemies), others seemingly random – the nighthawk will not return super energy when getting a kill. I am aware that if the combustion from the shot kills the enemy to not expect my energy back but this is entirely different, see examples above if interested.

I hope others experiencing the same issue can see this post and know they are not crazy. I would appreciate if someone could tell me the best method of reporting this to bungie, I checked their known bugs and did not see this listed.

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