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Despite my anxieties, I got to Legend rank in Freelance Competitive!

destiny2 3 - Despite my anxieties, I got to Legend rank in Freelance Competitive!

Like a lot of people, I deal with pretty debilitating anxiety. Anxiety that has made me give up on a lot of things before even giving them a real and fair shot. In and out of Destiny 2.

One of those things was getting to Legend in Competitive.

I'd say I'm a decent Crucible player… Not absolutely crazy or anything. But I understand this metas mechanics and built around it, have honed my game sense in 6v6 quickplay for years, (lol) and just have incredibly alright gun skill.

The only things I've been missing from Crucible are those two "get to 5500 in Competitive" Triumphs.

My friend pushed me a bit to actually try Competitive, so decided to give it a fair shot. After the first day the anxiety really did start to go down. My heartrate would race from just clicking the queue up button… but I started to feel more confident each time I queued. I started to learn how NOT to let my team down which was a huge fear I had. Then after that, I learned how to play around a team that was letting ME down. lol

Before I knew it, I got to Fabled… Then Fabled 2… Then 3. It was the highest I've ever been! I was elated.

New day, new rank. Mythic. Oh Mythic. I don't want to say I went on a 15 loss streak this day. But lets say I dropped back down to Fabled 2. It hurt. Why did I keep playing after so many losses? I don't know… But I learned my lesson…

That lesson being:

Never quit on a streak, ALWAYS quit when you lose your streak + 1.


New day: I hopped in following my new ruleset and over time I climbed back up to Mythic, and then some. I went on a 10 win streak! I had some super tough matches here… I found I adapted to my team as much as the enemy team in certain cases. But as it happens, the streak did eventually end, and I set my M&K down for the night with a 70% winrate.

At this point, seeing my rank so high was super weird… It was something I only saw other people do… Why am I able to do this? I'm AVERAGE. Or maybe not? Maybe I'm playing smarter than the average player? Am I… Am I gaining confidence?? That's a HUGE leap from the anxiety I had always felt from competitive.

But today… I finally did it. I dug my feet in. No anxiety from clicking that little ol' queue up button. I climbed. So many nail biter matches… I swear, my fingers are so sore after all this. I went on another streak, even chatting with my team and trying new strategies. Warning them of sniper lanes. When to play safe and whatnot.

I got to Legend with a 77% winrate within 15 matches today.

I'm really proud of myself tbh… And I want to let other people who are really anxious like I am know that it's possible! It'll take time… and you'll have to change the way you think!

But it was a really fun experience for me… And I hope our fellow hidden anxious Destiny players can experience this too one day! YOU GOT THIS.

(If you got this far, thanks for reading hope your new years goes well~)

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