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Dark Phantom Energy may be the antithesis of Void Light. The Red Death of Nightmares and Invaders.

destiny2 5 - Dark Phantom Energy may be the antithesis of Void Light. The Red Death of Nightmares and Invaders.

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Vjck05z - Dark Phantom Energy may be the antithesis of Void Light. The Red Death of Nightmares and Invaders.


So in my last post I discussed how Soulfire is a byproduct of forced evolution through transmutation and decay and how this form of Darkness worked in opposition to Arc Light. After posting this I had several people ask me in the comments what I thought the Darkness opposite of Void Light might be.

Now as it happens I already had a working theory so I thought it best to share it in this post. What's more, I also believe that we have witnessed this dark power and it's effects several times in both the lore and in the game itself. This post is long but I guarantee you it will be worth the read.

But before we begin, for those who haven't been following my previous posts here is a recap of what I believe to be the scientific nature of Light and Darkness.

It's that last one that we really want to focus on as it's likely that the third Darkness power will also be able to manipulate the vacuum of space in a similar manner to Void Light. But it's important that we understand what Void Light is and what we are doing when we wield it.

The Void beneath the Vacuum

As I've mentioned before, according to quantum field theory the vacuum of space is by no means a simple empty space because of the uncertainty of the zero-point field with means that the vacuum fluctuates. Particles and anti-particles fizz in and out of existence. There is energy and therefore the potential for matter hidden beneath the void.

A simple way to think of the void is like the lake beneath a sheet of ice. You may think you are standing on the ground while standing on the sheet of ice but the true ground is several meters below you feet. And if you want to tap into the water below that sheet in order to make blocks of ice for an igloo you need a tool like a pick-axe in order to crack open the sheet.

Our Void abilities act like the pick-axe and allow us to reach into this void and seemingly pull "something out of nothing" in the form of Void Light. If harnessing Void allows us to pull something out of nothing than it would be logical to assume that what ever dark inverse existed it would have the ability to turn something into nothing.

Dark Matter

What we think of as "somethingness" is often defined in our ability to interact with it in nature, to "see and feel" something using our senses and ultimately through it's interaction with the fundamental forces.

Dark matter is believed to not interact with the fundamental forces except for gravity. In fact this is literally the only way we are able to know it exists is because of it's gravitational influence. If you encountered dark matter in real life you would likely never know you did because it emits no photons of light for your eyes to perceive and does not interact with the electrostatic forces of your fingers. And the gravitational effect would be far too small to recognize.

Dark matter is truly dark and yet when we manipulate the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum using Void, suddenly we see bolts of Void Light known as axions scatter and dart.
Axions are hypothetical particles of cold dark matter.

"This, er, rustic device was once an experimental axion emitter, which sprays weird particles to light up the basement of the universe." –
the wardcliff coil - Dark Phantom Energy may be the antithesis of Void Light. The Red Death of Nightmares and Invaders.

The Wardcliff Coil

By manipulating the Void using the Light we are essentially "lightening" matter. Turning dark matter into light matter. Something tangible we can see and feel. Draw into bows,
inflate into bubbles of false vacuum or
nova bomb?highlight=nova+bomb - Dark Phantom Energy may be the antithesis of Void Light. The Red Death of Nightmares and Invaders.compress into micro-singularities to later detonate in a supernova of ethereal fire

So it stands to reason then that it's antithesis would "darken" matter. Paracausally prevent regular matter from interacting with the Light. I believe we have already seen this and have three lore entries to back my case.

Mars, Mercury, Titan and Io

Perhaps the most notable is the fate of these two planets and two moons. After we witnessed the arrival of the Pyramids we saw them hang in the sky for weeks. And then just before Beyond Light as we were witnessing the Traveler repairing itself – the Darkness encroached and only the Travelers Light stopped the Pyramids.

In the aftermath these planets and moons were gone. We see a closer inspection when Osiris visits these worlds.

Saturn grieves the loss of Titan. The cerulean jewel that once was had sunken into the gullet of the abyss. In its place, an anomaly , dark and rimmed in gravitational lensing.

Phobos and Deimos orbit the grave of Mars where a roiling depth festers, hungry and reaching out to the little moons caught within its influence.

From this we understand that they are still there but the Darkness's influence has sunk them into a dark void that can only be perceived by the gravitational lensing of the light from the stars as it passes where the planetoid used to be.

It's not a black-hole or a singularity. The moons of Phobos and Deimos still still orbit the grave of Mars as though nothing has happens. They have simply gone dark.

Asher Mir's Observation

Reading the lore entry
Asher: Observation we can start to appreciate some of the science behind what might be going on. Man of science though he was, the first thing Asher Mir did when the Pyramid arrived on Io was shoot the damned thing.

At the moment of impact, the projectile stopped existing.

So then Asher assembles another missile, one with a detectable radiation signature and a radio signal. It similarly disappeared on impact, its signals snuffed out, no longer detectable.

Another payload followed, this one a miniature relay station. At the moment it touched the Pyramid, it transmitted a spike of radiation and radio broadcast.

Asher smirked. They were still there, held in the field of the Pyramid. Visually undetectable, signals squelched, but still physically there.

How the Pyramid was accomplishing this feat was unimportant at the moment, though his mind flooded with fantasies of zero-point energy. The question that gave him pause was the what: What was the ship doing to the projectiles as they sat suspended in space in the periphery of its loathsome shape?

The conclusion we can draw from this is that the Pyramid is able to manipulate the zero-point field of the quantum vacuum such that once the projectiles enter the field its material properties no longer interact with the universe at large.

The Cosmogyre and the Kraken Mare

Further evidence for this can be seen after the Yang Liwei encounters the Darkness.

"The stars have gone out. The universe blackened: a shroud of nothingness drawn over Yang Liwei, its forty thousand sleeping passengers, its nine hundred crew, and maybe even the whole solar system. There is no way to know, because there is no way to see anything beyond the hull. The vacuum itself has become hostile to the propagation of light. Darkness surrounds them." –
cosmogyre iii - Dark Phantom Energy may be the antithesis of Void Light. The Red Death of Nightmares and Invaders.

Cosmogyre III

Again, tangible evidence that the vacuum is being manipulated here. The crew also detect gravity waves as they are caught in the Darkness's influence.

Everything in the ship simultaneously compresses and stretches as the gravity wave deforms the space-time metric. "Is it the phantom?" Li demands, as her ship thrums subsonically. "Is that phantom ship emitting these waves?"

These same effects are witnessed during the syzygy on Titan at Kraken Mare

We are experiencing massive tidal forces of unknown origin. Our physics cluster detects mass growl, phaeton strikes, and sterile neutrino scattering. Possible origins include a compact dark matter object, a lambda-field influence, or a polarized gravity device.

It's at this point we start getting a clearer picture of exactly what is happening.

Dark Energy and Repulsive Gravity

There a few things to pick apart here.

Phaetons are
dark photons. Regular photons carry light between regular matter. So we can assume that phaetons carry packets of dark energy between dark matter.

Sterile neutrinos are
Sterile neutrino - Dark Phantom Energy may be the antithesis of Void Light. The Red Death of Nightmares and Invaders.

inert neutrinos that interact only via gravity and do not interact via any of the
fundamental interactions of the
Standard Model - Dark Phantom Energy may be the antithesis of Void Light. The Red Death of Nightmares and Invaders.Standard Model
. They are believed to be another form of
Dark radiation emitted from dark matter.

Lambda-field influence is in reference to the ΛCDM (
Lambda CDM model - Dark Phantom Energy may be the antithesis of Void Light. The Red Death of Nightmares and Invaders.

or Lambda cold dark matter) model of the universe that postulates the universe contains more dark energy and dark matter than ordinary matter and that this is responsible for the
accelerating expansion of the universe.

Polarized gravity device which is a device that is capable of polarizing gravity like a magnet so that their exists both an attractive and a repulsive gravitational force.

And here is where we make the connection between this dark field of influence and the zero-point fields of the vacuum.

The Cosmological constant

In 1915 a smart man named Albert Einstein came up with his theory of General relativity to explain
Gravitation - Dark Phantom Energy may be the antithesis of Void Light. The Red Death of Nightmares and Invaders.

gravitation as a consequence of the curvature of spacetime. This explained why massive objects like stars and black holes were able to act like lenses and curve light. It also explained the weird time dilation around strong gravitational fields.

Einstein believed the universe was static. In order to counterbalance the effects of gravity and achieve a static universe he added a constant to his math called the
Cosmological constant - Dark Phantom Energy may be the antithesis of Void Light. The Red Death of Nightmares and Invaders.

cosmological constant
. In 1931 much to the chagrin of Einstein it was confirmed by Hubble that the universe was in fact expanding by observing the red shift.

Einstein abandoned the concept and most scientists assumed the constant to be equal to zero. This was until the surprising discovery in 1998 that universe wasn't just expanding but that the expansion of the universe is accelerating! The cosmological constant was back in vogue.

Since the 1990s, studies have shown that around 68% of the mass–energy density of the universe can be attributed to so-called dark energy. This mysterious dark energy produces a repulsive force that counterbalances the gravitational braking produced by the matter contained in the Universe

We now know that according to Quantum Field theory, the cosmological constant is the energy density of space, or vacuum energy, that arises in general relativity.

Thus Dark Energy is strongly associated with both the Zero-point Energy of the Void and gravity waves.

But I believe that the third darkness power is a specific kind of dark energy

Phantom Energy

In 2008 some string theorists introduced the concept of a repulsive Phantom Energy, a kind of dark energy.

They found two types of stable solutions:

  • The child universe, which is isolated from the parent universe (essentially a universe inside a black hole)
  • A rogue universe, which is not isolated from the parent universe

This second kind of universe is troublesome, because as it begins to go through its inflation cycle, it does so by devouring the space-time of the parent universe. The parent universe is swept away as the rogue universe expands in its place.

Phantom energy would make the vacuum unstable with negative mass particles bursting into existence and would even rip apart the universe by making objects unable to interact with each other via fundamental forces, even within atoms.

So essentially this form of Dark Energy rather than making dark matter interactable like Void can instead rip apart the seams of ordinary matter.

Quantum Red Shift

What would such an energy field hypothetically look like?

Since we know that dark energy is associated with zero-point fields and vacuum fluctuations we can get a fair idea of what both Void Light and Phantom energy would look like.

Atoms can be considered to have different energy levels that determine where electrons orbit and what we understand as "light" and "color" are the wavelengths emitted when electrons go from one orbit to a lower orbit.

The lowest orbit is the ground state or vacuum state and all the energy orbits of an atom are tied to the ground state of the atom. So changing the ground state affects all other energy states.

If you decrease the ground state orbit wavelength using Void then the wavelengths of light emitted from the atom blue shift towards the violet end of the spectrum.

But if you increase the ground state orbit wavelength, then the wavelengths of emitted light decrease, and red shift towards the red end of the spectrum.

So if Void looks blue-violet than we can assume that its opposite would appear to be red.

Power over Corporeality.

So now I want to discuss potential places we may have already seen this dark phantom energy and how this energy might interact with the world if we ever gained it as a subclass. I believe that this ability will allow power over corporeality or rather what makes something material and tangible. I also believe that this power may have strong gravitationally repulsive effects.


Perhaps the most obvious are the nightmares and specters the Pyramid of Luna manifests on the Moon. This are semi-corporeal beings that have in some cases greater strength than their material counterpart (thrall) and even exhibit brief moments of invincibility. They are also accompanied by a bright red aura and twisting dark veins.

I believe since the Pyramid of Luna is inactive that this represents its latent energy that allows it to manifest apparitions by interfering with the quantum vacuum within its field of influence. We even witnessed a red aura around the moon during Shadow Keep.


Barrier champions produce a red bubble around them our regular weapons can't penetrate. Overload champions heal themselves and Unstoppable champions have great power. They are all shrouded in a crimson aura.


As soon as you step through that invasion portal you are shrouded in a red aura and gain for a brief time the ability to move unseen through enemies, see your enemies as red specters through walls using truesight and become harder to kill than your average guardian.

Again, I believe this may be the manifestation of dark energy allowing the us to tamper with our own corporeality making us harder to hit and also to be able to see the dark phaeton signature of guardians that passes straight through ordinary matter.

According to the Drifter, "this is what the Taken feel!". Speaking of those husks of sterile neutrinos.

The Taken

The process is simple: an aperture opens, like a jaw, and swallows a living thing. It passes into — another place. Later, it returns. What returns is… I try to use the word ‘shadow’ but Eris hisses at me <...>insists that these Taken are more real, somehow. She uses words like inhabited, exalted, rendered final… <...>My Hidden tell me that the Taken shine with seething, negative light. As if the universe is curling up around them. As if they radiate some pathology that decays into our world as nothingness… The Taken serve Oryx. But I think those jaws lead elsewhere.

I believe that the Taken are the ultimate result of this dark energy once the Darkness has finished with them. They are sucked into the realm of the darkness and what comes back is a husk of sterile neutrinos. Even the Nine were able to manufacture them out of cold dark matter.

But what is interesting is that Sedia, Shuro Chi and Kalli appear to be partially Taken. And we are even able to bring them back. Interestingly they also have a
noticeable red aura. This may be because the Awoken are weakly acausal and thus not fully taken. We may be witnessing the Darkness's grip on them.

Red Death, Crimson and Red Spectre

This is one connection I had actually made some time ago.

Both Red Death and it's successor Crimson are weapons banned from the Crucible. In practice they work kind of like Thorn but instead of damage over time they instantly heal on death of an enemy.

Vanguard policy urges Guardians to destroy this weapon on sight. It is a Guardian killer.

Only rumors tell of the mad Guardian who fashioned this butcher's tool. But its power is undeniable, and fear is a formidable weapon. –
red death - Dark Phantom Energy may be the antithesis of Void Light. The Red Death of Nightmares and Invaders.

Red Death

According to official Vanguard policy, this weapon does not exist.

I need to be more self-sufficient in case we lose the Light again. So here's my answer. Here's the remedy. –

So Guardians started manufacturing knock offs.

Rumor has it that Red Death prototypes are circulating in the Crucible once again.

red spectre - Dark Phantom Energy may be the antithesis of Void Light. The Red Death of Nightmares and Invaders.

Red Spectre

Aunor mentions these weapons in association with the Darkness.

The Praxic Order has existed to keep Darkness and other banned assets out of the hands of City Guardians. Despite our best efforts, pieces like the Red Death, Crimson… and certain Weapons of Sorrow… continue to find their way into City arsenals. But even Guardian killers like those are nothing compared to the ideological threat of Gambit. Gambit leads to Darkness. –Message from Aunor II

They're not weapons of sorrow. Their not stasis weapons. So what are they?

The Nine

Perhaps one of the most foreboding connections since we know that the Nine consist of literal filaments of darkmatter dust given consciousness by the gravitational effects of life in solar system.

At present, the Nine are divided into two factions. One faction, consisting of five members, seeks to study the Light and use it for their own purposes, and is responsible for sending Xûr and The Emissary to interact with the Guardians. (They were furious after we killed the Ahamkara and afterward focused on us due to our connection to the paracausal Light).

The other four seek to free themselves from their dependence on matter-based life and the Light, and to that end have experimented with creating their own realms through spacetime engineering and the creation of dark matter-based black holes, which would serve as gravitational foci independent from those provided by the realm of normal matter.

I strongly believe that like the other races in the Destiny universe, the Nine too have been promised Salvation. 5 still look to the Light but the other 4 may end up seeing this dark phantom energy as the key to their Salvation.


Thankyou for reading.

TL;DR: I believe that the third Darkness subclass will mirror Void Light and interact with the zero-point field of the quantum vacuum using dark phantom energy in order to "darken" matter rather than "lighten" it the way Void does. I believe we witnessed this in the Pyramids effect on Mars, Mercury, Titan and Io as well as the Yang Liwei and Kraken Mare. I also believe this effect has a red aura resulting from quantum red shift and it's effect has been seen in Nightmares, Gambit Invaders and even Red Death.

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