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Community Project – Fanmade Short Film

destiny2 5 - Community Project - Fanmade Short Film

The Helmet Comes Off (Concept, Please Read)

To all my fellow creators and lore enthusiasts out there, I have a concept for a short animation that I’ve wanted to put together for a while now, and if anyone else is interested in helping, I genuinely think this is something that could be incredible.

So the idea: The story of this animation would basically be that the Last City/Tower is being attacked, everything is going south, much like what we heard The Bombardment was like. Now, as we’ve heard from Eris and the Drifter, Shaxx’s Ahamkara skull has already planted Savathûn’s song in his head. So in this animation, we’re running with the idea that Shaxx realizes this.

So it begins with Shaxx helping civilians and other guardians escape through the streets of the city, being chased by some unseen creature or entity. They make their way to the tower, where he meets up with Ikora, Saladin, Osiris, Ana, and an Exo Rasputin. Ikora states how Zavala is nowhere to be found, nor is The Guardian. Shaxx tells them he’s brought the last of his civilians and lost whatever it was that was chasing them, and with this he turns and we see the first shot of the whole city. Pyramids are everywhere.

Saladin states they have to go, he knows when they can’t win, but Ikora says there’s no way they’ll escape with the civilians. All the while, Shaxx is abnormally quiet. The arguing swells until, Shaxx:

“Quiet. I’ll stay”

Everyone disagrees, saying he’ll die, and Shaxx says he knows. Saladin orders him to go with them, and Shaxx refuses. Saladin gets angry at Shaxx for disobeying him again, and asks him to listen just this once. But Shaxx turns and just says, “Please, Saladin. That witch’s hymn has been echoing in my head for some time now. Sometimes I can’t even think over it’s deafening tune. Please, let me atone”


In the end, they have no choice but to leave him, and Shaxx turns to face a rising tide of formless creatures. The helmet comes off, but we never see his face. The last thing we see is Shaxx, a brilliant ball of Arc energy, Thundercrashing against a tidal wave of pure Darkness.

The final shot is Mara, in some distant place, turn and look, almost as if she knows.

Anyways that’s the idea I’ve had, obviously I’d love to tweak it where it needs to be tweaked, especially the dialogue (I know, trust me).

So yea, again to any creators out there, musicians, animators, anyone interested really, I would love help in bringing this idea to life. If anyone is interested, feel free to message me here in DMs. I’m going to try and put together a Discord server to structure the work of this, assuming we get that many people interested anyways. I don’t know if anything like this has been done before, so apologies if it has. Either way, just let me know.

If you’re interested in helping, message me on here and I’ll send over the Discord info.

Honestly any help would be appreciated. I just want to show my love for the series, through the highs and lows.

Also any suggestions or thoughts for what should be done would be super appreciated as well, so just lmk down below

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