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Changing my load out because my gear has become obsolete will never feel as good as changing it because I’ve found something better to use.

destiny2 5 - Changing my load out because my gear has become obsolete will never feel as good as changing it because I’ve found something better to use.

I’m prepared for this to get lost in new, but after reading a lot of arguments for and against weapon retirement this is what it boils down to. It takes away player choice.

I started playing Destiny 2 just before Forsaken and since then I’ve had a number of weapons that made me think “this gun is so good, I can’t see me using anything else”. But eventually, I always ended up swapping them out for something different. Sometimes because I found a gun I liked more, sometimes because the gun I was using was nerfed.

Sleeper Stimulant, Perfect Paradox, Bygones, Ikelos shotgun, Trust, Outbreak Perfected, Queen Breaker, Threat Level, Le Monarque, Luna’s Howl, Blast Furnace, Breakneck, Parcel of Stardust, Recluse and many more.

I was sad when some of these were nerfed into uselessness (Breakneck), but understood most of the changes and even welcomed some of them. When I got recluse in season 7 I knew it was only a matter of time before it was weakened. But when the nerf hit I was delighted to find out the gun was still a viable choice. The change to this gun’s strength meant picking it was a good choice, but not necessarily the only choice. Now if I feel like playing a close range style I switch it up between Recluse, Exit Strategy, Last Hope, Smugglers Word, Risk Runner and Breachlight.

When my load out would change because I found something better, I felt excitement for discovering something that would change the way I play. My Blast Furnace has Feeding Frenzy/Kill Clip and I LOVE that thing. It melts in PVP and is great for mid range add clear and doing steady damage to major enemies. When I got Outbreak Perfected I was flawed by how cool this gun was and how fun it was to use in PVP and PVE. Now I could use a primary weapon for boss damage! It was my main gun for a good couple of months, but when I wanted an exotic for another slot my Blast Furnace was right there.


Each of my favourite guns has a similar story to these. Some of them are still in my rotation. I regularly switch my load out around to suit different play styles and different activities. Some of them are resting in the vault.

Sunsetting has always existed in the game, whether by nerfs, or by players choosing to move on to different weapons. The difference with weapon retirement is that players no longer get to chose when to retire their weapons!

You might say that players are forced to retire their weapons that get destroyed by nerfs, but players can still use them if they want to. A few seasons ago I was doing an LFG Crown of Sorrows raid. They raid leader asked if everyone could use Swarm of the Raven for the boss damage phase, but my dps weapon of choice at the time was Sleeper Stimulant (I know it’s an exotic but the point is the same). They were cool with me using it and we beat the boss no problem.

The problem weapon retirement is meant to solve is power creep. But this is such a sledge hammer fix. I certainly don’t have a solution, but surely just continuing to balance the game with nerfs is buffs is preferable to implementing this forced weapon rotation. And it will be rotation, because you know they’ll re-release our favourites.

There are my thoughts on weapon retirement.

And here are my thoughts on armour retirement: What? Why? Hello?

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