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Converting the Solar Subclasses to the Aspect & Fragment System

destiny2 7 - Converting the Solar Subclasses to the Aspect & Fragment System

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With the impending Stasis subclasses on many people's minds, I thought it would be fun to once again try and speculate on what the existing subclasses might look like if they were changed to a similar system of Aspects and Fragments that the Stasis subclasses are on. This is what I thought the Dawnblade, Gunslinger, and Sunbreaker might look like if they were reworked, with some of my own ideas thrown into the mix.

This is mostly for fun and to theorize on what changes might be necessary in order to make the current perks we have interact with one another more readily.

Before we continue, let me describe some of the parameters I set for this rework: Grenades, Jumps, and Class abilities retain their current structure. Each subclass gets two Super options and two Melee Ability options. Each subclass gets six Aspects in order to retain as much of their current kits as possible. I arbitrarily decided on eight Fragments to house some of the abilities I felt could become class agnostic and some new abilities for synergy and fun.


  • Daybreak: Weave Solar Light into blades and smite your foes from the skies. Descend to cause a Solar explosion.
  • Well of Radiance: Impale your Solar sword into the ground, creating a well of Solar Light that heals and empowers nearby allies.

  • Celestial Fire: Tap the melee button to fling out a long-distance cluster of fireballs that explode on contact.
  • Brand: Hold the melee button to swing your Solar sword around you, igniting the struck foes and temporarily empowering you and nearby allies.

Alteration abilities are mutually exclusive.

  • Heat Rises – Alteration
    • “Shimmering convection woven into angelic wings. Harness the power of the Sky to soar unfettered above the battlefield.”
    • Consume your grenade to gain weapon haste, extend glide time and improve in-air accuracy. Airborne final blows extend the effects of Heat Rises.
  • Divine Protection – Alteration
    • “A miniature heliosphere; a wish to protect another. Wrap yourself and your allies in a ward of sunlight.”
    • Hold to convert your grenade into a Blessing which will heal and shield you and your allies.
  • Phoenix Dive
    • “Potential is found within rest and motion. Draw from this wisdom to convert differential into vigor.”
    • Activate while in midair to quickly descend, restoring your health and igniting nearby enemies. While Daybreak is active, descend returns Super energy.
  • Wings of Icarus
    • “A plume of flame that flutters in unseen currents. Use it to rain down fire while riding upon solar winds.”
    • Fire weapons, use melee abilities, and throw grenades while gliding. Activate while midair to dodge twice.
  • Benevolent Dawn
    • “The warmth of a hearth wielded in the name of camaraderie. Your generosity will become as kindling.”
    • Empowering or healing allies regenerates your grenade, melee, and Rift abilities.
  • Fated for Flame
    • “A spark of fusion; the promise of ignition. Unleash it to show your enemies the power of a star unbound.”
    • Upon impact, Daybreak blades release a streak of deadly flames. Killing an enemy with Daybreak extends its duration.


  • Golden Gun: Summon a flaming pistol that disintegrates enemies with Solar Light. Precision hits with Golden Gun extend its duration and generate Orbs of Light.
  • Blade Barrage: Fire out a flurry of flaming knives at your targets.

  • Knife Trick: Fling out a fan of burning blades that will ignite targets struck.
  • Weighted Knife: Throw a knife from a distance that deals extra precision damage. Precision knife kills with this melee ability immediately recharge it.

  • Six-Shooter
    • “A renegade wildfire; rampant heat let loose. Channel the sun to unload round after round of concentrated Light.”
    • Converts your Golden Gun into a version that can be quickly up to 6 times and refunds a bullet with each kill. Significantly improves your ability to hit with Golden Gun.
  • Chains of Woe
    • “Continuous combustion; an ongoing reaction. Show your allies the road by which your enemies fall one by one.”
    • Precision kills increase weapon reload speed for you and nearby allies. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Proximity Explosives
    • “An impending solar flare; a patient eruption lying in wait. Infuse your knives with incendiary ruin.”
    • Your throwing knives now attach to surfaces on contact and explode when they detect an enemy nearby, igniting them.
  • Playing With Fire
    • “Capricious cinders; a pathway to mercurial destruction. Gather the ashes and continue their hazardous dance.”
    • Destroying burning enemies causes your melee ability to recharge faster.
  • Knock 'Em Down
    • “Piercing rays; concentration focused like sunlight. Convert your pinpoint accuracy into thermal intensity.”
    • Precision kills increase weapon stability and handling. Your Super does more damage when cast while this buff is active with 20 or more seconds remaining.
  • Practice Makes Perfect
    • “Steady warmth; the glow of a growing bonfire. Engulf yourself in a fervent reverie that grows into a great conflagration.”
    • Enter a trance with each precision hit, reducing the cooldown of your Super. Precision knife kills grant Super energy. Precision hits with Golden Gun increase its damage.


  • Hammer of Sol: Summon a flaming hammer and wreak destruction upon your enemies. Hammers create a Sunspot on impact. While standing in Sunspots, you throw hammers faster and your super lasts longer.
  • Burning Maul: Hammer of Sol creates a flaming maul that hits like an earthquake and leaves behind flame tornadoes.

  • Hammer Strike: While sprinting, use this melee ability to swing a blazing hammer that weakens enemies.
  • Throwing Hammer: Throw your hammer with the melee button, but it remains in the world. Retrieving your Hammer will instantly recharge your melee ability.

  • Vulcan's Rage
    • “Your hammer seethes with a wrothful volatility. Unleash this ire in a salvo of molten shrapnel.”
    • Instead of spawning Sunspots, Hammers shatter into explosive molten shards upon impact.
  • Tempered Metal
    • “A temper formed through repetitive conditioning. Imbue your armaments with the strength of dynamism.”
    • Solar ability hits grant you and nearby allies bonus movement and reload speed.
  • Tireless Warrior
    • “An implacable hammer ringing off an anvil. Bear down upon each of your enemies with the force of Solar incandescence.”
    • Retrieving your Throwing Hammer after hitting an enemy grants you an overshield. Kills with Throwing Hammer increases its damage. Stacks up to three times.
  • Battlefield Forge
    • “A replica of our photosphere; the raging heat of a stellar forge. Fortify your position with the fires of creation.”
    • Barricade has extended duration and creates a Sunspot when cast. Passing through a Sunspot causes your melee attacks to ignite nearby enemies.
  • Sol Invictus
    • “An enduring luminescence; the eon spanning vigil of a star. Mend your wounds and smite your foes with its indomitable Light.”
    • Solar ability kills restore your health. Grenade, melee ability, and Sun Warrior kills leave a deadly Sunspot in their wake.
  • Sun Warrior
    • “A crown of astral fire and the authority that it bears. Bask in the empowering warmth of its stellar radiance.”
    • Passing through a Sunspot causes your Solar abilities to recharge faster and increases all damage you deal.


  • Song of Ardor: While enemies burn, your Class ability recharges faster.
  • Song of Ash: Using your class ability changes your Kinetic weapon's damage type to Solar.
  • Song of Conquerors: Solar weapon kills grant grenade and melee energy. (Scales based on enemy difficulty.)
  • Song of Embers: Defeated enemies can drop Embers which grant grenade energy when collected.
  • Song of Ignition: Burning enemies cause a Solar explosion when they die.
  • Song of Kindling: Extends the duration of your ignite effects.
  • Song of Smiting: Airborne final blows grant melee energy.
  • Song of Stars: Melee ability kills generate Orbs of Power.

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