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[D2] Trials of Osiris Megathread [2021-04-16]

destiny2 7 - [D2] Trials of Osiris Megathread [2021-04-16]

Trials of Osiris is LIVE

This thread is for all general discussion, questions, thoughts, musings, wonderings, etc. for the Trials of Osiris.


What is Trials of Osiris?

  • Trials of Osiris is the pinnacle PvP activity. Every Weekend, the best players compete in 3v3 Elimination for one goal: Go Flawless.

  • To start, head to Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar and buy one of the possible passages (see below).

  • To reach Flawless and get to the Lighthouse, you need to win 7 matches without losing one.

  • It uses Win Based Matchmaking, which means you'll face teams with a similar amount of wins on their card. Matches will get harder as you win more matches.

  • There is NO fireteam matchmaking. You need to team up yourself!

  • Power Level matters, however bonus power from the artifact is not enabled.

How Long do the Trials of Osiris last?

  • Event Starts: Every Friday at Daily Reset (1700 UTC).

  • Event Ends: Following Tuesday at Weekly Reset (1700 UTC).

Where do I go to find Guardians to compete with in the Trials?

  • You can head over to Fireteams,, Xbox LFG system, or, or go to the recruitment forum (also available through the Bungie App).

What if I have a question about another piece of armor/weapon or general Trials question?

  • Use Control + F (Or Command + F if on a Mac) and search for keywords in your question. Someone may have asked it already. If they haven't ask right below.

Trials of Osiris Map

Cauldron (Callout Map by /u/r3likt)




End GameComplete matches and rounds. Wins in the Trials of Osiris grant the most efficient progress. Awards the 3 Win Challenge reward from this week.1000 Glimmer100 ProgressXP & Glimmer & 35 Valor Rank Progress & 5 Trials Token & 1 Trials Engram
Starfire AlignmentAs a fireteam, defeat opponents using Solar damage in the Trials of Osiris.1000 Glimmer100 SolarXP & Glimmer & 35 Valor Rank Progress & 5 Trials Token


Passage of MercyForgives one loss per run.25000 Glimmer & 15 Legendary Shards
Passage of FerocityWith zero losses, your third win grants a bonus win.25000 Glimmer & 15 Legendary Shards
Passage of WealthIncreased tokens from reaching 3, 5, and 7 wins on a ticket.35000 Glimmer & 25 Legendary Shards
Passage of WisdomGrants bonus XP from Trials wins, scaling with the number of wins on a ticket.35000 Glimmer & 25 Legendary Shards
Passage of ConfidenceGrants bonus rewards from Flawless Chest.50000 Glimmer & 50 Legendary Shards

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