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Deepest lore 2 electric boogaloo (how much dust has the sweeper bot swept?)

destiny2 3 - Deepest lore 2 electric boogaloo (how much dust has the sweeper bot swept?)

Ever since september 9, 2014 the sweeper bot has swept at a constant rate of 30 sweeps per minute. This means he sweeps 43,200 times per day. As of right now it has been 2,122 days since we first saw him sweep. This means he has swept the ground 91,670,400 times. So how weathered should the ground be? Well this broom is clearly of a hard straw variety, which " may scratch the surface of your floor" according to Jamie Price from
hardwoodvacuum - Deepest lore 2 electric boogaloo (how much dust has the sweeper bot swept?) So how deep is a scratch? Well spray paint is something often scratched, so we will use the average thickness of a layer of spray paint to determine the thickness of a scratch. It is generally accepted that an ideal layer of spray paint is 1 mil (0.001 inch). So every sweep will produce one of these scratches. If this is true, the sweeping bot has eroded 91,670 inches of ground. That is equivalent to 7,639 feet deep or 1.447 miles.

BUT THIS IS JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG. His sweeps are roughly 1 feet long and the broom is roughly 1 foot in width. This means that this erosion has occurred in a 1 square foot region. This means he has eroded 7639 cubic feet of material. so how much has this costed? Well it depends. In destiny 1 he sweeps a marble like floor, but in d2 he sweeps a material more akin to brick. Brick costs roughly 8 dollars per square foot according to But marble costs 60 dollars per square foot. Assuming the release of Destiny 2 marks the moment he moved to the new tower, that would mean he swept marble for 1,093 days, but swept brick for 1,029 days. This equates to 236,088 dollars worth of material eroded in d1, and 29,635 in d2 for a grand total of 265,723 dollars of eroded material.


This explains why the vanguard put him over brick surface so they would stop needing to spend the entire city's gdp on floor replacement.

BUT WE CAN GO DEEPER! So 6 years was a long time to do all this, what if it happened all at once? Well lets calculate how much kinetic energy something like this would take. So hes moving a roughly 3 pound (1.36kg) broom 91,670,400 feet, and we want to know if he does it at once, lets say in 1 second. That gives us a velocity of 27,941,138 meters per second (nearly a tenth of the speed of light). If we plug all this into the kinetic energy formula we get 530,880,891,059,830 joules, or 530,880,891 megajoules. Now these numbers are pretty hard to grasp, so lets put this energy towards an explosion. For reference, the fat man nuke had an output of 96,000,000 megajoules. This means that the sweeper bot would create an explosion 5.53 times greater than the fat man. Using this we can determine (using nukemap by alex wellerstein) we can determine the blast would expand out 4.7km (radius). Everything within .52km would be instantly vaporized.

The only question now is: who does this threat serve? the darkness? calus? only time and bounty grind will tell….

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