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Dawning 2020 Guide (Updating)

destiny2 7 - Dawning 2020 Guide (Updating)

Based on my earlier 2019 guide, updating on the go.
Updating as soon as information is available.

Make sure to start the quest by talking to Eva, then Zavala, and also Amanda Holliday.
There may be a triumph for cooking a burnt/wrong recipe. Make one wrong cookie before masterworking your oven.

Starfarer 7M Ship – bake cookies for Zavala and Amanda, then Amanda will provide you the ship. Can be upgraded via the event quest And to All a Good Flight Glacioclasm (Erentil 2.0) – obtainable from the blue gifts you get in return for giving cookies


Blueberry Crumblers for Shaw Han –

Bright Dusted Snowballs for Tess – Chitin Powder and Multifaceted Flavors

Etheric Coldsnaps for Variks –


Sources for Essence of Dawning

Masterworked Oven greatly reduces the cost of Essence

  1. Legendary Lost Sectors – 15-17
  2. Wrathborn Hunts – 10-15
  3. Pit of Heresy – 9
  4. Crucible Matches – 10-15
  5. Strikes – 5-15
  6. Heroic / Normal (?) Public Events – 5
  7. Patrols – 1

Friendly reminder – The Dawning is here for a month, so you can take your time with the Essence grind. Itwillhappen.

Yes, it appears ingredient drop rate has been greatly reduced from last year – possibly in an attempt to hinder progress for the weekly Bright dust rewarding bounty, and thus to lengthen the Bright dust grind. It sucks, I know. But according to Bungo, This is the way.


These will pop into your inventory randomly when killing certain enemy types.

  1. Vex Milk — collected from Vex, most commonly found on Nessus, and the Tangled Shore (Warden strike) (Best farm is the Nessus Artifact's Edge lost sector)

  2. Ether Cane — collected from Fallen, most commonly found in the EDZ, the Moon, on Nessus, and the Tangled Shore

  3. Cabal Oil — collected from Cabal, most commonly found in the EDZ, and the Tangled Shore

  4. Chitin Powder — collected from Hive, most commonly found on the Tangled Shore, the Moon, and the Dreaming City

  5. Taken Butter — collected from Taken, most commonly found in the EDZ, on Io and the Dreaming City (Shuro Chi checkpoint/Chamber of Starlight in Dreaming City are the best to farm this.)

  6. Dark Ether Cane — collected from Scorn, most commonly found on the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City (Tangled shore Lost Sector Kingship Dock is the best to farm this)


You’ll earn these ingredients — rarely — by killing enemies in very specific ways. There are quite a few of these, so you’ll need to change up your playstyle to get a surplus of everything.

  1. Delicious Explosions — explosive kills of any kind (grenade, rocket launcher, grenade launcher)

  2. Sharp Flavor — sword kills on any enemy type

  3. Impossible Heat — solar kills with either class abilities or weapon element

  4. Electric Flavor — Arc kills with either class abilities or weapon element

  5. Null Taste — Void kills with either class abilities or weapon element

  6. Flash of Inspiration — GENERATE Orbs of Light with Masterwork weapons or supers

  7. Personal Touch — melee kills on any enemy type

  8. Perfect Taste — precision kills on any enemy type

  9. Bullet Spray — kills with automatic weapons (heavy machine gun, auto rifle, submachine gun)

  10. Balanced Flavors – Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles or Bows kills

  11. Pinch of Light — picking up orbs of light

  12. Multifaceted Flavour— multi kills (with weapons?)

  13. Superb Texture — super kills

  14. Finishing Touch — finishers


Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.0 remembers any recipes you made in past Dawnings.

Eva will give you a few recipes to get started once you get going on her quest, but not nearly enough to make gifts for all your friends.

Each recipe will consist of an uncommon ingredient, a rare ingredient and 15 Essence of Dawning — which you get from completing any activity around the world or from bounties. The longer or more difficult the activity, the more Essence you earn. To bake, open your Quest menu and interact with Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.0. Combine two ingredients and some Essence of Dawning to bake a treat. Once you bake a recipe, you’ll add it to your recipe list in Eva’s oven — where you can easily bake another without combining ingredients. Note: There are at least seven new recipes from last year. We’ll add them to our list as we discover them.

  1. Vanilla Blades for Lord Shaxx — Cabal Oil, Sharp Flavor, Essence of Dawning

  2. Gjallardoodles for Commander Zavala — Ether Cane, Delicious Explosion, Essence of Dawning

  3. Eliksni Birdseed for Hawthorne — Ether Cane, Personal Touch, Essence of Dawning

  4. Chocolate Ship Cookies for Amanda Holliday — Cabal Oil, Null Taste, Essence of Dawning

  5. Gentleman’s Shortbread for Devrim Kay — Ether Cane, Perfect Taste, Essence of Dawning

  6. Burnt Edge Transits for Master Rahool — Cabal Oil, Personal Touch, Essence of Dawning

  7. Traveler Donut Holes for Ikora — Cabal Oil, Flash of Inspiration, Essence of Dawning

  8. Candy Dead Ghosts for The Spider — Dark Ether Cane, Flash of Inspiration, Essence of Dawning

  9. Telemetry Tapioca for Banshee-44 — Vex Milk, Bullet Spray, Essence of Dawning

  10. Strange Cookies for Xur — Taken Butter, Electric Flavor, Essence of Dawning
    TAKE NOTE: Can only be turned in when he comes around for the weekend

  11. Ill-Fortune Cookies for Petra Venj — Dark Ether Cane, Impossible Heat, Essence of Dawning

  12. Dark Chocolate Motes for The Drifter — Taken Butter, Null Taste, Essence of Dawning

  13. Thousand-Layer Cookie (Riven): Taken Butter, Delicious Explosion, Essence of Dawning –
    Can be easily done solo, using the Wish Wall. Turn in to Snowglobe in her chamber after putting code for her encounter

  14. Lavender Ribbon Cookies (Saint-14): Vex Milk, Personal Touch, Essence of Dawning

  15. Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (Eris Morn): Chitin Powder, Finishing Touch, Essence of Dawning

    SGA: Dawning Cheer Sparrow from Dawning'18 has it's perks active again.

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