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Completed first GM tonight, as someone who has been a solo player for 7 years, I want to encourage other solo players to jump in.

destiny2 3 - Completed first GM tonight, as someone who has been a solo player for 7 years, I want to encourage other solo players to jump in.

So i'll keep it as short as possible, the TL;DR of this is if you're a solo player, I understand the lack of desire to use LFG, but atleast give it a chance.

I started playing Destiny in the D1 Beta, and there was just something about it that stuck with me, I really enjoyed the game. The strike in particular just hooked me in, and I became a fan. When I first got the game on release night I had 8-10 friends on xbox live. We made it as far as the Vault of Glass, Everyone teamed up and we ran through it multiple times helping each other out. By the time Crota's end dropped, my team was gone, they all went back to battlefield (so did I for the most part). Ever since then I've come back everytime Destiny drops a DLC, but i've never teamed up one other time.

As a Solo player I did the Crota's end raid Solo, That was the beginning of me becoming a solo player. It was quite a feeling to crush a piece of content designed for 6 people, although in hindsight everyone knows that raid was a little bit off. I remember Soloing Skolas in the prison of Elders once TTK released using the sword guard to bypass the 30 second poison kill mechanic he had. I remember playing TTK and ROI mostly for the story.

Then destiny 2 dropped, and my interest faded badly, the game was in rough shape. I enjoyed the story, so I played the DLC storylines as they came out but that was it. Forsaken was the last time I played a bunch, but I ended up leaving again because there wasn't anything more for solo players to do. When I came back for Shadowkeep I left immediately after finishing the story, because the cliffhanger was annoying as hell to me. I came back in the middle of Arrivals to try and get ready for Beyond Light and just see what had changed.


I did everything I possibly could solo, all of the exotic weapon quests that were hard AF I got done before they got sunsetted. I did Whisper heroic/Zero hour solo after many attempts. Once Beyond light dropped I started Chasing dungeons, Managed Solo Flawless on pit of heresy first, then later got it done on Prophecy, Haven't tried it in Shattered throne yet since until Chosen there hasn't been a reason to really. Farmed Spoils of Conquest from DSC solo for weeks to complete the raid exotic set that's available. The point is, I'm a solo player, I did all of this stuff but never once did I LFG for a raid team or a high level nightfall.

The reason why I wrote this, When I started using the Destiny 2 LFG app a few weeks ago, It was not a decision made lightly. I did not want to play with strangers, I sure as all didn't want to learn how to work some 3rd party tool to get into a game, all my friends left the game in 2014. I was a pretty zealous solo player. I've been mulling it around for a long time but always opted to avoid it as I was nervous.

The moral of the story, Teaming up and doing the higher level content even with people you don't know, was some of the most fun I've ever had on this game, and if you're a solo player reading this who is on the fence about whether or not to try it. Just do it, You won't regret it. I look forward to chasing conquerer and eventually trying to track down a sherpa for the raids.

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