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Destiny 2: A new player perspective

destiny2 4 - Destiny 2: A new player perspective

Gonna preface this by saying I never touched Destiny 1 nor did I even look at Destiny 2 until 30 days ago. In that 30 days I've clocked 275 hours because "working from home." All of the below is from the perspective of a new player with zero prior knowledge or interest in the game.

The ingame storyline is a mess.

  • Playing through the starter set of missions had me listening to multiple references of Cayde-6's death before I even knew who Cayde-6 was.

  • The farm seems to have zero purpose outside of confusing me on where I'm supposed to be going to get missions.

  • I'm introduced to the "broken" Traveler well before the Red War missions showed me the actual event leading to it being all wobbly.

  • Half of the planetary locations have special introduction missions, and half don't.

  • It's very clear that there is zero causal integrity for new players; I feel like I've played Destiny 2's mission timeline practically in reverse.

  • Are you really gonna hide the storyline missions on an unmarked vendor selling spaceships and not tell me about it? Really? Why is that not front and center for new players?

Bounties are cool…for a while.

  • After 275 hours I'm actually not bored of bounties yet, but I can see the boredom from where I'm standing. I can imagine how seasoned players feel about them.

  • I find it odd that I'm getting most of my experience from bounties rather than other activities.

  • My primary motivator for bounties is gear, but I have to rely on 3rd-party websites to determine which vendor is actually dropping comparable-level loot, which is weird. Why the limit? Why not have all vendors drop loot at your level?

The Guardian Games is excellent for new players.

  • I'm fairly certain I would have never explored my subclasses as much, nor varied my activities as much, if if weren't for this event.

The armor system, especially for raids, is disappointing.

  • Giving me multiple pieces of 68+ stat armor early on, followed by literal hundreds of pieces with dismal stats I'll never even think of wearing, is disconcerting.

  • I've done 3 raids, none of them were easy to get groups for, and none of them dropped anything that wasn't pretty much instantly dismantled because it was worse than stuff I've randomly gotten.

  • Planetary vendors are offering planet gear that looks cool but is terrible. Why aren't these ornaments?

The quest/bounty limit is stifling for new players.

  • As a new player, after visiting all the people the new-player missions directed me to, I ended up with enough space for seven bounties. SEVEN.

  • New players are constantly directed to take every quest they can and there's simply no room for them, nor is there any clear direction on what order the quests are supposed to be done in for a clear storyline.

Shaxx is far and away the second-most-interesting character in the game. You killed the first one.

  • Lord Shaxx is my constant companion in the Crucible. He cheers on my streaks, chastises my failures and is a reliable commentator. I feel closer to Shaxx than any other character in the game that's still living, including my boring-ass ghost.

  • Meanwhile, I have zero reason to think about Ikora outside of occasional cutscenes and what'shisface is only good for strike bounties and listening to someone brood about his lack of success at pretty much everything.

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