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Creating Veil Themed Bosses because I have nothing else better to do.

destiny2 8 - Creating Veil Themed Bosses because I have nothing else better to do.

I really want the Veil to be revealed soon so I decided to make some bosses for them that I thought would be cool and special scenario's to spawn them as well. Also the art used to show my idea of the bosses is not mine. I can barely make doddles let alone this stuff.

img 2 1347283054 - Creating Veil Themed Bosses because I have nothing else better to do.

The Silverblood is a Knight in shining armor, or as it thinks itself, in truth it is a twisted ghastly vision of mist and darkness. Upon reaching a strike boss there is a chance you'll encounter this fiend. There will be a portal just before the boss room and entering it will be a challenge to the Silverblood.

To summon the Silverblood, the player must kill wanted enemies in strikes, patrols or complete strikes. After a certain point the player will hear a hissing whisper which will inform them that they next strike they do will spawn a Silverblood. Strike completion increase the percent by 10%, patrols by 1 and wanted targets by 3%.

It will have a natural defense against supers and abilities that reduces them by 50% called Spell Eater. Along with this it will also have three random stats rolled from a soon the be shown list and three debuffs.

The boss chamber for the Silverblood will instantly appear to be a palace with a knight knelt down before a leaderless throne but once triggering the encounter the rooms of untold posh shall melt away to reveal a tornado of floating platforms with the Silverblood at the large piece in the eye of the storm. If a player falls from a platform, they'll take a heap of damage and be flung back into the encounter.

Boss Actions: Standard attack will be a melee, almost as if the Silverblood is wielding an invisible blade. It will leap from platform to platform chasing players attempting to destroy them with it's devastating blows.

Winged Assault, the Silverbloood will quickly grow several wings, take to the sky then come crashing down at whatever platform a player is on dealing heavy AoE damage. Cast time, 5 seconds, process 5 seconds.

It's Majesty, the Silverblood when on the main platform and the players aren't will slowly rise into the tornado of rock and begin healing itself unless it's wings are shot sending it falling back to the main platform and chipping away at some of it's healed health. Cast time 3 seconds, process 15s.

Burning Blood, when the Silverblood suddenly takes significant damage, whatever platform it's on will become tainted by it's blood which will suppress Guardians. The Blood lingers for 30 seconds on the platform before being blown away by the swirl.

Reflection, The Silverblood will often hold out it's left hand towards a guardian casting a debuff on them called "The Target" whatever direct damage the Silverblood takes will transfer to that Guardian. To break the cast, players must melee the Silverblood's chest. Cast time instant, process indefinite unless broken.

Under Pressure, with it's right hand, after losing 25% of it's health, the Silverblood will pick the Guardian with the highest damage and detain them in a bubble. The Guardian and their teammates must attack the bubble from the inside and out at the same time to break them free, those that remain trapped will eventually die, instantly. Cast time 4s, time before execution, 15s.

Element Guard, when consistently taking damage from an element the Silverblood will spawn a shield of the element it's taken the least damage of. Cast instant, process indefinite unless broken.

Chaos, upon reaching 33%% of it's health the Silverblood will greatly increase the speed of the tornado and the floating platforms will randomly dip and rise. Now if players fall off the platforms, they'll just die. Cast time instant, process until defeat.

Dark Bits, the Silverlood throughout the encounter will contentiously spawn shadow thralls. The more health it loses the more that spawn.

Thirsting for Light, if a Guardian Dies, the Silverblood will try to make it's way to their Ghost. Upon reaching, it will make it impossible for the person to respawn and begin drinking their light and healing itself. The other players must attack it's standing wings to break the process. Cast instant, process 10s.

Upon defeating the Silverblood players will watch as the tornado implodes on itself as the fragmented palace slowly reforms into a withered old crumbled stone heap. The players hands will drip with silver blood as proof of the kill. The process will last until the next reset and can be removed by the player in options menu.

paul way cgunning mecha cqc 400dpi - Creating Veil Themed Bosses because I have nothing else better to do.

The Olympian a titanic foe, the Olympian seeks only to destroy the Traveler with big guns and heavy, thick, indestructible armor. Doing public events is where you'll encounter this fiend. Once an Olympian is about to spawn, all guardians on the patrolling area are alerted.

To summon the Olympian you must insult and encourage it's invasion by stealing and experimenting with darkness by banking motes of dark and killing Primeval taken. Killing a primeval grants 10% to the summon chance of the player( when in a public zone, the person with the highest summon chance will be the point of refence. ) Killing Guardians while invading gives 2% per person killed, dunk motes is 1% per dunk. Upon defeating a Primeval, horns of war will be blare to the Guardian, denoting the invasion of the Olympian is soon to come. Upon making a public event heroic, a portal will open allowing the Guardians to enter private instance where they land before the Olympian's army of darkness.

It's natural perk will be Ageless Armor, the Olympian is 50% resistant to precision damage.

The Boss chamber will be in the hangar bay of a massive assault ship where dozens of troops line up as their warmaster emerges to meet you. Vehicles and ships provide cover on and above the ground while troops ready to kill await just behold a barrier shield.

Boss Actions: The Olympian has three standard attacks that change through the encounter. A standard officers side arm, a gauntlet blade and eventually a shoulder mounted rocket launcher.

Phase 1-Invincible

Shield Generator, A massive pilon on the Olympian's back will generate an immune shield for it and it's allies that stand with 30 meters of it. To drop the shield, enter within it and shot it disabling the shield until it recharges. Cast time instant, process indefinite unless disabled, time disabled, 30 seconds.

Slay the Light, with a quick gesture, The Olympian orders a squad of it's subjugated troops forward. The enemies will be those found at the public event. Cast time 3 seconds.

Brutal Charge, the Olympian activates it's thrusters sending it blazing towards it's target, slamming into them and plowing them into the nearest wall. Shooting the thrusters at any point stops this attack even if a Guardian is being dragged along. Cast time 5 seconds, process 3s.

After the shield generator and the thruster have been destroyed, the Olympian will change it's equipment. Sending troops to distract the players then starting the second phase.

Phase 2-Unbeatable


Ship Shaker, The Olympian, upon equipping new gear and entering a melee phase, will dive down onto the ship causing it to shift and sway randomly as it chases you across the hangar bay. Cast time 3 seconds, process until phase 3.

Self Missile, The Olympian with it's damaged thruster causes a damaging explosion behind it sending it into the air and with a second explosion forcing itself onto the ground where a guardian is, using it's massive body to crush the player and release flaming AoE burst. Cast time instant process, 4s.

Chamber of Pain, The Olympian will activate it's broken shield creating a trap. Those who enter can't leave but players can now damage those within from the outside. Cast time 5s, process indefinite until disabled, disabled time 30s.

Phase 3-Burning Heart of Battle

The Olympian rips off both it's shield generator and thruster forcing them together to make a jury rigged rocket launcher.

Flame On, The Olympian will fire it's cannon onto itself, setting it on fire and dealing heavy damage to those near it. Cast time 3s, process 20 seconds.

Dakka, Dakka, Dakka!, The Olympian will set itself up, planting it's foot into the floor then firing it's cannon as fast and as much as possible destroying all cover it shoots and blasting away all guardians in it's sights.

Final Order, When close to defeat, the Olympian will order a full on attack from it's troops pulling back to where it emerged taking the high ground and activating a self destruct for it's ship. Cast time 10s, time until wipe 30 seconds.

Upon being defeated The Olympian will fall from it's high ground and roar at it's failure. It will then teleport your fireteam off it's ship sullenly defeated allowing the self destruct the destroy it's invasion force. The players will then gain a burning crown over their heads denoting that they've defeated the Olympian for the week. The process will last until the next reset and can be removed by the player in options menu.

The Fable, a story in and of itself, brought to life by the tales even the legends speak of in awe, the Fable's slumber has been disrupted, now the beast awaits something or someone to challenge it's never-ending might.

Summoning the Fable. Being the top player of a PvP lobby, killing the top player and winning matches all add the percentage to spawning the Fable. Respectively they are 5%, 1% per kill and 10%. After winning a match the Fable will let out an annoyed roar alerting the player that it is ready to fight. Upon delving into a lost sector and opening the chest, a portal will open taking the player to the fabled beast.

It's special perk is Irrelevance, all of your core stats of mobility, strength, intellect, recovery, discipline and resilience are all 0.

Boss Chamber, the upon teleporting you'll arrive to an alien forest where tracks lead into a cave. Here you'll find a the large beast attempting and failing to sleep. Upon seeing you, it'll let our a roar that destroys the cave creating the arena with the fallen trees and destroyed rocks providing cover from the Fable.

Boss Actions: The Fables standard attacks are long ranged fire bombs and when close, it will strike with void flaws that knock the player back.

Phase 1-Disturbed

Never Get Close, The Fable's first action will be to cast a field that prevents the players from ever entering a 10 meter range of the Fable, those who enter the field will be violently flung away. Cast time instant, process indefinite until phase 2.

Trillion Stabs, The Fable's hand will begin to glow purple with void energy and then it will lazily swipe it's claws at the air and the nearest Guardian will be suffer heavy damage and be slowed. Shooting the hand before it swipes stops the attack. Charge time, 10 seconds, cast time instant.

Precise Spit, The Fable will open it's mouth and take a deep breathe, after it is done it will spit several high damage solar beams at the player. Shooting it's throat during the charge up deals damage to the Fable and stops the cast. Charge time 10s, process 10 shots.

Mind Mines, Wherever the Fable has stepped before, it will leave behind traps that if the player steps in, will begin to drain their light and damage them slowly.

Fade Away, The Fable after losing half of it's health will suddenly vanish and start phase 2. Upon returning in the second phase it will appear in the middle of the chamber and left out a massive arc explosion.

Phase 2-Bellowing

Life Seeker, whenever a Guardian is low on health and outside of the Fable's sight it will perk up and suddenly look around eventually finding the player and executing them with a void laser if not stopped. To be stopped the Fable must be shot in it's eyes. Cast time 15 seconds.

Fate of Battle, The Fable will stare down a player letting out a roar. It will then summon two arc fields that will fling those nearby the player away making a tunnel of arc. It will then take fling and charge at the player. If it kills the player it will immediately select another target and start the process again until a squad wipe. The player in the tunnel must fire at the Fable's forehead enough to stop the charge. Cast time 10 seconds, process indefinite unless stopped.

Lighting Rush, the Fable will take flight again and rush around the boss arena back and fourth at different angles while charged with arc and leaving behind large beams of arc energy that fall to the ground. If a player is hit by the charge or touch the lingering arc they'll get a debuff called "Potential Energy!". Upon stopping the the Fable will let out a laugh then fire lightning into the air. Those with Potential Energy will take damage, those with 4 stacks are assured death.

Gust!, the Fable will inhale then exhale a massive gust that violently tosses the players around.

Final Stand, with the last bit of health, the Fable will stand tall ripping open it's chest revealing it's heart, an oversoul. Players must destroy it to finish the boss or loss. Cast time 30 seconds.

Upon death the fable will lay on the ground panting, slowly dying from it's wounds as a portal opens in its heart teleporting the players home. Afterwards, the players class item will be charged with arc lightning, denoting that they've defeated the Fable.

Like I said I did this for fun and I hope someone caught onto the names of the enemies. Spoiler, they're the names of the things that counter our Guardians. Silver is known to be pure and cancel out magic and is commonly used against witches and warlocks in stories. The Olympian gods killed or enslaved all the Titans. Finally, what's the worst nightmare of a hunter? Something beyond their reality and skill, a monster, or in this case a fable. Also I won't spoil how I came up with the attacks, if someone figures that out I'll reward them with, idk an internet kiss or something. There are details in D2 for the attacks if you're wondering.

Alright bye, have a good day, hope you liked my bosses.

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