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Combat guide to solo the New Mission. (wall of text inside)

destiny2 5 - Combat guide to solo the New Mission. (wall of text inside)

Hello everybody!

As many of you know a new mission in the EDZ went live today, the reward at the end being random rolled hawkmoons + the catalyst

It seems like a lot of people are having a really tough time with the combat sections in this mission, and I've seen a lot of people claim this "just isn't solo'able", I've run it a few times now and was able to clear it pretty easily using this strategy and loadout and so I wanted to share some tips. You too can clear this without too much frustration. For reference, I cleared this mission solo at 1275 light on bottom tree hammers titan. You don't even have to be an insane LL.

Gear Recommendation:One of the more difficult aspects of solo'ing this mission is that Match Game is active. This forces you to match your shield elements carefully and makes busting shields a pain without the right gear. You will primarily see void and solar shields. Here's what I used:

  1. TRUTHTELLER. For void shields, I ran a blinding grenade truthteller. I cannot express how useful this weapon is. Truthteller will stun multiple enemies at once, chain-break void shields on grouped up acolytes, stun taken wizards, so on and so forth. This GL is instrumental in managing ads and stripping shields off the dozens of acolytes that'll be thrown at you.
  2. SEVENTH SERAPH REVOLVER. You can swap this one out for a primary of your choice, but I recommend one that can create warmind cells. The reason I chose this weapon is because it can also stun Unstoppable Champions, and you'll run into a few of those. Use what you're comfortable with here and remember you can swap when needed.
  3. ANARCHY. For arc shields, and for general "Fuck this enemy in particular" ability. Anarchy is EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY good in this mission. See a major you can't safely engage? Stick him with anarchy and duck behind cover. Anarchy will allow you to damage key targets + the final boss without having to expose yourself to damage.
  4. XENOPHAGE. (If you don't have anarchy.)


I ran this mission with bottom tree hammer titan, using the phoenix cradle exotic legs. This subclass + exotic combo puts out a ton of abilities, deals solar damage to help deal with shields, and heals you on ability kill. For Hunters and Warlocks, I would prioritize a subclass that deals whatever element your weapons don't. Arc is probably the least useful in this mission and has the fewest shields to break.

My mods were:

  1. Taking charge (orbs of light grant charged with light
  2. Blast Radius (GL multikills grant charged with light)
  3. Protective Light (Must have, gives massive damage resistance)
  4. 1x Concussive Dampener
  5. 1x Sniper resistance
  6. 2x GL Scav6.5 GL ammo finder
  7. Pyretic Embrace (casting solar super instantly full heals you)
  8. Reactive Pulse/Powerful friends. (You don't need this, but I like the finisher overshield that reactive pulse gives you)

This combo of mods and weapons allows you to almost always be charged with light, granting a huge amount of damage resistance. Your abilities will heal you, and you can camp in your sunspots to keep your health up and abilities charged. If your health gets too low, popping your super will instantly heal you.

ENCOUNTER 1: Emissaries

Not much to say about this encounter, but the #1 thing to remember is to take your time. There's no reason to rush through this, and there's no penalty for dying. I recommend stumbling around blind for a bit and just following where the enemies are to locate each of the three mini bosses. First one will have a void shield, the 2nd will be arc, and the third will be solar. Just take it slow and dispatch them as needed. Follow a youtube guide if you get lost. I recommend Esoterrik's:

ENCOUNTER 2: Survive

This seems to be where everyone is having the most trouble, as you're gonna get swamped by a ton of beefy ads and some big majors, not to mention a lot of snipers. but there's a little trick that can make this way easier for you.

It's right here: (screenshot taken from Esoterikk's run)

You'll see this area directly to your right as you enter this big room. It is the best cover in this entire room, and will keep you almost completely covered from the ads that spawn throughout the room. The snipers will be unable to see you here. I do this entire encounter from this one location. Remember: THE NEXT WAVE WILL NOT BEGIN UNTIL YOU FULLY CLEAR THE PREVIOUS ONE. This will let you kill ads at your leisure and focus key targets first.

This encounter works in waves. The first wave will be taken wizards and thrall. These guys get absolutely blasted by the void truthteller, as blinding grenades make wizards unable to even attack you. Dispatch these guys from a comfortable distance, nothing too threatening here.

Wave II will be when your first Unstoppable Phalanx appears, as well as the various sniper vandals that will pop up on the highground around the area. There will also be a major phalanx with an ARC shield, you can blast him with anarchy whenever you see fit and he'll go down easily. STAY IN COVER. If you're running Xenophage, you can try to quickly take the snipers out first, but I recommend dealing with them last. They can't reach you in your little hidey spot, and the champion will push you fairly aggressively if not dealt with.


If you're a titan, I recommend popping a barricade on one of the two sides of your cover. This will keep any stray bullets off of you while you lure the Unstoppable Champion closer to you. If you're a warlock, drop a rift and camp in it. Pop your head out, Stun the champion, and if you're running Anarchy (I recommend it.) stick him with some anarchy rounds, and then duck back into cover. When the stun ends, repeat the process and stick him again. This will keep the champion basically unable to fight back, while keeping you shielded from shipers during the process.

Once he's dealt with, blast the arc shielded phalanx with anarchy if you haven't already. Now it's time to clear the snipers. DON'T JUMP, they hit hard. We want to clear them one at a time. First, deal with the one directly above your location. You can do this with grenades or truthteller/etc. Next, take out the one to the top left of your cover, and then take out the last two as you see fit (they can't really get clear shots on you from your location.)

Wave III will flood the room with annoying taken goblins, as well as two unstoppable champions, and a taken captain (ugh). Stay in your little hidey area and focus down the champions with the same process as before, making sure to blast any pesky goblins with your GL that try to shield them, as blinding grenades will stop the goblin shielding ability. IF you want to use your super here to clear the goblins out that's fine, but I recommend saving it to heal yourself in a pinch. This is really where Anarchy shines, letting you deal massive damage to the champions without ever having to really engage them.

The chaos factor here is the taken captain, but if you stay in your cover area, he spawns too far away in the room and doesn't usually come near you, allowing you to save him for last once all the champions and goblins are dead. If for some reason he does come towards your cover, pop your super and get rid of him ASAP. Once you've cleared this wave, you're done! Collect your chest and move on.

Remember:-Stay in cover as much as possible. Use grenades and anarchy to deal damage from safety.-Take your time and focus down key targets first. There's no time limit.-Don't jump if you can avoid it.-Save your super to bail yourself out or to quickly blast something that's threatening you.-Finishers are your friend (especially with the bulwark finisher mod)

ENCOUNTER 3: The final boss:

After some more jumping and exploring, you've finally made it! Believe it or not, this encounter is way easier than the previous one.

This boss works in three phases, and while the ads will cause you some trouble, the boss itself is a complete pushover. You'll see two cliffs on either side of the room, being on top of these is primarily where you're going to want to hang out, as it'll give you the most amount of cover in this encounter. Rotate to each side as you see fit.

As you walk in, the boss will spawn along with some goblins. The goblins don't really do anything but shield each other and occasionally the boss so get rid of them as needed, and pull out your anarchy. Stick the boss with a few grenades, duck back in cover, and wait. Fun, right? When those anarchy shots wear off, rinse and repeat. This will let you do a ton of dps to the boss without ever letting him blast you with his taken fire attack (which is a death sentence if it catches you)

Eventually you'll hit the first dps threshold and the boss will yeet himself out of the room. Now it's time to clear a metric fuckload of ads. This is where things can get a little hairy, but stay calm. You'll notice that those annoying taken boop cannons will spawn basically everywhere, knocking you around basically constantly. These may feel threatening but with a concussive dampener mod, you'll find they're more annoying than they are dangerous. Avoid them as much as you can but don't worry too much.

First thing's first, clear out the ads that spawn on whichever cliff side you're hanging out on. These will almost all be void shielded acolytes, as well as their acolyte eyes, and one solar shield taken knight. (The same ads spawn on both sides at the same time) Xenophage is awesome here for dealing with those knights if you want to use it, but I prefer anarchy to safely plunk away from a distance.

Again, blinding truthteller will make quick work of the acolytes and allow you to safely beat down the taken knight with your solar abilities/weapons. If you're running my setup, your sunspots will completely fry every enemy near you once you proc one.

Once you've cleared your side of the room, it's time to clear the next one. Same situation over there. You can either choose to take it slow with the same strategy you just used, or you can use your super here to just quickly blast the other cliffside. I recommend using the back side of the room to cross over safely. Once you've cleared both sides, widdle down the acolytes in the center of the room from a safe distance until all the ads are dead, and collect ammo. This will start the next boss DPS phase. Rinse and repeat your strategy from before. More ads will spawn in after you hit the next threshold. Rinse and repeat again. Once the boss spawns in for the third time, you can finish him off. You did it! Collect your reward and be proud.

Hope this helps! Sorry for the wall of text!I think this is a great challenge while not being anything too unreasonable. If you have any questions I'd be glad to answer/help!

For those of you that don't have anarchy, note that xenophage is your 2nd best option for everywhere I recommend anarchy. It will still work great.

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