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Destiny 2 as someone brand new to the game

destiny2 4 - Destiny 2 as someone brand new to the game

This is my experience after about a week into the game. I've played looter shooters like Borderlands, The division, Warframe and MMORPG's like WoW. I've also played grindy loot games like Diablo 3. I also play a lot of Overwatch but I'm a filthy casual that gets too anxious to play comp, I'd probably be somewhere between high silver and low gold but I only play QP now. I don't game as much as I used to but I generally rotate between a few games of Overwatch, a little bit of league and some WoW M+ every week and some alt levelling. I like single player experiences a lot but for whatever reason I never get around to them and have this huge backlog.

I've heard about Destiny being like WoW in space, but I never really jumped in since I'm already kinda burnt out with WoW. I was thinking of picking up either Destiny 2 or Apex Legends, but since Apex is still a ways off on coming to Steam I chose Destiny.

One of the other things holding me back from trying this game was the massive file size, and that idea that it's not good solo, or that the extensive micro-transactions ruin the game. When I booted up the game for the first time I felt completely lost, and the game doesn't really tell you what to do. The UI is a bit strange even as someone used to these kinds of games. But I liked the gunplay, the sights in the starting tower area and the music so I thought I should push on and maybe look up some beginner guides on YouTube.

So I started the Red War campaign and now halfway through the Osiris campaign. Other than the really bad experience with direction and the need to look up YouTube videos to figure out where to go (Amanda Holliday) and a few more pointers on game systems this game is just outstanding. It's strange that the game doesn't direct new players to go to Amanda Holliday, and it's odd that the game doesn't explain how engrams or bounties work.

After playing Destiny 2 the gunplay from The Division feels like a steaming pile of shit. The ability usage, difficulty and item flow somehow feels just right. I'm not starved for items like in the division, the resource flow seems reasonable. I get new gear at a fairly regular pace.


The game balance and tuning feel perfect. Unlike the division I'm not just constantly dying to everything, unlike borderlands enemies are not boring bullet sponges. The guns are precise, the cross hair doesn't float around, the recoil is always bearable. Reloading never feels unfair, the casual multiplayer elements feel perfect. I've tried a few strikes but what I'm really enjoying is the legacy campaign missions. In a game like division it feels like I'm spending more time dead and running back to spawn, it's never like this. In Warframe all the worlds look the same, the story is unengaging and the main gunplay loop feels very clunky. If I'm playing a game where I'm shooting heads most of the time, that aspect of the game should be fun. Destiny 2 really nails the gunplay. I can see that there are f2p-like aspects with micro-transactions, but it doesn't feel like a low budget cash-grab in the way Warframe does. In fact I'm astounded that so much is completely free.

I know beyond light is only a few days away now so I need to finish Osiris and Warmind. I'm a bit disappointed that I'll never be able to experience much of this wonderful campaign again if all these planets go away. I can't believe they're taking away mercury, io and nessus, I've been liking them the most.

After getting a handle on the basic game systems I'm having an absolute blast. The music is just wonderful and the sights in this game are just breathtaking. The voice acting is great, the characters are interesting and likeable, there's just so much to the lore and you actually want to know about it. I don't think I've ever seen world design this beautiful in any game since the old mass effect trilogy, in fact this is probably a lot better. Some of the environments remind me of Titanfall 2 and control's tutorial levels, which were similarly pretty. Even the loading screens in Destiny 2 look amazing and it feels like Warframe ripped off destiny's loading screens.

One final thing that deserves mention is how well optimized this game is on PC. Even though the game looks gorgeous it runs wonderfully buttery smooth on a mid-range graphics card.

I tend to be a nitpicky whiner with games so I'm sure I'll probably be disappointed with the end-game, but so far I'm very happy with what Bungie has delivered.

Once Beyond light launches I'll have to figure out exactly which expansions or upgrades I should buy on Steam.

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