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Concept: Stronghold – PVE Extreme Community Horde Mode

destiny2 8 - Concept: Stronghold - PVE Extreme Community Horde Mode


Asher Mir appears through the Vex Portal Ikora built to destroy the Undying Mind which rest in a Vanguard Vault below the Tower, bearing a warning about what the Darkness has done to the Tree of Silver Wings before he descended into the Pyramidion. A White-darkness infused Orb sits above it, the Pyramid Ship harvesting its energy as Io remains veiled within a Paracausal Barrier that nullifies the light and keeps Io in complete Darkness whilst those trapped are taken over by the Pyramid Ships influence, changed and turned into Shadows of their former self.

He brings the message that the darkness has begun to terraform Io and the once-light unfused Cradle of the traveler has become a staging ground for a new Black Heart, much larger and more potent then the one found in the Black Garden, imbued with the Light to create a Dark Traveler. This is the start of reclamation for Io and the Exo Stranger assists Asher Mir in the recovery of artifacts created by the Darkness, asking the Guardians to reclaim them so she may study the true power of Darkness and help us wield it against it.


Concept Mode

Imagine Io, a taken planet from the Darkness's Arrival re-appearing, learn about true darkness and enhance your Stasis Subclass. Being thrown into a Destination-Wide war where the darkness has taken over completely with enemies trapped on Io with True Darkness. The Destination acting like a massive Battlezone, a never-ending fight that has us fight back Darkness-Infused Enemies where Stasis is the only super and using abilities increases corruption, a character debuff which acts as your barrier to farming this mode for extreme periods of time.

The main objective is to claim Artifacts from the Darkness which we must fight back hordes of Darkness Infused Cabal and Vex to discover the True power of the Darkness and increase our abilities of Stasis into something more. Single-Life only, Community Focused Design, No Radar enabled and made that all the drop zones are active and random. 12 Players landing in each area of a map to fight back the darkness. If a Guardian falls, it teleports the Guardian into Pyramid Ship where you MUST fight a random nightmare from their past. If you kill the nightmare, your returned to the zone however if you fail, you are completely corrupted and returned to orbit, your failure increasing the power the enemies fighting in the zone for a brief amount of time.

If you also stray too far from your fireteam, you will begin receiving "Encroaching Darkness" which will increase your corruption exponentially. Health Regeneration is reduced to 10% meaning there is a level of challenge and using your super and abilities refills it fully at the cost of increased corruption. Reaching 100% corruption means you will be covered in a Darkness cosmetically and your Stasis Abilities are enhanced at the cost of being locked out of the Stronghold for 24hrs unless you complete a mission which has your re-attune your alinement with the Light however reduces the damage of Stasis super back to normal (THIS DOES NOT IMPACT PVP).

The unique design is that there is no matchmaking, all servers sync'd and you load straight into the map in a random zone to continue the fight. You earn a currency from killing enemies which is then converted into Darkness Infusing Material which helps increase your resilience and damage against these enemies on Weapons/Armors it is infused with within the Stronghold Zone.

Each week, a zone is classified as Entropic Zone which has Enhanced Darkness Infused Enemies and Cosmetic and Weapon/Armor within its loot pool. This can also act as a Pinnacle Drop for the week for those who complete the weekly objective. Remaining in this zone does not increase your Corruption outside of Super and Ability Use and will let you remain in the zone for as long as you wish, HOWEVER this zone is Fireteam Inclusive meaning no matchmaking.

This is also where VIP targets are Darkness Infused Guardians whom have abandoned the light and been trapped on Io since the vanishing of the planet .These Guardians have no Ghost or Super abilities, instead they wield the darkness in its true form as their abilities which includes:

  • Grenade Tether: Suppresses and Tethers the Guardian, trapping them and slowly increasing their Corruption.
  • Snap-Blink: Teleports 2M away or above, almost like Blink but faster and stronger.
  • Infusion Slam: Imbues the ground with Darkness and creates a slow field.
  • Whispering Darkness: Creates a large darkness field that damages the target by concentrated spinning darkness swirling within, this also slows the target and suppresses them.


Weapons and Mods | Infused Weapons

  • Edgeless: Sword with a Heavy Attack that for every successful Heavy Hit, suppress and increase damage for a short amount of time.
  • Reclamation: Hand Cannon Lightweight Frame.
  • Entropy: Auto Rifle Rapid-Fire Frame- Silence: Scout .
  • Emergence: Pulse Rifle .

No weapon concepts and will update as I work out the meta for the mode

Infused Weapons: Increases all damage from that weapon by 10% in Entropic Zones, Strongholds and Nightfall: The Ordeal

  • Everlasting: Increase all Void Damage by 12%, reduce all stats by -10
  • Salvation: Decrease all incoming damage by 5%, Super Gain reduced by 10%
  • Eyeless: Increase all Weapon Damage by 15%, increase all incoming damage by 20%
  • Lifeless: Increase all abilities and super gain by 15%, decrease all weapon damage by 15%


Armor: Cosmetic Only, Ornament Design | Earned through killing specific bosses or Dark Guardians

Universal Set: Whispering Darkness

  • Hunter: Misty Darkness Design, sharp triangular shaping, Reactive Colors depending on health
  • Warlock: Robes made of Darkness, Gloves with golden claws for nails, helmet is a cowl covered in Darkness, Mist is reactive and more damage you take it changes from Black to a deep crimson red
  • Titan: Sharp Triangular Shoulders with Polygonal Design, Reactive Armor where the more damage you take, the more it cracks and shows red mist

Would love to see someone do some art for this


Ship + Sparrow + Ghost

  • Ship – Mini Tetrahedryon Seen during Season of Arrivals
  • Ghost – Covered in Mist, looks like Sagira in design but more edgy and covered in Polygonal Design
  • Sparrow – Normal Sparrow that when boosting, becomes covered in Darkness Architecture and Symbols with the boost being Pitch Black Mist

Got no names yet for the above sorry!!


This is only a concept, none of this is real or could be real but we can all dream, welcome to an early look at Lightfall if not as this is one hell of a mode that i would play the heck out of. Note this will be updated on the fly and adjusted through comments and my personal Discord Community

Edit – Updating Format and Text as well as flow of text and information

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