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Our focus this week is someone who has been a part of the Destiny community since the beginning. Alongside her friends and clanmates, she enjoys playing Crucible, raiding, and everything in between. She keeps the mood chill in her stream and concentrates on enjoying the good times.

Please meet Chibikim.

Welcome! Please tell us a little bit about yourself and what first got you into gaming.

Chibikim: My name is Chibikim (or Chibi as my friends call me), and I’m from Chicago, Illinois. When I’m not watching anime, bad movies, or gardening, you’ll find me playing Destiny with friends on PC or console. What first got me into gaming was playing Super Mario Bros. for the first time with my sister on the Nintendo as a kid. Chrono Trigger for the SNES is still my personal favorite.

When I got into college, I got more involved in RPGs and playing a lot of fighting games such as Street Fighter. I was about to get into the fighting tourney scene until I saw Destiny at E3 and was just blown away at how gorgeous it looked and how you could interact with players from all over the world.

Glad you chose to go with Destiny, but we have to know – who did you main in Street Fighter?

Chibikim: My favorite Street Fighter character was Chun Li. I really loved her design in the Alpha series. She wore a modified qipao (Chinese dress), with the white classic boots so she can pull off her devastating leg moves, and her finisher, the spinning bird kick. She's strong, athletic, graceful, and powerful. She showed that you can be beautiful and kick ass at the same time. I still look up to her and Ikora at the same time as powerful women who have made a big impact on my life in gaming.

When did you first start playing Destiny and what made you decide to start becoming active in the community?

Chibikim: I first started playing Destiny when it came out for the PlayStation 4 on September 9. I remember it well because I took some time off to play the game. I was so entranced with the beauty of it and how you could travel to different planets, explore, and ride around in a Sparrow. The fantasy element was incredible too. I started to get more active in the Destiny community around late June in 2017.

Before the game came out, I struggled with personal interaction. Talking to people always made me feel uncomfortable. Destiny helped me come out of my shell. I started playing online and I made a lot of friends through Twitch and Twitter that were deeply involved in the game. It was then that I started to open up more and became more involved in the community itself. As a result, I joined Team Resolute on August 29, 2017, just a few weeks before Destiny 2 came out. I never thought a game like Destiny would help me open up and bring out my true personality that I was hiding all this time.

It’s always nice hearing about Destiny can help people make more friends. What has been your most memorable Destiny moment over the last few years?


Chibikim: It was losing Cayde-6 in Forsaken. I remember watching the

at E3 and I saw a beaten down Cayde-6. I was shocked at what happened to him, I saw Uldren pull the trigger. The next thing I knew, Twitter exploded and there was confusion as to whether he lived or not. I was saying to myself “Man, he’s not dead. Maybe he’ll pull through.” Cayde’s death stunned me so much because he always made you smile when times were bleak, especially during the Red War. To this day, that Forsaken trailer was the biggest moment in my life I will never forget. It was dynamic.

That was a heavy moment we knew would hit the community hard. It was fun watching everyone plan their revenge. What has been your favorite subclass and weapons to wield against minions of the darkness?

Chibikim: I was a Titan main, but now I’m loving Warlock! Dawnblade is my favorite super. I love Icarus Dash a lot. As far as weapons go, I love The Jade Rabbit, Not Forgotten, Claws of the Wolf, Jack, King Queen 3, and Suros Regime (I love the spinning up sound).

You and DeeJ share and affinity for the mighty Suros Regime. Tell us about your channel and what kind of content can we find there.

Chibikim: My channel is just me playing with friends, be it in the Crucible, raids, or special events. Expect a lot of laughs. I keep it chill and relaxed. I just play to have fun. Winning or losing in Crucible doesn't matter to me. I try to make the viewer understand that it's OK to lose. You're not going to win all the time and in the end it's just a game.

I'm not the best player in the world and I’m OK with that because I enjoy being with my fireteam and having a great time. I also love interacting with the viewer as well because I’m all about keeping the community healthy and enjoyable!

You can’t win them all, that is for sure. Where can we find you on the internet?

Chibikim: You can find me on Twitter @chibikimisbest or weeknights/weekends at

Big shout to Chibikim for taking the time to share a bit about herself and her Destiny experiences. It’s always fun getting to know someone from the community. Stop by her channel and say hi.

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