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(Console) Prophecy Dungeon – Solo Flawless! Yes, another post… but for Titans.

destiny2 6 - (Console) Prophecy Dungeon - Solo Flawless! Yes, another post... but for Titans.

Fellow guardians, it feels pretty awesome to have the hat-trick of solo flawless runs for the 3 dungeons. It's hard to get a regular 6-guardian team for raids, so the dungeons are perfect. Kudos to Bungie!

There have already been several posts chock full of amazing tips. Here's a few things, with much that is specific to my fellow crayon munchers out there. True to a Titan's nature, there was a lot of punching throughout – but not on those fire breathing knights.

Armour Mods: Worth re-iterating that these will make a huge difference to survivability. Of note, I had Taken Barrier, Hive Barrier, Minor Resist, Major Resist, Taken Armaments, and Oppressive Darkness.

Titan Subclass: Code of the Protector (top tree) Sentinel of course.

– Towering Barricade,

– Voidwall Grenade (maximises the duration of Oppressive Darkness)

– Catapult Lift. I main this jump anyway, and it saved me more than once with the Phalanx Boss if I stepped off the edge.

Titan Exotic: With the exception of Lion Rampants for Ribbon Road (as a precaution I always equipped a sword & Lion Rampants), it was all about Crest of Alpha Lupi. The healing pulse made a huge difference to survivability. I've seen Strongholds be used effectively, but only on PC.

Weapons: I put on Taken Spec on all legendary weapons except for Orewing's Maul, on which I put Quick Access Sling.

Orewing's MaulStayed on the entire run, with blinding grenades, grave robber, and autoloading holster. This was the key to my Titan's success. You can switch it out during the Wastelands for kicks. Trinity Ghoul is fun there.

Forward Path – Stayed on for most of the run, with Feeding Frenzy & Multikill Clip. For the Phalanx Boss, I switched it for Monte Carlo

Falling Guillotine for Phalanx Boss

Xenophage for Hexahedron

Anarchy for Kell Echo

Survivability: So how do these pieces come together?

Blinding Grenades – These are amazing, the blinding radius is pretty big. Stun a knight, switch to primary to weaken it, auto-loading holster readies another grenade to then shoot. Stun some psions, go in for a punch to gain a hugely helpful over shield & health bump.

Healing Pulse & Barricades: User the barricades! Sometimes it will be for protection, but 90% of the time for me it was for the health. The Taken Invigoration mod says "defeating a challenging Taken enemy refreshes your class ability". There's plenty of those. If you don't have the mod, high resilience can have a new barrier ready less than every 20s, 14s at max.

Punchy punchy – "Rallying Force", melee kills restore health. Any melee kill. Psions can be easy pickings, but a full health Psion will take two punches. For most situations you'll want to weaken them with a blinding grenade, or some bullets, then go in for a single-punch-kill. You'll also get an over shield if the melee charge is full.

Aggro Knights – Their fire breathing is bad enough, but I'm sure you've noticed that the knights can often go absolutely nuts and run at you relentlessly while blasting you up the butt. Just keep running and don't look back until you round a corner, turn quickly and drop a barricade to stop them. Or jump, turn and blinding grenade them which will also stop them.

Slippery Psions – Don't underestimate them. These f*ckers can turn up their mobility up to a gazillion or something. If going in for a punch, over compensate for the lunge distance to get in a bit closer then you normally would, else you will whiff, a lot.


Super – If you have to use it. Use it! There's no point dying with a super. Just make sure to take advantage and regain control of the room. If you do this successfully, every encounter offers a stage where you can comfortably get the super back before proceeding. I always used bubble, as it was generally my last resort to stay alive.

Encounters: A brief note on each encouner

DPS: I would maximise this by throwing a void wall grenade for Oppressive Darkness, doing some damage, then dropping bubble, doing damage, throwing the free grenade granted from dropping a bubble, then seeing the rest of the damage phase through.

Phalanx Boss – Use the blinding grenades. Use the barricades to heal, and halt the aggro knights. Use Monte Carlo for regular over shields from punching psions. Get comfortable with how swords can "pull" you back in if the boss blasts you away. Unless you're extremely lucky, this will be a 2-phase.

Wastelands – This is easy, use whatever you like!

Hexahedron – For this Dungeon, I was expecting the Hexahedron to be Prophecy's equivalent of the Vorgeth or Chamber of Sorrows encounters (which were both considered the hardest parts of their respective dungeons). But, it was straightforward and caused no issues, just be patient.

Every room has a safe spot from the snipers, do not kill them yet. Focus on clearing all other ads from that safe spot, you shouldn't have to move much, the blinding grenades are amazing here, as they are everywhere. use Xeno to one-shot each sniper, reload as the knights spawn in, then chonk them to death in quick succession. When ads spawn in, shoot blinding grenades, throw grenades, clear them all out or enough to let you grab motes and dunk. Drop a barricade as soon as you've dunked for the health boost, snipers will get a couple of shots off before they despawn.

I then cleared out ads, used grenade kills to get heavy ammo if needed, and waited for my super, before stepping onto the middle for another round.

This room is hell when the ads go unchecked, don't worry about motes. Kill knights if you have to, but forget about the motes unless you have safe control of the room. There's no rush.

Ribbon Road – This should be straightforward. At the start, left or right ribbon to bypass one of the structures. Have a scout rifle, ideally with explosive rounds for extra damage at range. Sword & Lion Rampants are good to have.

Kell Echo – I tried sword for boss damage, a lot. Don't. Just don't! The boss teleport beam is unpredictable and it's an added level risk that's not worth it for a flawless attempt. And, I underestimated just how much damage Anarchy can do.

In the rooms, I used bubble quite freely if needed to secure a corner. Blinding grenades work on the ogres too., Blind-anarchy-anarchy-blind, this will safely take the ogres down.

In the boss section, most of my damage was at the start, and end. For the rest my focus was taking out snipers, which I'd do with the blinding grenades. Either killed with a direct hit, or weakened for me to punch and get health back. Remember, use a barricade to boost health if needed. The last 2 snipers can be blinded as you push ahead, and then safely killed before you turn to DPS the boss for his last 2 spots.


Feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer. I can't say enough how helpful the blinding grenades were to the success of my run.

For anyone else out there giving his a go… good luck!

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