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Dear Bungie: If you want to keep Sunsetting a thing, I recommend you remove or reign back RNG on Armor at least.

destiny2 3 - Dear Bungie: If you want to keep Sunsetting a thing, I recommend you remove or reign back RNG on Armor at least.

Bungie is intent on making Destiny 2 more like an MMORPG, which is perfectly fine in my book, they can do that if they want.


Bungie, if you want to have sunsetting be a thing, especially at a rate not dissimilar to what other MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XIV does (Sunsetting as in gear becoming not viable for endgame content), you have to consider how your base game systems correlate to the nature of Sunsetting.

The reason Sunsetting in games like FFXIV, WoW.etc work, and people don't complain is

  1. Loot from Activities is more or less locked in and set in regards to stats and uses
  2. Loot in general is more or less a stat stick, no unique traits, and stuff, and in the case of gear on the player having unique traits, it's only for a specific activity or it's a weapon like FFXIV's Relic Weapons where the player gets to manipulate and control what sub-stats it comes with.
  3. They don't have to contend with nearly as much RNG due to 1 and 2 combined making it so when they get an item drop, they know what they are getting 100% of the time. Add on to that FFXIV having a Raid Token system whereby completing the raids, you get guaranteed loot of your choosing.

A key thing here is the lack of RNG outside of getting the loot to drop for your player in the first place.

Destiny's loot, on the other hand, is full of RNG.

For Weapons you

  • Have to get the weapon to drop
  • Hope it has the right traits you wanted
  • Hope it has the right barrel/sight perks you wanted
  • Hope it has the right mag/ammo perks you wanted
  • Hope it has the right masterwork stat you wanted

For Armor you

  • Have to get the armor piece to drop
  • Hope it comes with a high total stat package
  • Hope it comes with a decent per-stat allocation

While the former does on the surface have more RNG, the latter does in fact have way more and is arguably worse off due to sunsetting due to the investment of materials for master working it, as you have to hope it gets the right stat allocation range per stat across 6 stats.

But the main problem here is that you are forcing a system, sunsetting, on a game where grinding for god rolls, Min-max armor stats is a key factor.


The reason Borderlands can get away with sunsetting is due to it being relatively easy to farm for new loot at higher levels and even with its RNG per weapon in things like the barrels and sights. etc, the weapons generally perform relatively the same per roll, unlike Destiny where two rolls of a weapon can perform vastly differently depending on the rolls. And also, the sunsetting not really being sunsetting, just "Oh there's a new level cap, need to farm for a more powerful version of my legendary".etc

So, outside of "Remove Sunsetting" or "Only Sunset very specific weapons", how can we fix it (Not saying those two aren't options, but saying they are unlikely at the present moment).

Well, calling back to the Final Fantasy XIV/WoW Comparison, let's knock out a major sore point with Sunsetting, the Armor.

Why not make it so Armor (List of options here)

  • Is more constrained, and fixed in regards to its stat packages, it would let players target a grind for an armor piece, obtain it, then masterwork it right afterward if they have the materials, with that you've cut out a large amount of the RNG of Armor, and therefore the clash of Sunsetting damaging investment in regards to armor as players generally get armor pieces more regularly, but farm for the right stat packages.
  • Stats, along with power level can be infused into a piece of armor
  • With Transmog coming in Season 14, why not make Armor (outside of exotics) just a base thing all players have that grows in rarity as they increase the power of the armor with the new Season's cap? The Stats would come from "Armor Stat" drops that come from the activities that they infuse into the Base-Armor, and the looks of the armor would be defined by the player via Transmog.

Those are just a few ideas.

Finding ways to solve the weapon end of the problem however without outright reverting to D2 Y1, or doing one of the two things related to sunsetting from earlier is a bit more of an issue, as weapons inherently have more stakes/personality to them than armor as you actually interact and use the weapons rather than wear/transmog them.

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