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50108 - Community Focus: vNogi

We are back at it with another Community Focus. This week, we have a very special guest, he’s a content creator who is very busy juggling streaming on Twitch and working as a community manager for Gamers First. He needs no introduction, but introducing cool people is kind of our thing around here.

Please meet vNogi.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what first got you into gaming.

vNogi: Name’s Clifton King, I have a major passion for video games and pop culture. Anime, comic books, and the works. Favorite superhero of all time is Spider-Man. The best iteration of that character, of course, is Miles Morales. For me, gaming started when I was very young. Growing up in a rough neighborhood during the 90s was a pretty difficult scene to live as a young boy, so, my days were spent playing video games. One of the games I've played endlessly was Super Mario Sunshine. I spent ungodly hours on that game, haha.

When did you start playing Destiny and what made you decide to become active in the community?

vNogi: I was a major fan of Destiny long before it came out. I even knew literally everything about the game, the mystery behind it, the imagery, everything down to the live-action teaser commercials. I was one of the many people who managed to be there on day-one beta launch. I take pride in knowing I personally still have my “Dinklebot” from the Destiny 1 Collector's Edition.

Something that inspired me to become active in the community was seeing the amount of people that dedicated themselves to the environment of this game. The key moment that changed my life and sent me rushing to gaming as a career choice was the time when SheSnaps raided me for the first time. It flooded me with such an emotion that I knew I had to continue to be a part of it.

I see you are a fellow community manager. Tell us about your work with G1 and what it's like to be a CM for them.

vNogi: This is actually my first time holding a role such as this and I was incredibly nervous at first. However, the inspiring words of Kenny, Hunter, and Cody motivated me to push. So, I put my best foot forward and gave it my best shot. I honestly couldn't continue to do it if it wasn't for the strength and support of the org as well as the community we've impacted and reached. I truly believe that I made the right choice by signing on to the team. The work we’ve done so far and the work we plan to do is what I'm excited about.

Alright, let’s find out what kind of Guardian you are. What has been your favorite subclass and weapon to use this past Season?

vNogi: I have to say I am very much loving my Austringer with Opening Shot, Accurized Rounds, Eye of the Storm, with a range masterwork. 140 baby! As far as subclass, I am so dedicated to bottom tree Arcstrider that I can't seem to help myself. I also dabble in Stasis, haha.


Tell us about your channel and what kind of content can we find there.

vNogi: My channel truly holds a special place in my heart. Ultimately, my channel and community hold a value equal to that of a family member or long-time childhood friend. I take pride in my community to the fullest. Some of the realest, genuine, kindhearted, and still down to stand up against anything, no matter the weight. It's insane the things we've made happen together. The type of content that you can find on my channel is actually pretty neat. I take part in multiple projects across various channels, podcasts, collabs, etc. All of my content revolves around exciting moments within anime, gaming, and comic book communities while also partaking in heavier topics such as social injustice, gender equality in every field, racism, LGBTQ+ rights and more. My content is to help you live, love, laugh, and grow. All in one and all while having a smile.

Sounds like an amazing place to hang out. Where can we go to join in?

vNogi: Just search for vNogi on any platform!

Anything else you would like to add before we let you go?

vNogi: The last thing that I would like to add is this: To everyone who is seeing this, you matter. You're incredibly strong, however you are also very much mortal. It's okay to make mistakes. It's okay to not learn from them and be better for the people who care about you. Work hard for your dreams, take the time to learn, appreciate, and push the craft forward and make sure you consistently assure your loved ones that you love them. Why? Well, because a mansion is pointless with no one in it.

Last but not least, thank you to everyone who stood by me and everything that I have been planning to do. My last thank you goes to Bobbie, you've done incredible. You are incredible. Thank you for every single thing. Thank you for sticking by me.

Big thanks to vNogi for carving out some time to spend with us and share his story. Make sure you stop by his channel and say hi.

We have more Community Focus articles planned. If you know someone in the community who has a cool story to tell, let me and Dmg know on Twitter or our

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